Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer 2 BREAKDOWN & Things Missed

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
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HN Entertainment
HN Entertainment:
Tried recording it all in one take after a few watches & notes, let us know anything else you saw!!
Knives Millions
Knives Millions:
I hate the thumbnails with the red arrows pointing at two unrelated things.
The THICC Titan Thanos
The THICC Titan Thanos:
Trailer came out of nowhere, I just woke up and I am like, wtf?!? Thought I was dreaming for a second.
You missed the biggest part of the trailer: Tony walking with the Avengers in the advanced suit. That part made me gasp in glee!
Terrence Smalls
Terrence Smalls:
I don't need another trailer. Ready for Endgame NOW!!!
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe:
If Hawkeye's family vanish in his arms I am going to ugly cry.
This trailer was basically my breakfest.
Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry:
Cap carrying Peggy's coffin is from Civil War, NOT Winter Soldier lol #TeamCap
Kenneth Colon
Kenneth Colon:
Surprised you didn’t point out that Tony was in the lineup with the advanced suits, since every other version of that scene we’ve seen so far has Tony removed (and the suits obviously)
Mallu Maniac
Mallu Maniac:
*Did you noticed that Captain america and nebula are fighting in same background*

~ 8:06 Nebula
~ 9:40 Captain America
Joseph Winborne
Joseph Winborne:
Wow! You broke it down already? Must have one of those time suits too.
The Wealth Generator
The Wealth Generator:
That was arrow in the thumbnail served no purpose other then to clickbait.
Casey Bledsoe
Casey Bledsoe:
It would definitely be cool if Rocket modified War Machine with some alien weaponry
Rohith Teja
Rohith Teja:
You missed Tony in advanced suit.
Potato Chinga Chinga
Potato Chinga Chinga:
Thanos snapped away my barber while I was in the middle of a haircut.
Tristan Matthews
Tristan Matthews:
You missed ant man flipping on the pencil
Brandon Asbury
Brandon Asbury:
Peggys funeral was civil war brother not winter soldier
You said that scene with captain America is from winter soldier but it's from civil war
Wardaddy Chopper-gun
Wardaddy Chopper-gun:
I don’t mean this politically but Brie Larson LITERALLY looks like a video game NPC 😂
iiJakey -
iiJakey -:
I learned 1 thing from this video

Tony stank has wifi
I bet Captain Marvel and Nebula know of each other.
LSGH_ Mario
LSGH_ Mario:
Wow.... you obviously missed the biggest part of the trailer tony stark is back on earth
G1 Grimlock
G1 Grimlock:
Thor meets Captain Marvel
Rahel Biru
Rahel Biru:
This is gonna destroy the box office plus I ship Thor and Captain Marvel
Darth Rangus
Darth Rangus:
Why are feminazis butthurt by the fact that Brie Larson has "makeup" on in this trailer, and that she smiles?
the time suits helps them stay out of time when they time travel into the multi-verse.....just like how Bishop's time band around his arm from XMEN the cartoon animated series.
Austin Olsen
Austin Olsen:
The new suits are built for entering the quantam realm!
The “red color scheme flashbacks” may have something to do with the reality stone 🤷🏾‍♂️
The red is for the 10 year anniversary
Don’t let this distract you the fact I am on thanos sideline cheering him on!!!
Razak Idris
Razak Idris:
Doctor Strange : I already watched Endgame millions time but only 1 good ending.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
Dude! Put a spoiler alert for Captain Marvel. Not everyone has seen it yet. Thanks for that!
The_ Assassin
The_ Assassin:
Captain America carrying Peggy Carters coffin is Civil War not Winter Soldier
Colin Little
Colin Little:
God Dam I Love MARVEL!!!
mudit singhal
mudit singhal:
Those badges in the leaked pics of the movie were actually the carrier of nano bots for the advanced suits!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ilie Bogdan-Mihai
Ilie Bogdan-Mihai:
Warmachine's is over the armor, as you can see the chest glass come on top of the bottom layer, which was the normal exo suit
Amy Louise
Amy Louise:
Idl why everyone keeps mentioning that Tony was back on earth. It was obvious that Marvel was not going to kill him off on the spaceship... everyone with common sense knew he was coming back to Earth 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
arthur levant
arthur levant:
I hope Mjölnir somehow comes back and cap gets to wield it.
Ryan Sauve
Ryan Sauve:
Prediction: Captain America or Captain Marvel will lift or wield Stormbreaker at some point
Why are people think Thor is going to get killed off or retired ? CHRIS HEMSWORTH HIMSELF said he loves playing Thor and he wants to continue playing Thor
ed rhodes
ed rhodes:
It's definitely some type of paneling to reflect quantum energy or something to do with that
Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi:
Whatever It Takes🔥🔥🔥
Android Hazard
Android Hazard:
Tony returns to eath missed that
Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson:
3:29 Hawkeye has his house arrest ankle bracelet on. Just saw it and it wasnt mentioned
Superthor c
Superthor c:
Entering the ENDGAME
Rohith Teja
Rohith Teja:
I thought Katherine Langford would be there as Kate Bishop...

Ohh wait..May be this shot was from Clint's Flashback to Natasha
Cyclone_ Bot
Cyclone_ Bot:
First trailer- Tony’s in the ship in space.
This trailer- Tony’s with the Avengers in the advanced suits.
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan:
I love you so much and have a very good boner
This was the most crap breakdown ever
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