Alien Pictures, Why Aliens Visit, & Element 115 - Answering Your Questions

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Published on Jan 9, 2019
Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell answer you questions, including describing what the alien being looked like that Bob saw a picture of, what the aliens looks like, and the size of the spacecrafts housed at Area 51. Larry King Asks If Aliens Have Made Contact With Humans: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #LarryKingNow: Watch If You Only Knew: CONNECT WITH LARRY KING Like Larry King Now on Facebook: Follow @kingsthings on Twitter: Use #LarryKingNow to make comments & ask us questions on Twitter! Follow Larry King Now on Instagram: Watch the Full Interview Here: ABOUT LARRY KING NOW: After over 60 years of radio and television, Larry King dominates the internet with his new Emmy nominated and Webby Award winning shows Larry King Now and Politicking with Larry King. On Larry King Now, the legendary broadcaster sits down with the worlds most interesting celebrities, actors, musicians, world leaders and internet stars to interview them as only the King can. Now in it's 7th season, Larry's guests have included: Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Snoop Dog, Jeff Bridges, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marilyn Manson, Tyler the Creator, Celine Dion, Bill Maher, Mac Miller, Russell Peters, G-Eazy, 50 Cent, Craig Furguson, Jenna Marbles, Shawn Mendes, Joel McHale, John Mulaney, Morrissey, Mike Tyson, Anthony Jeselnik, Keegan-Michael Key, Alison Brie and countless others. Want to see more Bob Lazar? Check out this video: Alien Pictures, Why Aliens Visit, & Element 115 - Answering Your Questions


I wish that clip was two hours long not five minutes
David Roman
David Roman:
Bob lazar .i believe he is 100% true.
Simon Jacobs
Simon Jacobs:
Bob said it straight up but then just stopped. The reason they won't disclose this formally is because it WOULD expose the ET Technologies, and that means good bye to Gas, Coil, Oil, your local Power Company, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear.....on and on. Everything we use today is obsolete and would be replaced with these Technologies and that means the people who really are running the World don't want to change what for them is Trillions of Dollars of consistent income with the current way the World operates.
William B. Keck
William B. Keck:
I think I would definitely try to communicate with those cows if I saw them building nuclear weapons and lower level spacecrafts.
Europa H2O Alien
Europa H2O Alien:
Lazar needs to be on JRE!!!
I think this whole container thing has something to do with our consciousness or our soul
Dr. William Luther Pierce
Dr. William Luther Pierce:
Aliens are researching the soul. This is what they mean by vessel.
Frank Bishop
Frank Bishop:
I do not care much for Larry King, but this very brief interview segment is great. I just hope Mr. Lazar gets to live his full lifespan.
R a m
R a m:
Poor Larry....... he's on his last pair of suspenders.
Richie Bernard
Richie Bernard:
U can tell Bob still hates talking about this subject Jeremy called him a ufo Messiah Bob looked like wtf? I fill sorry for bob
Iam Observer
Iam Observer:
A human is literally a container for the soul, a soul has a body.. They communicate; but at the level of the individual level.... Seek with heart intent.
TriXie Kat
TriXie Kat:
CONTAINERS = Vessels for our soul. PS I like to talk to cows.. great listeners.
I support alien researchers but Jeremy Corbell really irritates me. Somehow I got sucked into buying his film for $20 because I am a space/bob lazar nerd and boy was it a complete joke of a film. Almost nothing in it is new information, nor did he really even give bob lazar much screen time. I wouldn't even bother with this movie, Unacknowledged is far better.
Charlie Maffman
Charlie Maffman:
Larry King is THE worst interviewer.  Does NO research on anyone he interviews.
Brian L
Brian L:
It's encouraging to read through these comments and see people with open minds. Ten years ago, the pseudo-skeptic hyenas would be running wild. Humanity is evolving.
Stanley Rakoski
Stanley Rakoski:
No intelligence in Washington D.C.
common sense
common sense:
Bob Lazar has maintained his story for over 30 years. I believe everything he talks about#Disclosure
SantaMuerte livE
SantaMuerte livE:
Lazar is a legend
.....listen, we aliens don't show ourselves because then you'll keep calling, want to hang out....
Milo Arron
Milo Arron:
when I watch Bob my senses tell me he speaks absolute truth.
Seriously what's the point of having beard guy on any show/podcast? He doesn't say anything of value
We are the alien's children's science project!!
FuK 5G save our cells.
FuK 5G save our cells.:
Bob needs to break away from Jeremy.
Legin Reed
Legin Reed:
The documentary is alright. That hipster Jeremy guy should not be involved. Just makes bob look bad. I believe lazar though. Never changed his story to this day.
notorious blanket
notorious blanket:
I don’t know why, but every time that Jeremy guy talks I feel a gradual onset of anxiety
Johan Romero
Johan Romero:
they come here just for DNA, there are millions of possible mutations on a single DNA strain, they want better bodies that radiation cannot affect, so they can go beyond, better eyes to see all the spectrum maybe even gamma rays and even beyond, all of that can be possible with 1 DNA variation...1 in a billion....
Mr Bob Lazar you giving us hope for seeing the true one day , God bless you from Poland
Michael Griffis
Michael Griffis:
Aliens have been trying to figure out where the soul comes from like humans have been trying to solve the mystery of gravity.
Thank you Bob helped change my consciousness of the universe. If only the masses knew the answers lie within us. Stop looking for an alien to land on your doorstep or some grainy video to change your awareness. Start reading Einstein, Hawking and specifically theoretical physics. Learn that in 2019 quantum physics is no longer theoretical...
Don Wheeler
Don Wheeler:
So glad Bob has decided to rejoin the ufo community. He is a legend!
Superior Being
Superior Being:
This Corbell makes trash TV, exactly who you would expect to make such a whacky crapumentary!
H Josh
H Josh:
Lol @ Larry king: "we have some social media questions, 'working-animal' on twitter."

