Caesar Salad Muffin Taste Test

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
Mythical Chef Josh did it again. He created an epic caesar salad muffin!  GMMore #1525 Watch today's GMM: Click the bell icon so you'll know when we add a new episode! Want more GMM? Watch this season from the start: Pick up official GMM and Mythical merch at and Don’t miss our weekly podcast, Ear Biscuits: Join the Mythical Society: Follow Rhett & Link:  Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical Morning: Rhett & Link: Mythical: Want to send us something? Submit your Wheel of Mythicality intro video here: Intro Animation by Dana Schechter Intro & Outro Music by Mark Byers Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones


Shadow Six
Shadow Six:
Why didn’t they put cotton candy randy behind the couch that would’ve been great
Sritej Vontikommu
Sritej Vontikommu:
Josh should have a cookbook with all these unique recipes he makes.
gaerik biswas
gaerik biswas:
The amount of knowledge josh has about food history shows how much he loves his job.
Aerroxx The King
Aerroxx The King:
Guys, Quantum Leap is on Hulu.
Zepella 13
Zepella 13:
Great show! You did a great job with the muffins Josh! Have a wonderfully mythical day everyone! ❤
Jollie bic
Jollie bic:
I LOVE YOUR TSHIRT JOSH! And you are such an artist with food, my mind is blown everytime.
Angie Brooks
Angie Brooks:
Josh should flex! He has some NICE arms. Muffins!! Enjoy guys!! 😀
the invisible me
the invisible me:
Man! I love Link, and that sweater looks so cozy
Kimberley W
Kimberley W:
It's great how Josh is sticking up to his food. :)
Dang Josh is getting ripped, we need a flex
Shannon Walsh
Shannon Walsh:
“If you want the taste of uterus out of your mouth, [eat a muffin].” Rhett’s making a whole lot more jokes like that recently
Nea Neaster
Nea Neaster:
No you’re not Link!!!! You CAN do other things!!!! Do EVER feel otherwise!!!!! 🥰💜😊😊😊
gaerik biswas
gaerik biswas:
Therapist: link muffin ceasar is not real it can't stab you
Link: i am not afraid of it
Angela G
Angela G:
Josh, we need a mythical cookbook from you!!! I love your creative mind, and love of food ❤️🥰😋
Simon Lundström
Simon Lundström:
Josh Looking buff! 💪 Them guns!
olivia j
olivia j:
Damn Josh, I see you 💪👀
Mallorie Louann
Mallorie Louann:
I love the More's when Josh just hangs out. So relaxing.
Josh blatantly wearing a kitten shirt next to Rhett.

I shall name it "Muffin".
Amberly Albrecht
Amberly Albrecht:
Cake hater here, I would definitely go to a muffin bakery.
Imran Harun
Imran Harun:
Will there be a GMM food stand in this year's Vidcon?
hello you
hello you:
Just want to appreciate the amazing pronunciation of Worcestershire from josh, I’m proud. Edit: Rhett butchered it, he’s a true American.
Miss Dire
Miss Dire:
GMM[ore] is amazing, but it's always made better when Josh makes an appearance. I can't believe how much he's beefed up!
Lindsay Kathleen
Lindsay Kathleen:
This More was better than the GMM that preceded it. I especially enjoyed Josh's food history lesson and the discussion about finding an Athletic Muffin endorser. Glad I stuck around.
Agrima Zutshi
Agrima Zutshi:
You guys need to collate all of josh's creations in a recipe book!
"There is a political path that can be meandered." Put THAT on a T-shirt.
Jess Poole
Jess Poole:
GMM should definitely get Josh a food truck to take to events, concerts, etc. He’s brilliant!
Jessica Dixon
Jessica Dixon:
Josh is actually hilarious
Atrophy Queen
Atrophy Queen:
Josh is just so much hotter without the mustache. He's a catch. Tall, hot, smart, funny, philanthropic and can cook anything.
Kenneth Videos
Kenneth Videos:
Hey check behind your couch I been there for weeks😂😂😂😂😂.
Check behind the couch. I am not there.
David Vodicka
David Vodicka:
When Link said athlete muffin, all I could think of was athletes foot.
I'm sorry, as much as I love when Josh is on the show, and how knowledgeable and cool he is and whatnot... I can't stop looking at those ARMS! Get it, my man!
Natalie Hen
Natalie Hen:
Links muffin restaurant only makes me think of Seinfeld. “Top of the muffin to you!”
Rhett making jokes and then looking at the cameras.
Meredith Sobel
Meredith Sobel:
'Muffin: It Does the Shins Good.' --Link 2019
YouTube Luver
YouTube Luver:
I luv Josh’s cat shirt! 😃👍🏼
How about eating the Caesar Salad Muffin cold?
Janine Lemonides
Janine Lemonides:
Nice to see a "will it" again. YES anchovies in Caesar salad dressing!!!! Scott Bakula on Space channel as the captain of Star Trek Enterprise. Great episode!!
They should have had a crew member we haven't seen before hide behind the couch.
Eric Rundgren
Eric Rundgren:
Shaq would definitely endorse the muffin
things are heating up in the caesar salad fandom
Amateur 1
Amateur 1:
Klay Thompson would be one of the NBA players to say yes to anything.

EDIT: Josh knows what I’m talkin bout.
8:18 missed opportunity for Spirit Airlines joke.
Is there a spray to prevent athlete muffin?😁😁
Study Break
Study Break:
7:44 Rhett and Link's reactions XD

*"Coulda mentioned that earlier..."*
Katey Aspatore
Katey Aspatore:
Josh looks like a young Robert Irvine
Ekaterina Shergunova
Ekaterina Shergunova:
Josh has been working out... Looking good.
Love how Josh acknowledged he and Rhett having a good time while Link is having a crisis. Rhett keeps ignoring it.

I'm with Link...I don't like cake either
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma:
Anchovies DO belong in Caesar dressing, you ANIMAL
Kevin Farley
Kevin Farley:
I still want to see you guys do "Will It Nutraloaf" and see what Josh comes up with.