7-ELEVEN Bring Your Own Cup Day! || #SLURPEES || #byocupday

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Published on Aug 21, 2016
Please watch: "More Cute Breakfast Ideas for BACK to SCHOOL ❤️ Quick and EASY!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqK7p0Pa7cE --~-- August 27th, 2016 is #byocupday We went to 7-eleven today for the "Bring Your Own Cup Day" event ! The rule is you can bring any cup or container as long as it is less than 10" tall.Fill up your cup or container with Slurpee for only $1.50 + tax. Check out these videos next! Freezer Meal Planning || 5 SIMPLE STEPS || For Beginners https://youtu.be/a5jye9-Q-MU LARGE Costco HAUL + VLOG || Halloween Stuff, Cute Kids & Books! || AUGUST https://youtu.be/Ea-aGl7XNgM Back To (Home) School HAUL || Walmart & Disney || Supplies & Clothes || W/ Prices $$$ https://youtu.be/V6OXD_yNpt4 Braided Pizza || Easy Recipes to Make With Kids || TUTORIAL https://youtu.be/9uRh-EcPywA KIDS Halloween Costumes || Costco 2016 || FIRST LOOK https://youtu.be/U6OW1OKBvAI FINDING DORY Inspired YOGA || Fun Time Yoga for Kids https://youtu.be/ErTW7Fu7gM0 New JELL-O Creations Dessert Kits || Easy Recipes To Make With Kids https://youtu.be/PMxvRFCFhPg Support us by doing your other shopping on Amazon! http://amzn.to/2aWxblB Just like fudge, our family is mostly sweet but absolutely FULL of nuts! Watch as we share our family's sweet experiences, nutty adventures and true to life moments that just might make you say, "Oh, fudge!" Our videos feature our home-schooling family of six as we travel, visit family friendly places, try new foods, and vlog the every day nutty-ness of our lives. Please Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/thefamilyfudgesubscribe Follow us on TheFamilyFudge.com Instagram- @thefamilyfudge Twitter- @thefamilyfudge Facebook- bit.ly/thefamilyfudge


Sir Camel
Sir Camel:
Aww, Kenzie picked the prettier one over size 👍🏻
Would have picked the bucket!!
Suat Guvercin
Suat Guvercin:
2:19 oo it looks like a pancake
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose:
Finally letting your kids have some sugar there allways so healthy ❤️😂
Jennifer Morley
Jennifer Morley:
Oh my god, how horrible was their sugar high/crash afterwards? lol
Arielle Hepler
Arielle Hepler:
3 years ago this was published.... Lilly is adorable! Sorry if I spelled her name wrong...
who would use a sand box for a slurpees the littel girl
haha! this is awesome! I love the "cups" they picked out! Your kids are adorable! Pure joy all over their faces!
Mama FB
Mama FB:
Your kids are so adorable!!!!!!
Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin:
Aww they don't know what slurped are awwwwwww
Natalie Perez
Natalie Perez:
1:05 The rules is me talking to my non-existent bf before we go in public
In Australia there is one near my school!
karla Cabereiza
karla Cabereiza:
Guys!!!! The day this video came out IT WASS ON MY BIRTHDAY *Great video*
Dumplings aj
Dumplings aj:
7-11 is famous in tiawan! The drink was taste good! But its hard to see now...
Anggia Primasari
Anggia Primasari:
I know seven eleven and i already go there
It got banned😭😢
Phoebesroblox chanel
Phoebesroblox chanel:
Bless them that will be a big treat for them
Casey Bowman
Casey Bowman:
Wow your kids are amazing. Adorable and so well behaved they are lucky to have a mom like you
erika salo
erika salo:
Two years later and Im still here😂😎
I've been drinking slurpy since 1year!
S Hartman
S Hartman:
What a fun outing! Your son was a trooper at the end. :)
Maria ftw
Maria ftw:
Let the mids try some starbucks, it is very goood ... but a little bit expensive
Well Hello There
Well Hello There:
I lived right next to a 7 Elevan bit it shut down!!
Judy Howell
Judy Howell:
Hi Family Fudge!Just wondering how do I do an intro?
Animal Lover8
Animal Lover8:
Two years later and I'm still here😂😎 love your channel<3 Jennifer you are a great mom!
Lps Roleplay11234
Lps Roleplay11234:
Oldest girl stop smiling
Diane Simmons
Diane Simmons:
You have such a gorgeous family it’s amazing how much they have grown!
Kawii Potato
Kawii Potato:
This was published 3 years ago they were so young awwwww
But no strawberry slurpee 😂
Chloe' Kobus
Chloe' Kobus:
This is the first vid I watched on this channel
Courtney Marvets
Courtney Marvets:
I like to add a little bit of juice to my slurped so it doesn’t turn to basically just ice at the bottom 😋
Kayla Streiff
Kayla Streiff:
They’re so young in this video ♥️ I love how much and well your kids are growing up! ♥️
SSO doggy 11
SSO doggy 11:
I almost started crying when you poured the slurry on his head, I WANNA DRINK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irish Fauni
Irish Fauni:
In Philippines we have that but 2 flavors only

Sorry my English is bad
Bailey Lineberry
Bailey Lineberry:
Lilly is so cute I love your kids and your channel
Gabrielle Schurig
Gabrielle Schurig:
I think Mackenzie chose the best container she choose like pretty much a cup.👍🏻👍🏻 good thinking kid
Shirley Gergar
Shirley Gergar:
What rules do you makenrhem say before going in? I love that!!!
Kippy Moore
Kippy Moore:
These are my favirote cause their all so ypung and sweet
Izzy Potts
Izzy Potts:
Omg this was long time ago they have change so much so cute💜💜
Saylor The lps lover
Saylor The lps lover:
Looks so yummy finally let them have sugar the are always healthy 💗
Mohammad Nader
Mohammad Nader:
Lilly's is like a regular medium slurpee
Makayla plays
Makayla plays:
I wish my town did this😭💀💜 I do have a 7 eleven tho
(Edit) Griffen is so darn cute
Zooey McRuspain
Zooey McRuspain:
I love your family so much they are so adorable and they picked out cool cups! I have never tried a slurpee before
Alyssa May
Alyssa May:
They were so little! Now they are all big
Lucy Evans
Lucy Evans:
Lily is just adorable
Ashley R.
Ashley R.:
To be young again 🤣
Allie Stoffels
Allie Stoffels:
They are so thankful and I love y’all familey
Audrey Berry
Audrey Berry:
Poor Griffin
SpikeyFrenchfry uwu
SpikeyFrenchfry uwu:
finally they get some sugar lol
Project JoJo
Project JoJo:
They all look so alike!!!!
Brittany Trub
Brittany Trub:
I've Done This Same Time As You People💙
cool girl
cool girl:
Omg Lily is so cute and your other kids