lol cracks me up everytime.
H E C. M A N.
H E C. M A N.:
Well said Bob. Bob is the REAL DEAL. Anything he says in public I believe.
Bob Steenson
Bob Steenson:
Larry study your history they did land in Washington D.C. in 1952 there's a picture in a newspaper of it
Demolition Man999
Demolition Man999:
Bob Lazar and Larry king in the same room together. Now that's amazing.
Uplink X64
Uplink X64:
I don't know what it is, but there is something wrong with that Jeremy Corbell guy. I don't trust him.
Míchael O Maoínaígh
Míchael O Maoínaígh:
Who is that goon beside bob lazar, hes put there purposely so people dont take bob seriously.
Lazar is THE man, but that Corbell guy...cant stand him.
Zee Ter
Zee Ter:
Dear Larry,
Did you forget about Val Thor's visit to the Capitol in the 50's.....?
Christopher Styles
Christopher Styles:
Great coverage Larry King amazed you had these two on.
Shane Haney
Shane Haney:
Thumbnail: Jake Gyllenhaal in 20 years.
todd shaw
todd shaw:
I have some crazy stories to tell, really!
Carl Balliet
Carl Balliet:
The reason why extra Terrestrials call us containers, is that our bodies contain a soul.
Our soul is here to experience this 3-D world
Loki Hammerfall
Loki Hammerfall:
@Larry King, Please invite Dr. Steven Greer... He is the most reliable source out there with lots of facts and information.
Sherry E
Sherry E:
Containers... Skin suits for the soul
Dan Jonsson
Dan Jonsson:
that Jeremy guy seems awfully sure about what he is talking about without having any real personal experience.
stephen murphy
stephen murphy:
The refer to us as containers. Yes!!!! I would have used to same word
Lachesis Atropos
Lachesis Atropos:
Did anyone ask Larry King about the massive I.Q. vacuum during the interview?
Published over 10 Days Ago. 571 Comments.. crazy-cats #1215 13,7k comments.. 🤦🏽‍♂️ .. But! Good. Finally!
Zsoul Kae
Zsoul Kae:
Who is the beard man?