Bill Collins Golden Years of Hollywood weekly movie 'the Lady Vanishes' Hitchcock

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Published on Jun 7, 2010
Bill Collins introduces his Golden Years of Hollywood weekly movie 'the Lady Vanishes' directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also advertises a competition to win Pretty Woman double passes. Some people thought he ranted on a bit which he did but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who knew more about classic Hollywood movies and i personally found his intros very interesting.


I came here as the ABC shared this video. I was a floor cameraman for channel 10 in the early 80's and always looked forward to my Bill Collins shift once a week. He was just a pleasure to be near and took time between intros to chat to the floor crew. A rare media person like a Ray Martin where there is no difference between the inner personal and professional personas.
Bill was a true example of this.
Bill, I thank you for taking the time to chat with me one on one many times during the brief time I worked with you. I wish your dear wife Joan my deepest condolences.
Magnus xxx
Brian Bellia
Brian Bellia:
Thanks for this! Wonderful stuff! Good on you. ;-)
Honoria Plum
Honoria Plum:
Love Bill Collins. Love this film. Thanks for sharing it.
The Gardening Mongrel
The Gardening Mongrel:
My brother is of the opinion that Martin Short based his character of Jiminy Glick on Bill.
Loved watching Bill Collins hosting the Golden years of Hollywood every Saturday night when I was a kid. Very knowledgeable and a fine presenter, thanks for bringing back the memories!
Chris Gold
Chris Gold:
Rip bill
Happiness is not liveable
Happiness is not liveable:
I remember when this aired I watched it. Wonderful movie.