Area 51 Raid - How We Can See the Aliens

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Published on Jul 13, 2019
LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE: A Facebook page recently created has sparked interest in nearly millions of people. The people supporting the page have one goal, go to Area 51 and find whatever they are hiding. The planned date is September 20th. Will this event come to fruition? Hit the bell to be notified every time I upload a video! Subscribe for more content like this! Like the video, it helps the channel! Socials: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Discord:


you need the quick scopers
Dude great video but ur giving our plan to the FBI 🤦
Cody Santas
Cody Santas:
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Complex Teo-iwnl
Complex Teo-iwnl:
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Cody Santas
Cody Santas:
my moms buying me a ticket so i can fly out
yash king
yash king:
Till September it's all gonna be moved to some other place then it's just be like a field trip boring
James Liegel
James Liegel:
“Lady’s and gentlemen...welcome back to the channel!” 👌
Mason Wood
Mason Wood:
I’ll provide air support
PK Hou
PK Hou:
Just searched for the event on facebook, and I can't find the 400k event. Did it get taken down?
Jeromy Kruse
Jeromy Kruse:
Definitely need some band kids.
Damian Brown
Damian Brown:
Damn, this video has a lot of views.
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Hunter Mcclain
Hunter Mcclain:
Tristan Wood
Tristan Wood:
Aidan Aruiza
Aidan Aruiza:
The aliens
Tristan Wood
Tristan Wood:
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Josh Briggs
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1,000,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
1,000,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge:
Ok let me address this to you autistic fucks, 600,000 people pledged to show up but only like 3,000 will. If you think that only 51 guards will be there... You are so fucking retarted? It's the most popularized questionable place on this earth other than Chernobyl. 4th of all you guys ARE FUCKIG STUPID and delusional man, " I think we're gonna find aliens with supernatural powers" old dumbass bitch??😂: y'all do realize that the CIA and FBI are one of the most powerful government based groups in the world ? They're international so all countries have a CIA OR FBI group you fucking idiots , wow it's a shame what the human race is today. If you guys "Raid" Area 51, there are two possible things that will happen. 1 You kill a agent and at the end of the "raid" you face assassination of federal agent charges that the minimum sentence is about 41 years. 2nd is that y'all fucking die, get blown up by a nuclear bomb and if you do survive you will shortly die from the extremely painful and harmful radiation that comes to you, They literally know your plans man? There are videos of people planning the movement of the so called raid and they can see it so they're are 69,000,000 steps ahead of you! They have snipers, nuclear weapons of mass destruction and also, huge above class 4 weapons that will fuck y'all up? Please don't die, you guys have so much potential in life and it would be such a Shame if you guys died because your dumbasses wanted to hang out with that alien from American dad. Please think about your families and loved ones because you dumb fucks are "Naruto running" to your death and when you get killed you can't do and fucking Jutsu to revive you!