Amari Cooper vs Marcus Peters & Aqib Talib (2018-19 NFC Divisional) | WR vs CB Matchup

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Published on Jan 13, 2019
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Highlight Castle
Highlight Castle:
Anybody know how to clean stainless steel?
Evan Young
Evan Young:
Can see why Cooper got into it with Marcus Peters. Marcus Peters is an unsportsmanlike player
J Mac
J Mac:
How did you miss his touchdown?
Isaiah Tyner
Isaiah Tyner:
Cooper burned peters , only reason he aint hit 100 yards is because he had a safety over his head and linebacker always to his right , he was triple coverd , but lets talk about how the rookie gallup had 119 yards on talib😂😂
Michael P.
Michael P.:
Amari Cooper + Marcus Peters = Amarcus Pooper
The Big Man
The Big Man:
Peter amd Talib got burnt thats why the game was close
Analyze Perspective
Analyze Perspective:
Peters has been overrated for yrs, just watch the gm were Michael Thomas put 200+ on him
Sidney Boakye
Sidney Boakye:
How does anyone just ignore there Deep Third responsibility in a Cover 3? What the hell Marcus Peters!
Terrance Tv
Terrance Tv:
the ending of the game was funny 😂💯
Arturo Rivera Diaz
Arturo Rivera Diaz:
Why didnt coop fr like that on Adam Jones 😂
kardell joyce
kardell joyce:
All the passes to him was a damn check down 🤣
Star of the game...LAMARCUS JOYNER! He saved PETERS' behind and the RAMS.
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins:
Talib / Peterson could NOT cover #19. Dak should have gotten him the ball more. He's a legit #1!!
Garrett Komnick
Garrett Komnick:
Should have been on the cowgirls
Mcvay looking like he does coke at the end😂
Goodluck 40
Goodluck 40:
Thomas about to abuse peters again 😭🤣
Camryn Flores
Camryn Flores:
Should have put Gallup as well. 100+ yard game
Timothy Garner
Timothy Garner:
Well done RAMS!!!!!
1:30 gotta make that play man.
Its interesting to think that all 3 of them used to play in the same division
COA 1980
COA 1980:
Lol Cooper did his thang until the old him showed up when needed most...butterfingers! Lmao
3:16 - 3:18 ....Amari is like no NOT MY JEWELS!!
Chris Jack
Chris Jack:
Where is the Cooper TD ,o you want it to make it look even
Kenneth Avila
Kenneth Avila:
im 3:26 seconds into this video and all i see is Talib and Peters getting burned from Cooper. Cooper had his way with them no wonder Marcus Peters was so frustrated lol
Hubby Cub
Hubby Cub:
You didn't even show the ending fight after the game, that was even covered by T.V
Jay Ubben
Jay Ubben:
Saints gunna expose the rams. Pls @ me
Zachary Frank
Zachary Frank:
When Amari Cooper was about to take on the entire Rams bench, I wanted to fly from Texas to L.A and join him lol, hope Brees puts up 450 and 5 TD’s against the Rams.
Where’s amari coopers td?
Cozier Finess God
Cozier Finess God:
Tank from the Town and he play for the rams but hes a Raider to heart. See how Shawn stood up for him in the Raiders Chiefs game last year. Tank a real one from the town. He didnt like how cooper was talking bout, after being traded from the Raiders. Plus it all plays a part crabtree and talib last years.. tank knew coop soft spoke. He got in his head so good he wasnt a factor in the game. Shut coop down. Good defensive beat a good offense. Offense sales tickets
Defense wins games. We all know that
Zaye 2 Times
Zaye 2 Times:
So U got all these plays and somehow missed his touchdown? Smh
Biased Cowboys Fan
Biased Cowboys Fan:
you not gonna show his touchdown? okay lmaoo
Amazing vid once again
yall lame as hell
yall lame as hell:
You should just name the video pointless highlights
justin henkemeyer
justin henkemeyer:
Dear Marcus thanks for taking your bullshit somewhere else
- Kansas City
Mr. Thrifty Texas
Mr. Thrifty Texas:
Lateef Cooks
Lateef Cooks:
I think this is his second time in the playoffs but the first time he made it to the divisional round
Garrett Komnick
Garrett Komnick:
This shit goes back to Crabtree and talib lol
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes:
Amarii Cooper got the CLAMPS🔒👌🐚
True With It !!
True With It !!:
Los Angeles California teams going to keep having the Cowboys number as long as they keep practicing there and scrimmaging against them !!
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai:
Pedro Pimenta
Pedro Pimenta:
Make a gallup video too
Mandoe Muñoz
Mandoe Muñoz:
Peters is soft !!
Harry Mills
Harry Mills:
Mostly Talib bs Cooper.
EJ 13
EJ 13:
Why dbs always act innocent
Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute:
You can tell Coop quit on the Raiders
Isaiah Tyner
Isaiah Tyner:
If you watch closely every catch cooper makes theres 3 guys around him , he was tripled all night
Steven c
Steven c:
Cooper fumbles to much
Peter's straight trash