Boycott Blizzard for Betraying Players to Appease the Chinese Government

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
#BlizzardBoycott has become a trend as Blizzard bans Hearthstone player Blitzchung, for supporting the current protests occurring in Hong Kong against the Chinese government. Is money worth more than having any respect for their players? Twitter: Discord: #BlizzardBoycott #NBA #China


Patrick shaw
Patrick shaw:
He does look like Whiny The Poo though...
It shouldn’t even be legal for them to take away the prize money he already won.
Gamers: Activision Blizzard couldn’t possibly get worse than they are
Activision Blizzard: hold my Tsingtao
Tristan Carroccia
Tristan Carroccia:
We need to start standing up to China as a whole they are slowly starting to control everything and we need to realize this before it’s too late
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent:
Blizzard did this because it's partially owned by the Chinese company Tencent who holds large ownership stakes in Fortnight, PUBG, and League of Legends. Good luck convincing children to boycott these games.

Edit: Also it should be noted he won the tournament and they took $10,000 from him
Daddy D
Daddy D:
People should go to Blizzcon dressed as Winnie the Pooh
"We at Blizzard care more about money than freedom and democracy"
Candy Man
Candy Man:
I personally think we should just boycott blizzard/activision I know I am I’m just done with their bull
James Kelly
James Kelly:
I guess we know now that Chi isn’t short for China.
Lounoir Records
Lounoir Records:
this has been the final straw for me, period
the only thing left i'm excited about with blizzard is how horrendous this years blizzcon is hopefully gonna be with a whole armada of red shirt guys -
or way fewer people showing up to it in disgust. you can pick 1 or 2, happy either way
Mr Conroy46
Mr Conroy46:
Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t fall into this
UNIK 90:
I just deleted heart stones, tweeting about it letting other people know , because this is just not okay it's just wrong
Fierce Vinegar
Fierce Vinegar:
very interesting to see that this is the straw that makes people go full boycott. personally i have boycotted activision since last year
On Weibo (that’s like chinese twitter), Blizzard’s statement in Chinese was ‘We will always and continue to safeguard the country’s dignity.’
Rather than the bs they said, we all know what this is actually about.
Luckily I haven't bought anything from Blizzard anyway.
Keith D.
Keith D.:
Apparently the hosts were in on it, it's still ridiculous though
Supernova Zap
Supernova Zap:
World would be a better place without the US, CCP and Russia as global powers.
Cappy 22
Cappy 22:
NBA did the same thing. Talking trash about America..then "bending the knee" to communism. Cowards
speedy lewder
speedy lewder:
Every one protest hard
I hate blizzard and china. they basically fired the casters for getting shifts at a bad time and punching in. As an american company, they should feel ashamed for this censorship. protect your players, protect your employees.
they literally have a statue that says "all voices matter" on a plaque.
Okay so i watched the video but i still dont get is, is blizzard a coward for not speaking out about china bc they are moneyhungy ppl
Or are they doing it for the comunity?
/ TRQDude
/ TRQDude:
Just so you know, the casters were encouraging Blitzchung to say what he said. They weren't banned by proxy, they associated with him. Not agreeing with Blizzard here but that's why the casters were banned too.
miel the squid
miel the squid:
It's been nearly a decade since Blizzard has less respect for their fanbase and focus more on the big money but they manage to reach another level here.
Northpole_clan Blade
Northpole_clan Blade:
Just imagine caring about money than fellow humans how low and pathetic do you have to be
Before I continue with the video, just wanted to comment on the Doom Eternal delay. The funny thing with delays for me is, personally, I'm never happy to see one, but I'm always glad for it. I mean, it's possible it's a bad sign, but I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt. A delay often signifies they care enough to withhold the product and fix something rather than push it out the door with problems intact to try and make their money ASAP. The quote from Miyamoto and all that...
Wally Walline
Wally Walline:
Blizzard, ya got no TEGRITY
Minecraft is the Best ever
Minecraft is the Best ever:
Me:goes on reddit

Also me : thE heLl iS happEniNg?
Adam Bumber
Adam Bumber:
Freedom of speech means nothing to blizzard apparently. Also they did more about this then actual cheaters and racists is OWL
Arrowlog Productions
Arrowlog Productions:
Well, I was trying to decide between getting Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair or Overwatch on Switch, but now I know which one to get! Thanks Blizzard for making my decision easy.
Whoa.... Blizzard, YOU DUN GOOF'D.

I hope things get resolved soon...
Ja Nej
Ja Nej:
For once, I'm actually looking forward to blizzcon. I want to see the ENTIRETY of the shitshow!
Meanwhile, you got an overwatch add for Nintendo switch playing in your protest.
poop man
poop man:
Man this happen when I finally planed on playing over watch
BLIZZARD, never go full "rice fields".
It's absolutely hilarious that they found the PERFECT time window to launch this kind of stunt.
Outrageous, disappointing, disgusting
Welp, I already wasn't supporting Activision, but now I can confidently boycott the Blizzard side as well!
jamie t
jamie t:
Mei is becoming the icon for the protest/boycott.
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury:
You are right, that South Park episode was hilarious and spot on. I hate how these western companies are pandering to China. Especially the ones like Disney who also have the nerve to lecture the west with their own agendas.
Nova Bushido
Nova Bushido:
South park knew it all.
steven bowen
steven bowen:
I fine with DOOM eternal with DOOM 64 delays with the switch version in March 2020 within 5 months away i cool and poor Chinese president banned that Winnie the pooh meme is ridiculous tho
Blizzard really betrays gamers?
no dignity.
Type Masters
Type Masters:
I understand why blizzard has the rule
“Don’t bring up anything majorly political because we don’t want to pick sides and then deal with the consequences from the opposite side”
But the punishment was too harsh.
It’s like being put to death for stealing from a pensioner, yes it is against the rules but the consequences of stealing shouldn’t be death, like how the consequences of using Blizard’s platform to speak your personal political view shouldn’t be having all your winnings removed and banned from their platform for a whole year.
It would be hilarious if the costume contest participants at Blizzcon held signs and dressed as Mei in a Hong Kong flag.
2000 socialist credits have been added to ActiBlizz chinese credit score. Xinnie the Pooh thanks you for your service.
Gamer Wits
Gamer Wits:
keep on fighting for freedom
never forget
Triggered Libtard
Triggered Libtard:
[This comment has been removed by _Youtube Internal Moderation Team_ , all hail the commie party]
Milen Milen
Milen Milen:
The excuse was written by a chinesse PR company (see the style of writing) and published from China (see the time) ???
I don't own or play any blizzard games. I'm already winning this boycott
I stopped playing Diablo III last month when I was down with a fever for 6 days. I guess I'll take another long break from that game then.