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Published on Feb 21, 2019
The WORST NBA Trades in the last 10 years....including guys like Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and some of the BEST NBA Players SUBSCRIBE to LostNUnbound ⇨ http://bit.ly/Sub2LostNUnbound


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Micheal air Jordan
Lonzo air ball
aswin koshy
aswin koshy:
Lnu the type of person to steal money from his own wallet
curry and durant SUCK #3-1 KKTK RQZZZFF
curry and durant SUCK #3-1 KKTK RQZZZFF:
Imagine if thunder still had James harden...
Matthew Kelley
Matthew Kelley:
the carmelo trade was bad but they did win a playoff series
The nuggets actually got Jokic with that 2nd round pick
Willy G
Willy G:
All thunder fans probably didn’t even watch the #1 spot cause they knew what was coming.
I’m a simple man
LNU makes A video
I watch

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Oh gee I wonder what number one is…
Dez 21
Dez 21:
Ok hold on, Trea Young is the 2nd best rookie and the hawks will get the Mavs pick which will be good
jdnogafella 62
jdnogafella 62:
Lost, I actually love ur vids bud
Slayercreed2323 Scree
Slayercreed2323 Scree:
When was the last time you played 2K

Dillan Prollamante
Dillan Prollamante:
The worst trade was trading paul pierce and KG to the nets
Rudransh Singh
Rudransh Singh:
Nets have KD and Kyrie fool, and they made the playoffs last year
Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang:
Yoo Trae is not disappointing us!Do you think Luka can still play well with 20+10 monster forward John Collins?
The Chosen Kid
The Chosen Kid:
If James Harden hadn’t left the Thunder then he probably wouldn’t be the breakout star he is today...
Just Saying
mexrap 13
mexrap 13:
Who here before 1hour or 100000 views.
Fausil Hidaya
Fausil Hidaya:
Lakers trade D'angelo Russell to Nets
Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause
Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause:
The T wolves and Bulls trade was pretty bad trade. Bulls got 2 young stars and a solid playmaker. While the Wolves got stubborn Jimmy who left after 1 season.
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Sub to Pewdiepie plz:
I haven’t watched it but I know it’s already amazing 😀😀😀
50K Jah
50K Jah:
Yeah Harden Durant and Westbrook were good with each other but look only Durant was on a 30 point level but then you say look at harden and Westbrook now but when harden left that season he averaged 25 points so he turned into a all star right when he left and when kd left that’s when Westbrook averaged a triple double so they wouldn’t be as good as you all think do be completely honest with you
Michael Lobato
Michael Lobato:
Do-mas Sabonis lol do you even watch basketball??
Nathan Helm
Nathan Helm:
Wish me luck on my biology quiz tomorrow. Don't know why I'm watching this vid
h Club
h Club:
Kylan The Red Panda
Kylan The Red Panda:
One of the best trades:
76ers receive:
Jimmy Butler Justin Patton
Timberwolves receive:
Jerryd Bayless Dario Saric Robert Covington and a 2022 second round pick
Christian E
Christian E:
Isaiah Thomas is still a bucket, idc. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sports Tail
Sports Tail:
Lost u are my favorite YouTuber
Asphalt Races
Asphalt Races:
Well the second round pick Utah was Nikola jokic
F rosty
F rosty:
Noti gang🔥

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Clayton and Family
Clayton and Family:
Jeez now Durant and Westbrook are gone and Westbrook went to rockets 🤣
Viraj Johar
Viraj Johar:
U my favorite YouTuber LNU keep up the work. Just bring back the 2k vids
Francis Gonzales
Francis Gonzales:
Only OG’s remember Lakersman217
Beans boom1
Beans boom1:
Ok LNU about the kryie and Isaiah trade being bad by the time Isaiah was TRADED kryie and Isaiah was on the same level
Random Sped
Random Sped:
isaiah thomas for kyrie was the worst no doubt and also first

Edit for everyone that is saying this is false, this ended up losing lebron.
Pounce Boi
Pounce Boi:
It was a good thing trading for Jordan he’s averaging 17 points and on track for mip
Leo games
Leo games:
Melo beat the Celtics in round 1 of the 2013 playoffs
Evan Meas
Evan Meas:
Happy the Anthony Davis trick ain't happening in the lakers.
Like if you are too
Marc John
Marc John:
O my god imagine Kevin Durant went to lakers
crystal winston
crystal winston:
Ya know legend says every 5 videos lnu puts on a kevin durant jersey
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Oh yea Lostnunbound uploaded. I know this is gonna be amazing
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Hey LostUnBound

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Hey lost how are you been a fan since 200k
8:30 Wait... The Clips would need to put CP3 at Point Guard and Kyrie at shooting guard for that to happen
When do you think we should tell him Sabonis first time is Domantas
0:27 its already subbed because the sub button was white xD
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ThisIsEthan !!!:
Love your channel I subed and turnd on notifications
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SAS Mysterious:
Why the cliffhanger at the end?😂💀
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Kadin Schonauer:
Awesome vid. I always wait for your vids to watch when they come out
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Alejandro Lopez:
Few days..... more like few months

Jk love your content keep up the good work