Bryan Callen Mad at Rogan for Having Bob Lazar on JRE

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Published on Jul 3, 2019
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Hunter Preston
Hunter Preston:
This is the most unintelligent podcast I’ve ever listened to
Jose Fermin
Jose Fermin:
First video iv ever seen from these guys......annnnnnd now the last.
Connor Daniels
Connor Daniels:
My IQ went down from watching this... ignorant human beings..
Stephen Kimbrough
Stephen Kimbrough:
By far, worst podcast I’ve ever heard. Smh straight garbage.
Genaro D.c
Genaro D.c:
This is not an intelligent discussion.- good bye!
Tommy Nice
Tommy Nice:
Omg you are both complete fools skipping you both next time you appear on Joe rogens podcast
Manuel Barsallo
Manuel Barsallo:
mmmm.... Bob Lazar never said Aliens... he talked about technology...
Garrett Ripp
Garrett Ripp:
He never said he saw aliens. He said he encountered technology that was physically impossible for us to create.
Petru Cristian Negrea
Petru Cristian Negrea:
I thought Bob Lazar was quite intelligent in his approach and his story was definitely interesting if not believable!
Omar MA
Omar MA:
Wait til they get on JRE to see how fast Brendan flip on Bryan sucking agreeing with everything Joe says. Just wait.
Factory Folder
Factory Folder:
"He's been telling the same story for 30 years"

Yeh, that's how it tends to work when you're being honest and not making shit up. Would you prefer him to keep embellishing details until he's in hand to hand combat with aliens and navy seals?
This man child is sitting in his chair CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE
It gives me hope for the human race that this video has way more dislikes than likes.
This is what happens when you react emotionally and not rationally.
King Tiger
King Tiger:
Obviously Bryan didn't watch the podcast. He's doing this for the views
Dr. Daveed
Dr. Daveed:
They're not mentioning any of the evidence they showed in the original video. They just yell too loud at everything
Garrett Shook
Garrett Shook:
You guys are dumb.
You know Bob Lazar was the one who narcd out Area 51 originally right?
So we can confirm area51 but discredit his other testimony?
i offer you this
i offer you this:
Lets be real here, brendan and Bryan don't have the balls to be mad at joe about anything
Whether it's true or not, why does it bother Bryan so much? Lol.
30 yes ago Lazaar talked about an exotic fuel called element 115, only a few years ago had just made its place on the periodic table of elements and is called Muscovium. This podcast is very unintelligent.
Third Presence MX - Trey J. Anderson
Third Presence MX - Trey J. Anderson:
“Don’t take it seriously”
*Screams about it being fake for 7 minutes.*
Cicera Silva
Cicera Silva:
Because Bryan's dad worked in deep state... That's why he debunkes everything about aliens
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin:
Feel like I'm at the lunch table with my dudes from middle school
Jack Rippers
Jack Rippers:
Reminds me me of the kids in the #DumbRow back in school.
Which was designated for those whom were slow.....or “dumb”.
Man, this guys voice is pitched all the way to drama mode. My poor ears!
Pasos Largos
Pasos Largos:
It's okay to be skeptical about Bob Lazar. You dont have to act so childish about it.
So pissed off and mad about it but literally has NO facts or even evidence to WHY hes lying,other than "Oh I talked to some guy and he said...its not true" . Ook? Callin Bob Lazar, a man ten times smarter than both these meatheads combined,an "infant" smh...Stop hating and come with a real argument.
These guys don't deserve to even mention this topic, uneducated Hollywood fakes
Damn...dumb and dumber. Could not keep listening. Stay in school ppl!
Just wrap up your stuff Bryan. Commenting on Rogan's podcast is a cheap move man!
Bob Lazar just reversed engineer your channel!!!!👽👽
ADHD + Crack = This show
I dont think there are 70 IQ points between the two of them.
Ciaran Burke
Ciaran Burke:
Two dopes, schaub will be giving Joe a reach around agreeing with him next podcast
Danny Schwarz
Danny Schwarz:
Thank god for Joe Rogan who these idiot skeptics try to discredit with nothing more than profanity and narrow minded points of view. Thanks Joe for having the open-mindedness to at least approach topics in a debateful, inquisitive and curious manor. Please don’t waste any more time listening to these twats.
Brian Lewy
Brian Lewy:
Bob Lazar is more real than either these dudes.
How are the aliens getting here? How is the transition between interstellar and terrestrial flight achieved? Why do UFO’s move the same way in space as they do in an atmosphere next to a large gravitational body? There’s a lot of smart dumb people in the UFO community.
The Foxfires
The Foxfires:
Bryan is like the anti Eddie Bravo. You have to entertain SOME conspiracies, especially since Bob Lazar has been proven right with some parts of his story. Like Eddie would say: LOOK INTO IT!
The plane at 6:42 is fake 🤣. It's from the movie Stealth with Jamie Fox. It is based on a rumored top secret fighter known as the Switchblade though that uses forward swept wing technology.
Bob Lazar deserves the Nobel peace prize
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott:
that's why they only have 26k subs
noseblunt bob
noseblunt bob:
wow classy. this makes joe regardless of guests look like a seasoned proffesional :/ trash tv geez
Yanthungbemo Ezong
Yanthungbemo Ezong:
Lmao.. You don't see videos with more dislikes than likes everyday.
Both of them need a Joe Rogan sidekick to the liver lol
Markus Enahoro
Markus Enahoro:
People calling lazar a liar cause they’re scared of these things possibly being true. Personally I don’t find any of this stuff that crazy when you consider the actual scale and size and possibilities of our universe.

Not to bash on religion but the story’s in religion are WAY more crazy than another life form that’s more advanced than us travelling in space...

Hell if I was the government I’d keep my mouth shut too look how rejecting people are to this whole idea
Jeff K
Jeff K:
I don't understand how someone could watch the Bob Lazar documentary and interview and walk away feeling like it was made up.
Koffee Black
Koffee Black:
Instead of forming a comprehensive skeptical argument that accounts for the entire case, they just get angry ridicule the dude.
Nick Polus
Nick Polus:
Wow! Low IQ content right here. Telling everyone who doesn’t believe in Lazar story can suck a D*ck. Dude mentioned the space crafts used element 115 to power their reactors back in the 80s and that it exists and it wasn’t until recently that it was discovered and named it moscovium. How can you just pull that out of thin air?
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson:
Bryan is such a little hitch boy that is controlled by his Agenda pushing Father.
These guys are really
sam heidke
sam heidke:
this podcast has just made me hate both these guys!! If it wasn't for JRE you 2 wouldn't even be known!