Bob Lazar: Area 51 And Flying Saucers (2018) | Official Trailer HD

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Published on Nov 19, 2018
In 1989, physicist Bob Lazar broke the story of Area 51 and the US government’s work on alien spacecrafts. He blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went silent - until now. DIRECTED BY Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell FEATURING Bob Lazar, George Knapp, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, Mickey Rourke, Joy White, Phyllis Tucker, Layne Keck, Mario Santa Cruz, Zack Slizewski WORLD PREMIERE / DECEMBER 3rd, 2018 @ THE THEATER / ACE HOTEL LOS ANGELES LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE : ON DIGITAL AND ON DEMAND DECEMBER 18, 2018 PRE-ORDER NOW: --- THE ORCHARD FILMS WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:


Antney Ox
Antney Ox:
Any 1 else here b/c of Joe rogan?
ya boi
ya boi:
Anyone else gunna raid area 51 September 20th?
Sadly this documentary seems more interested in edgy shots of Jeremy Corbell including a full cringe-inducing staged text message exchange, glitchy effects on every bit of old footage, eerie music overlayed with some weird 3d alien model and a grab bag of After Effects FX thrown over it for good measure. Shame because I think most people don't want or need any of that crap. A long form conversation touching on in-depth questions would've been much better. Cut the FX. Cut the drama. Cut the spooky music. Let the man tell his story and then follow up with some good investigative journalism. MouthyBuddha and Joe Rogan did a better job.
MrQuickPick Hartford, CT
MrQuickPick Hartford, CT:
Thank you for being a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast👍
Online Research
Online Research:
Am I the only one disappointed by this film? Lazar agrees to speak to a documentary filmmaker earnestly for the first time in ages, and it's an overproduced jumble that views like a first year film project complete with effects during playback of old interviews ostensibly intended to make us all believe that's how every VHS player operated in the 80s. I didn't find a cohesive story here nor was Lazar asked any questions he hasn't been asked before. There's nothing new here, and like many modern documentaries the focus is more on the filmmaker than the content. If you've seen previous Lazar interviews, you've seen this doc.
I did think Lazar's comments about society's reaction to him were touching and sad. I also thought there was a lot of great potential to explore his comments that were never followed up on, for example his own comment about why anyone even cared what he said 30 years on. When is somebody going to ask him the basic questions that anybody who allegedly worked with this tech could answer - exactly what the manufacturing problems are in reproducing this technology (he does briefly sketch this out on a notepad), why the aliens haven't taught us an easy way to make it, more info about ununpentium, why we aren't using it in fighter aircraft today etc.
There are a few complex topics presented here but they aren't broken down for the layperson. It's as though nobody at any point wanted to look silly asking how to do that. I may have missed it however, but I don't plan to watch it again.
I'm very reluctant to sound uncharitable about anyone else's work. It's obvious this is a topic close to the filmmaker's heart. But there's something lacking in modern documentaries, and it boils down to disorganized and therefore uncompelling storytelling (Missing 411, anyone?).
If you're into alien conspiracy shows that rely on bass drops and stutter effects, this fits the bill, but the intellectually thirsty will probably remain so here.
Bob Lazar PhD Fuzzycist
Bob Lazar PhD Fuzzycist:
Thank you all. I hope you enjoy my latest documentary and hopefully releasing these 22 names will finally prove my story
Thomas B
Thomas B:
K J:
Sadly the director of this documentary is an amateur and ruined the film. Also who thought it was a good idea to hire Mickey Rourke as the narrator? lmao
Why go for the wierd, mysterious editing style? Just be true and authentic, there are so many fake documentaries made like that. It won't help Lazar's situation... watch the Rogan podcast instead...
Groovy Grape Gramma!!
Groovy Grape Gramma!!:
Looking forward to this movie/documentary👽Let the TRUTH be Known.
Dean Pana
Dean Pana:
I have always believed Bob Lazar, I have always dismissed 90% of the other crap out there but Bob Lazar in my opinion has been nothing but truthful. Thank you Bob for trying to help man kind see something beyond their comprehension. Pity most of the people out there see things through a narrow pipe and dismiss anything that seems too hard for them to comprehend. I will always support you and thanks you once again.
