Chris "Fredo" Cuomo goes IGNANT

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
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The Amazing Lucas
The Amazing Lucas:
Does he now know that EVERYONE is going to call him Fredo now? Regardless, he definitely punked those dudes which was painful. Everyone knows you never make the first blow and the n-word reference....what in the world is he talking about????
BRUH shirt:
Uncle Jesse
Uncle Jesse:
When the guy said cuomo was much more reasonable in person, he was being sarcastic.
Samson Stormy
Samson Stormy:
Cuomo was totally trolled by these guys! He fell for it hook line and sinker! Got punked into revealing how to easily trigger him! "See you around Frido!" 😆😂🤣
That man was being sarcastic when he made the reasonable comment. He played fredo and fredo look the bait.
Lucas he didn't say "Your more reasonable in person" to put out the flames, he was mocking him for being the opposite. Listen to the tone again.
Cuomo is the same guy who said that calling journalists "fake news" is like the N-word. Basically, any insult directed at or near Chris Cuomo that gets under his thin skin is like the N-word.
Nicholas Frechen
Nicholas Frechen:
If he is fredo, is CNN the fraudfather? 🇺🇸 ✊ the elites are pedos trying to enslave us. Have a good day! 👋
Hamar 00
Hamar 00:
Cuomo got punked. The other guy basically laughing at him. Oh, and today Trump released the "Fredo Unhinged Tee" which features Cuomo's roid rage face, lol. Yeah, Cuomo was the punk.
Men On A Mission with JAMES ADAMS
Men On A Mission with JAMES ADAMS:
I think Lucas missed it this time, because oh boy was being sarcastic to piss off fake news CNN Chris. And I believe he would have put them hands on Chris...
frank Mo
frank Mo:
My brother the guy was being sarcastic..
It was brilliant... you are more reasonable in person than TV. Cuomo got troll big time... he felt for it
Nancy Lewis
Nancy Lewis:
It sounded like he said "my name's Chris Cuomo, I'm an ACTOR on CNN"
Paul Cowcher
Paul Cowcher:
Everyone will call him Fredo now!
Drew Elliott
Drew Elliott:
What has happened to Lucas lately? He's been missing the mark a lot all of the sudden!
Cuomo got set up and fell for it. He let his buttons get pushed on camera.

He who loses control LOSES.
Stuck In The 90s
Stuck In The 90s:
No bruh I didn't enjoy the video. Cuomo effed up big time and no the MAGA hat isn't a racist symbol. Why legitimise the crap the media is trying to pin on it 👎
Vesta Girl
Vesta Girl:
Lucas, you got this one wrong! Fredo was the one who played here.
Tom D
Tom D:
I'm Italian and I think it's an insult to Fredo to call Chris Cuomo Fredo
Emcee Gee
Emcee Gee:
Nah, I don’t think I’ll give Cuomo any credit. He got triggered and played
Patriot Rome
Patriot Rome:
Cuomo is acting like an emotional woman, while this guy keeps level headed and continues to troll him. You are mistaking Cuomo acting emotional as a "win". Its quite the opposite!!
Dont know Lucas.. but this time you were way off dude... about Fredo and wearing the Maga cap... are you trying to trigger us ? 🤡👊
Patriotic Realist
Patriotic Realist:
Lucas seems to be moving left and losing his sense of humor.
Lulu Amos
Lulu Amos:
Sorry you're wrong.
"You're a lot more reasonable than you are on tv..." It was irony.
They played stupid/innocent to escalate Cuomo. He lost his mind. They got it on camera. They won.
Les Smith
Les Smith:
I proudly wear my MAGA hat and I proudly carry and I can proudly say (so far) I have not had to call some S O B ANTIFA's next of kin.
john somebody
john somebody:
He deserves to be called Frado the way he lies about Trump and calls him names.
Lee Gaines
Lee Gaines:
I think "your a lot more reasonable in person" was a first rate troll captured in all its glory
I'm sorry but I was raised in an Italian neighborhood my ex-husband was Italian my step father was Italian all my friends family were Italians straight off the boat and not once have we ever heard the term Fredo being used as a racial slur or ethnic slur. Cuomo is an idiot.
If anything the word Guido is more of a slur than Fredo
Kane Nine
Kane Nine:
I took the, "youre alot more reasonable in person" part as sarcasm.
Observing Humanity
Observing Humanity:
I always referred to him as Homo Cuomo, but Fredo works too.
Susan S
Susan S:
He ended up behaving exactly like Fredo ... screaming i'm important, i'm important. Hahaha
Now he will be called "Fredo" forever😂. I want to see that in nxt Trump rally everybody shouting "Fredo". Oh Coumo you are screwed up 😆
Hey lucas. I think the sarcasm flew over your head dis time brotha.
Chee Chalker
Chee Chalker:
Are we watching the same video?
The guy is totaling trolling/baiting Fredo - and Fredo falls for it
The left can call us Nazi's, but we cant use a name from the Godfather ?!
E DeB:
The guy was implying that Fredo is an a**hole on TV. Lucas, the guy was politely taunting Fredo!
Christine Syntax
Christine Syntax:
I can’t wait until Trump starts calling Cuomo “Fredo”! I would love to see how he reacts.
Mr. & Mrs. MGTow
Mr. & Mrs. MGTow:
We need to makeover their show to Fredo & the Fanook.. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Thomas Armento
Thomas Armento:
I got a degree from college in Italian Studies. Never in history has "Fredo" ever been used as an ethnic slur. Chris Cuomo carries around Italian heritage as much as Bill Clinton isn't a rapist.
carolyn donald
carolyn donald:
Fredo coumo is giving CNN a bad name. Fredo is a bully , he thinks he is God. all he had to do was ignore that, and keep going.
Pineapple Pizza
Pineapple Pizza:
"you're a lot more reasonable in person" was the guy being a troll, he wasn't backing down
Giovanni Angello
Giovanni Angello:
You missed the TROLL completely. This guy trolled FREDO like a champ. He totally baited Cuomo, then stood up to the dude while video taping him, as FREDO was boiling over - You totally missed it. You gotta open your observations on this one.
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe:
I disagree Lucas this guy would rock Fredo. He had his bodyguards there to help. That dude took his glasses off he said swing so he would be able to knock fredo out. Fredo didnt do ish .
Martin Cline
Martin Cline:
As he goes full fredo.
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter:
I think when the guy was telling Fredo he’s more reasonable in person than on tv, he was being sarcastic
Chris Fredo was spewing some Toxic Masculinity...or is it Toxic Femininity?
nuff said
nuff said:
*L U C A S !!,*
His last name is pronounced: KWOMO.
William Young
William Young:
He's a tough guy with bodyguards!! He talked a lot noise and didn't do anything!!! He's a coward!!
Dravenlei Jdin
Dravenlei Jdin:
yeah I give Cuomo some credit... for being a Fredo!
James Grigg
James Grigg:
Cuomo can call trumps kids punks or whatever he wants.but he can't take it.that's a bully.
Jerry Griffitt
Jerry Griffitt:
I wonder if Don Lemon agrees "Fredo" is like the N-Word for