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Published on Jul 11, 2019
Arsenal's current club captain, Laurent Koscielny, refuses to travel on the club's pre-season tour of the USA. - Twitter - - Instagram - - Twitch - - Facebook - - Periscope - hughwizzy #90More #Football #Arsenal


If Gabriel Martinelli will turn out to be the only signing this window I'm officially taking a season off. I don't need this in my life.
Raika Jafari
Raika Jafari:
Low-key, Hugh,
you must be the most intelligent
Arsenal fan on YouTube at least.

You're the only one, who thought about what might be happening
behind the scenes. All others call him a snake, immediately.

Even as a United fan,
I respect you Hugh.
Mustafi will be your captain. Don't be silly.
Imagine this was all a smokescreen created by Arsenal to hide the fact that no more signings are coming
Jonathan Sundqvist
Jonathan Sundqvist:
I find it funny how Arsenal are the only team who's got their transfer budget publicly out there... Either it's all bullshit, or someone on the board is leaking stuff... My money is on the former
Anish Subedi
Anish Subedi:
Our current CBs: Mustafi, Holding, Sokratis, Mavropanos, Bielik, Chambers, Medley... RIP top 6
Eye Bee
Eye Bee:
Doesn't seem right. I feel that Koscielny is the kind of guy that would respect a contract. Arsenal bottled the Saliba deal and now they've broken a promise. #comedyclub
Archie Flint Mac
Archie Flint Mac:
It’s just pathetic really init, back the gaffa tbh but this is tragic.
Tammany Cebekhulu
Tammany Cebekhulu:
This is definitely peak Arsenal, you can't make this stuff up 😂💯
Sam Wooto
Sam Wooto:
can't blame arsenal, koscielny is completely out of line here.
Hugh, I beg of you to start a Football Manager series with Arsenal.
Sergio M
Sergio M:
Your cap says it all mate....perfect description for this transfer window
Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague:
Not even an Arsenal fan, but love watching you, Hugh, because of the intense passion you bring to every video. Keep up the great stuff!
Phil Mullane
Phil Mullane:
3minutes in and no "FRAUD!" I'm disappointed
If he's the captain and he's doing this what kind of example does that set😂😂
Tom Bardsley
Tom Bardsley:
Arsenal are basically copying man united's game plan for defence. That being hoping the goal keeper is a brick wall every game
That line up for the US tour says it all really, unprepared and severely neglected, all the frauds from last seasons EL final. Complete shame, Arsenals fault for giving fat wages to bang average players. JENKO Jenko in the side? Im done!

People need to protest in America, the chance to let Kroenke know is NOW!!!!!!
Who is ready for Don mustafi
tony Emenike
tony Emenike:
Wenger almost paid 90m for Lemar
Ben Sharp
Ben Sharp:
Of course zaha is not worth 100mil but if palace don’t need to sell they can ask for crazy prices
Jamaican Bloke
Jamaican Bloke:
Something is really going on behind closed doors and Kos is not happy about what he's witnessing, so he's jumping ship. He wants out and I don't blame him, but he's making himself look very bad in this situation.
Mr Fenomeno
Mr Fenomeno:
United fan here. Our clubs will be competing once again for the 2019-20 banter cup.
Palace are really just saying piss off tbf. They're also saying keep your deadwood haha
We're in crumbling, simple as need some help, some reinforcements because without we'll fall even further.
In the industry I work in we often put contracts for major schemes out to tender. Occasionally bids come back that are hugely inflated and ludicrous when compared to competitors. Why then would these ludicrous bids be submitted? Because the company submitting the bid does not want the work, but if by some snowballs chance in hell they won the tender then the inflated cost makes it easily worth their while.

Crystal Palace DO NOT want the work... that is to say they would rather Arsenal frankly fucked off away from their player and shoved their lowballing bids up their ass. As such, they will put a ludicrously inflated price on their star asset. If Arsenal get upset and refuse the price then, in their eyes, BRILLIANT! If by some snowballs chance in hell Arsenal bid close to the price then why not, makes it easily worth their while.
Maximum Jenkem
Maximum Jenkem:
i feel like you're perpetually on the game over screen, "Snake....? SNAAAA-AAKE!" srsly tho, maybe he found out AFC wouldn't be importing proper baguettes from France for the US tour and that's what he's striking over. our baguettes are just not up to standard when you're from France.
Afdeling Skillz
Afdeling Skillz:
Even the captain. This club is a joke from top to bottom🤦🏽‍♂️
I honestly think some of the players doesnt respect Unai Emery.
Yorak _Hunt
Yorak _Hunt:
Wonder how the other players reacted
Kolasinac probs just said ‘Yes my G’
Guga Bastos
Guga Bastos:
Villa payed 20m for Tyrone Mings, 25m for Tierney is kind of a fantastic deal for Arsenal, don't understand why they aren't paying it
I love arsenal ...from a Chelsea fan .
Don't stop being arsenal
Billy Moore
Billy Moore:
Unfortunately I don't breath oxygen
Newcastle and Arsenal fighting it out to have the worse Summer possible lol
koscielny has gained so much respect as club captain and its all gone down the drain Im a United fan but have respect for the Gunnars. Love the channel keep up the good work
Lol highwizzy went all the way back to Birmingham
Ogri Grindstaff
Ogri Grindstaff:
C.P want 80m for Zaha because we paid 40m for Mustafi.
Flat Fag Rob
Flat Fag Rob:
Man your videos crack me up, makes my day bro. I love your reaction and content bro, keep doing what your doing. The club I love maybe in shambles but your reactions are the best.
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Surprised he's not injured tbh
Bulgarian Gooner
Bulgarian Gooner:
You always manage to crack me up, even when it's doom and gloom. Thank you for that!
Yonathan Taye
Yonathan Taye:
Arsenal's cancer truly ended up being Arsenal's cancer... #OlivierSexymanGiroud
Mr Ty
Mr Ty:
Koscielny to St Etienne
Salina to Arsenal
Fair deal
Ryan The Iron
Ryan The Iron:
Lost at sea,no rudder,broken sail,zero direction,dissent amongst the ranks,
And now HMS Comedy Club's captain has abandoned them.
Poor Admiral Emery!
Bet he's starting to regret boarding that ship now!⛵
Feel like holding might get throw out there again.
There is definitely something else going on. Maybe they told him that Mustafi is staying?
Chad Winfield
Chad Winfield:
even though I'm a chelsea fan.. I think you're hilarious wizzy 🤣🤣 and actually not deluded
Ah shit here we go again...
Himanshu Taneja
Himanshu Taneja:
Hugh needs to address his tech's cable management!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Fry
Dan Fry:
Remarkably calm sir! Great vid.
Isant it the reason why palace are saying 100 mil cah so price out every club out of paying that
I have no confidence in arsenal signing the sort of defenders we need to progress it will be a long hard season but I hope I am wrong
jarod pietersen
jarod pietersen:
You can have Jones, Smalling and Rojo for what ever’s in that can next to you.
Paul Myrus
Paul Myrus:
Hugh ur a mad man ! crack me up mate