Wolf Demon ASMR
Wolf Demon ASMR:
Going to the Premier!!! Just got my ticket today! too bad my wife doesn't believe in aliens or Bob Lazar 😔 .......ohh well more popcorn for me!!! 👽👽👽👽
True South
True South:
Bob Lazar has been proven a fraud by Stanton Friedman.
IThinkWithMy Dick
IThinkWithMy Dick:
Say all you want about the UFO community, but at least they're not a bunch of freakin' FLAT EARTHERS or MOONLANDING DENIERS!
dyrectory com
dyrectory com:
Secureteam10 brought me here.
Lynn Kayee
Lynn Kayee:
The best part about this is he is either a complete, creative liar and con artist asshole or one of the most important people of the last 50 years.
Like there is no middle. Lmao.
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit:
Hand scanner is from close encounters! Wtf Jeremy is a liar if he says he doesn’t know that. Also the star system where the ufo came from is the same one mentioned in the first alien movie. 😂😂😂 a lot of pop culture references in this BS movie. All this shit was out before bob came out with his story.
The guy isn't even a scientist, why would he have been hired to reverse engineer an alien spacecraft
beam me up Scotty
Mr Hook
Mr Hook:
Amazing documentary, 100% recommend
Red Pill X X
Red Pill X X:
Don't forget to tell Gordon to shine the Batman signal in the sky at precisely 2AM
I believe the man
Candi Soda
Candi Soda:
He is a total fraud!
Patrick Paulo
Patrick Paulo:
Erase Beats
Erase Beats:
Amazing history i want see that 🙏🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 thanks
Christian Williams
Christian Williams:
I think he telling truth how his story necer changes exact story everytime
jordan lucas
jordan lucas:
Joe rogan and Herb dean brought me here.
Ross Mitchell
Ross Mitchell:
I think this should be the next ufo film
Tom Skilling
Tom Skilling:
Of course there is Alien life .
Life is common in the oceans trees air and all if the universe.
The us government is stupid
'bout dang time! 👍🏻
Professor Simon Holland
Professor Simon Holland:
great trailer....congratulations Jeremy
Can they open a gravity lens and view across galaxies see into a distant world? Can you view through time with
this same type of gravity lens??
The Sketch
The Sketch:
I new about Bob Lazar back in my Uni days roughly 10 years ago. Fascinating individual! Incredible disclosures, definitely expands the mind to say the least.
J C:
Is it this documentary on cable vision in nyc
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith:
I believe bob. Its a freeing feeling like it states. Hes all we have. Probably wont learn anything more
Brett DiMichele Studios
Brett DiMichele Studios:
Purchased and watching now! Thanks for making this happen @Jeremy Corbell !
So looking forward to this film. He knows something.....and I want to know too !
Wotze Schiller
Wotze Schiller:
Hey, I just saw the movie and was quite of disappointed. I wished for more new elements.
Mike Texas adventures and reality
Mike Texas adventures and reality:
need. more. evidence. more. proof. ?????????????
Max Marx
Max Marx:
Tops5 brought me here.
side2 Side
side2 Side:
I think it's the new beast that the american are building since the 70s :D
American citizens are so stupid and they will believe that there will be an alien invasion :D
This is trash way over produced
miros tsiklauri
miros tsiklauri:
bulshit..if its realy way the aliens only in area 51 end no ather please?..???????????????????/
JustinValentine vapeHead
JustinValentine vapeHead:
Here from Jre
josey gunnels
josey gunnels:
just watched and its awful. it starts out with a text message chain that looks like two 13 year old girls. then the rambling narration.
la prueba de que miente Bob Lazard es que aun vive!!
Ok if this was real it would never be a movie 😂
Matt Fudge
Matt Fudge:
If I hadn't listened to the Bob Lazar interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, I wouldn't have gotten past the opening credits of this film. That being said, I couldn't get past the 20 min mark.
The intro seems to be an ego piece for the filmmaker himself. The rest (what I was able to get through) was a shoddy attempt at being artistic.
If you want a topic like aliens to be taken seriously, why not try and make a serious documentary that isn't full of weird graphics, cut scenes and strange narrations.