15apr2019 #SJD3446M Mitsubishi lancer #SJD3446M plough into crowd of pedestrians (added footage)

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
15apr2019 #SJD3446M Serious accident outside mbfc tower 3. Mitsubishi lancer #SJD3446M plough into crowd of pedestrians and knock down metal bollard members of public had commented & witnessed several instances of reckless driving by the driver.



fidel catsro
fidel catsro:
Game over for the driver! last time something like this happened was in 1998 when a monkey drove a sports car into a bus stop along bendemeer road
Low BMI's videos
Low BMI's videos:
The result of an Ah Beng behind the wheel.
Singapore 147 king leo
Singapore 147 king leo:
suhaimibull Mr
suhaimibull Mr:
now people just any how driving and wnat to follow like GTA 5.
Soh Chee Hoe Jerry
Soh Chee Hoe Jerry:
The True gangsters have a saying. LJP driving LJ car causing fault. Luckily no injuries to others. Otherwise your Father & Mother is next‼️
Sam Same
Sam Same:
Private Hire car again...shown on windscreen......
tom clemency
tom clemency:
There's no such thing as lost control of the vehicle, but only lost control from the driver.
Ck E
Ck E:
Accident reason??? Busy playing phone? Drunk ? Or busy with FB OR POKÉMON??? Or earning some $$$ to buy TOTO ??
Tobias Chou
Tobias Chou:
WAH.... phv sports car... horrible teen
Nur Hairulnizam Rosman
Nur Hairulnizam Rosman:
Fast and the ferious. Luckily no ferarri
gad abdat
gad abdat:
PHV drivers should follow same ruling as taxis in Spore. Due to the Govt getting alot of money(COE,road tax,petrol,parking) they tend to ease the standards of PHV. Taxi drivers has to be 30 yrs or older,refreshers course every 3 yrs and a minimum of 5 yrs driving experience. yes,taxi do have accidents too but this are worrying facts as lately the amount of accidents and claims has risen sharply since the introduction of PHV.Govt couldn't care less as long as they are the highest paid in the world.even to the extend of dropping our standard as a 1st world country.
Goh Kim Yeng
Goh Kim Yeng:
So sad
This is Singapore today. Poor incompetent governing of the country. Is it clear we need to rethink our driving test, civic and moral education importance and increase our traffic penalties ?
Rio Hiyake
Rio Hiyake:
No power 1.6l lancer can still lose control like that?
Sam Same
Sam Same:
Can sport car used as PHV????????