AREA 51: Hundreds of thousands to raid it? LOL.

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
I'm sure it's all in jest, but apparently hundreds of thousands of people have agreed to raid Area 51 on September 20th. I was busting a gut laughing reading the article picturing so many different things! You know there's a couple of Stooges that will try and do it too. It's Me Billy Facebook Page: ➡️ Support The Channel On Patreon ➡️ Follow Me On Twitter: ➡️ Follow me on Facebook: ➡️ Merchandise Shop: ➡️ Official Website: ➡️ IMDb: ➡️ Dave McRae The VoiceMann Studios 3-3221 Derry Road West PO BOX 13566 Mississauga Ontario Canada L5N 8G5 NOTE: If Shipping From The US. Please Ship VIA USPS (United States Postal Service)


Dave McRae
Dave McRae:
This is what I picture when I think about that supposed "raid" on September 20. lol. Military dude voiced by me.
Elite Libra
Elite Libra:
Can you image if most of them actually did?, I gotta see that happen lol!
JoshLikesMetal aka GuitarLife
JoshLikesMetal aka GuitarLife:
The CIA is currently transporting Alien Technology as we speak
Area 51 worker: you'll never leave.
Alien: watch me post this meme.
Ricky Borrego
Ricky Borrego:
September 20 people at home: oh boy the switch lite comes out today
September 20 people going to the raid: ah man i was going to buy my son that new nintendo thing
Jw Nj
Jw Nj:
Just stay home and watch the X-Files.
Jw Nj
Jw Nj:
Its like "Hey I'm going to fight New Jack"....good luck.
Dolan twins Martinez twins
Dolan twins Martinez twins:
Imagin thats how world war 3 begins because know one now's what aliens are like if there nice or not
Travis Lauderbaugh
Travis Lauderbaugh:
I'd really like to know what's in area 51 but LMAO iv got that picture in my mind of them storming across the desert planning to raid it.
Skate Toon
Skate Toon:
*Area51* its just a facebook joke

*September* Battle For Middle Earth Begins
Zombie Executioner
Zombie Executioner:
Hi Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass! I call this Alien Raid!
Despite all that nonsense about going there. Why September 20 outta all dates do the shit tomorrow and let’s see what happens 😂😭.
How can it be a raid if they are letting them know way in advance? LOL :) Funny stuff :)
Well as I'm NOT a FRICCING n0RmiE (reeeeeeeeeee) I'm going to dodge every bullet they shoot with my EPIC Naruto run
Mike Joseph
Mike Joseph:
Ya let's raid Area 51 and get blown away as we storm the gate.
stanley oleyte
stanley oleyte:
I like to think about Dave chappelle joke “LETS RUSH EM HE CANT COME ON ALL OF US”
Mant 276
Mant 276:
I already see people blaming the government for killing 300,000 citizens
Stacking Stormtrooper
Stacking Stormtrooper:
The ONE person who shows up: Dave McRae wondering where the other 399,999 people are.
Tman Bricks
Tman Bricks:
If it is real they will never be heard from again
i hate myself
i hate myself:
they should raid the concentration camps on the border aswell as area 51 and free the children
Rick Vargas
Rick Vargas:
Just Astral project to Area 51. It’s that simple. Your spirit will be there, but your body will be in bed.
Ryon Webster
Ryon Webster:
This is news to me, great video tho👌👍there's probably just a bunch of empty Hangars there
Isaac Ibarra
Isaac Ibarra:
I know i dont get it,folks wont even get together to bring down our corrupt government but they wanna go to a highly secured facility.
They will probably give up and just hang at a casino
Talon Morris
Talon Morris:
People: let’s raid Area 51

Government: I’m gonna end this mans whole career
Aero_ Blox
Aero_ Blox:
This guy should be a comedian ☝️
sadly i will be out of town that day
The ManHammerAR15
The ManHammerAR15:
Area 51 is where the World Leaders imprison their wives lover's...
That's genocide lmao
Guillermo Medina
Guillermo Medina:
What part don't they understand when the sign reads will use deadly force, THEY WILL USE DEADLY FORCE!!
Geoffrey Lane
Geoffrey Lane:
I heard will smith will bringing a dead alien back with them on the 20th.
Uhhhhh the aliens are among us. Hiding in plain sight. Bye
Jonathan Ball
Jonathan Ball:
Not for nothing.. I served 10 years in the military. Both here and overseas bases. (which are probably not as top secret as 51). Some things to keep in mind. 1) Razor wire sucks 2) Probably landmines 3) When military says don't trespass. its different than civilian police. Military will not mace people, they will shoot to kill. Doubtful that would happen, more than likely civilian police will intercept people. But they make it through. They can be shot on site, legally. But I agree w/ Dave M. Its a joke, probably a tourist thing.
sxat_ 0
sxat_ 0:
Quick question, how does the camera track on your face? I seen it a lot lately.
The ones who are going to go are irl twitch streamers
Perhaps this was a ploy to attack tourists to the area, I am sure the venders would appreciate it. :)
The Italian Snob
The Italian Snob:
more content like this please
Daxton Imlay
Daxton Imlay:
I'm fine with it less people not in the world after😂😂
XUndead Assassin7
XUndead Assassin7:
Bravo six going dark
Dark Hedgehog15
Dark Hedgehog15:
I just saw some meme and now im hearing this. Why would anyone want to raid area 51, im hoping this is a joke or we'll be hearing a "tragic" news on that day itself
Amanda Lafleur
Amanda Lafleur:
20 miles after the signs. But yea that's hilarious
Detroit Skills
Detroit Skills:
Hopefully some ppl do go though, its one way to rid the planet of some idiots
Felipe Lozano
Felipe Lozano:
Im pretty sure the CIA is gonna take the aliens to D.C
Karla Straight
Karla Straight:
Please please please let this happen... it would be such incredible entertainment!!!!
ryan james
ryan james:
Would be best live stream...ever
I hope they do it it will be classic
Yng Ronin
Yng Ronin:
We gonna get them alien cheeks booooyyyyys
kevin the gamer
kevin the gamer:
The funniest thing I've ever heard
Jason Floyd
Jason Floyd:
First one to step on a land mine wins
rush FV
rush FV:
America is laughing in a10 warthog