Brendan Grace Irish Humour - Comedy

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Published on Jul 21, 2010
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fintan Duff
fintan Duff:
What a great person brendan grace was we will never see his likes again thanks for all the laughs rip.
May u rest in peace πŸ™
Lorna Beaumont
Lorna Beaumont:
None of us are a full shilling xx
Liam Holton
Liam Holton:
RIP absolute legend
Thomas Darcy
Thomas Darcy:
Can anyone post the lavender cowboy.I cant get it anywhere.R.I.P Brendan
willie stokes
willie stokes:
Rest in peace Brandon god called you because he wanted his own personal performance and for you to make him laugh and my sincere condolences to his family friends and all his fansπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Emmet Byrne
Emmet Byrne:
Ireland does have the best sense of humour ever. No other country can come close. Proud to be Irish
Khabib 'MANNY' Mayweather
Khabib 'MANNY' Mayweather:
"if you ever say that to me again il put your head through the wall"
Looovvveee Brendan saw him live, he gave me a hug, was so happy x3 lol
Twitting On Trender
Twitting On Trender:
I've lived in eight countries (Ireland for the first 18) and every one of them thinks they have the best sense of humour in the world.
Mary Gerrard
Mary Gerrard:
brendan grace gteat man with humour mary gerrard coventry england l have irish roots . parents wexford mum drogheda dad . rip xxx
Annette Murphy
Annette Murphy:
Thanks Brendan for the great laugh haha
Mark Abenstein
Mark Abenstein:
try Just for Laughs in Montreal
Leah Ward
Leah Ward:
its true ireland and scotland hav the best sence of humor and we r up fpr all the craic ;)
John O'Donnell
John O'Donnell:
Great craic !
People from the UK love Spain, Italy and Greece because of the beautiful. joyous, glorious SUNSHINE.
john west
john west:
Gerry Mulhall
Gerry Mulhall:
Rest in peace Brendan.
Aisling Maunsell
Aisling Maunsell:
Best comedian!!
Shane Fennelly
Shane Fennelly:
Rip brendon
Derek Gaffney
Derek Gaffney:
Correct were all nuts. Happy nuts πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘rip Brendan
Paul V. Cassidy
Paul V. Cassidy:

1: American (North-South) (North: Latino-Mexico-USA-Canada) (South: Columbia Venezuela Guyana Suriname Guiana Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Chile Brazil Ecuador Peruvian Bolivian):

3: AFRICA EUROPE (German-France:::: EUROPEAN) (€):
4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific) (Β’):

Arab India:
(Syria Lebanese Palestinian Israel Jordan) (Turkey Iraq Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman UAE Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Afghanistan Bangladesh Pakistan India):

Oceania Pacific:
(China Mogul Korea Japan Philippine Thailand Indonesia Malaysia Phillies Cambodia Vietnam Myanmar Taiwan Hong Kong) (Zealand-Australia::: ENGLISH).

PACE: PACE-PACE-PACE (Italian) !!!
POLICE: POLICE-POLICE-POLICE (Jesus Christ - Jews: 33.333333 B.C.):
LABOUR (Marx-Green): LABOUR-LABOUR-LABOUR (Marx-Green:::: 33.33%) !!!!

JESUS (Fish: RC-PRE-MUSLIM-JEWISH): KIRSTEN (Vegetarian) - BUDDHIST (Vegetarian) - LABOUR (Marx-Green::: 33.33%) !!!!
Kevin Diggins
Kevin Diggins:
absolutley haleriuos
SeΓ‘n Dunne
SeΓ‘n Dunne:
@SANHEDRIN666 well thats not a good sense of humour man ...
Emmet Brown
Emmet Brown:
Sure it'll will be grand
Lorna Beaumont
Lorna Beaumont:
At Jeffrey hack xx
Tom Foley
Tom Foley:
great craic
jack watkins
jack watkins:
Of course the Irish you're happy and humorous. I'd be happy and humorous to if I could order pints and yards of beer! I guess Ireland does yards also I know England does. Oh well I enjoyed the comedy anyhow
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy:
American President John F. Kennedy had a great sense of humour. From Pat McCarthy in Canada
The Irish truly are linguistically gifted... Such an entrancing, adorable lilt...
Tom Pollack
Tom Pollack:
May u Brendan rest I oeace
This man has or spot on, the Irish man sweeps everything under the carpet and hopes everything will be okay in time.
Jeffrey Hack
Jeffrey Hack:
@ 0:28 what exactly did he say after "there's none of us that full-"Β 
I wager its my American ears but I can't make out what the hell he's saying in that bit for the life of me. Help out a cornfed yankee please!
Sylvia Conlon
Sylvia Conlon:
He was born a comedian,,,,,, I just can't believe u gone Brendan I'm listening to u right now I'm laughing πŸ˜‚ u were so funny u were born a natural I loved the way u did the accent it was just so funny I watched alot of ur shows on u tube u were hilarious witty funny rip brendan
Paul Carter
Paul Carter:
At 0.28..There's none of us the full shilling...
Jerome Desmond
Jerome Desmond:
World War Three? Pub anyone?
Lily En Pointe
Lily En Pointe:
Humour is the english spelling. Humor is the American spelling.
craig Telford
craig Telford:
Great joke that and very true.
Winston W
Winston W:
follows what?
Same can be said for us Scots, we love the craic!
Amy Oconnor
Amy Oconnor:
Jason Soliva
Jason Soliva:
Can someone explain to me the go to spain for three weeks joke?
Paul V. Cassidy
Paul V. Cassidy:
DUBLIN Ireland !!!

Eire Ireland::::: Scotland-Ireland-Wales-English::: DUBLIN-LONDON:::: BRITISH ISLES:::: £££ !!!
Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy:
Christopher Ion
Christopher Ion:
josie josie
josie josie:
Richie kavanagh
Aaron Wallace
Aaron Wallace:
wel said
Well the Irish havin 'the best sense of humor' is not self proclaimed..
Stephen Riordan
Stephen Riordan:
Your very argument makes no sense.