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Published on Aug 13, 2019
The original meltdown video was posted on YouTube on Monday August 12th around 6 pm Central. The Video accrued nearly 200k views before YouTube took it down, citing harassment and bullying. Who was doing the harassing and who was doing the bullying? Should YouTube have taken this video down? #CUOMO #FREDO #TRIGGERED


YouTube has restored the video, saying it was “a mistake” ... yea right... here’s a link to the video!
Lee Schaub
Lee Schaub:
Dude is now, and forever will be Fredo... let the memes begin.
Nick Alati
Nick Alati:
Unhinged CNN non journalist should be fired what do you think Fredo
CNN commentators are truly obnoxious and they'll never get fired because they're protected.
Madeline del Valle
Madeline del Valle:
Great! So he got a taste of his own medicine. Now he knows how Conservatives feel when someone comes up 2 them calling them names.
Chris Cuomo will now be known as 'Fredo' from this point forward.
el Negro Noche
el Negro Noche:
But YouTube was TOTALLY fine with people calling for Mitch McConnell to be murdered! What a joke!
Clive Bixby
Clive Bixby:
Wow, Fredo has some serious anger issues. He needs help.
Thomas Tedder
Thomas Tedder:
Hey, don't call him an anchor man, Cuomo said he's an actor on CNN.
Lady de Wynter
Lady de Wynter:
Saw it on Twitter last night. Cuomo was a total jackass. Totally mishandled the situation. He is now laughable. Cuomo is branded forever now with that nickname. Couldn't have happened to a nicer, mpre deserving guy. LOL
He couldn't throw a baseball down a flight of stairs.
Saddle Tramp
Saddle Tramp:
From this day forward I call Cuomo Fredo.
Max Powers
Max Powers:
Will now have Fake News and Fredo shouted at him wherever he goes.
Coumo appears to have way too much toxic masculinity. I wonder what Lemon has to say about that.
Yisroel Katz
Yisroel Katz:
Chris Fredo Cuomo or CFC for short! I think his new name has a nice ring to it!
At one point in the vid, buddy says to Fredo "you are much more reasonable in person, than you seem on tv" 🤣🤣🤣 right while Fredo is losing his shit!!

So good
Gus Goose
Gus Goose:
You can call me Fredo any day...
But call me a Cuomo?? NO way Jose!
the guariscos
the guariscos:
I cannot wait till another unbiased video platform comes along and puts YouTube out of business. It might not ever happen but one can dream.
No Quarter
No Quarter:
Just saw the video, what an epic video of the snowflake melting! His new nickname is officially Fredo!
Gaming Youtuber Noonan010
Gaming Youtuber Noonan010:
I just saw the clip on Twitter. So this is how Democrat controlled CNN acts. Threatening to push people down the stairs.
I think I'll be posting Fredo on all of his videos.😂🤣
Jani Akujärvi
Jani Akujärvi:
Calling Cuomo a Fredo is an insult to all the Fredos of the world.
Hip Hop Love
Hip Hop Love:
There's a video of him calling himself fredo from years back haha :-)
Herr Heller
Herr Heller:
He shall be referred to as Fredo from this day forth until the end of time.
Mike Bernard
Mike Bernard:
What do you mean "No, you don't just confront people..."....?

Conservatives on Trump's cabinet can't even go to dinner.... out for drinks, whatever, without being harassed by leftist idiots.

They deserve the same.
What a joke!! Wake up YouTube! You’re picking the losing side and for what?

Common sense will prevail!

Keep up the good work Zed!!
Chris Cuomo's new name is now officially FREDO! LMFAO!!!
Trigger Troll
Trigger Troll:
The left continues to spiral into insanity 😂. That’s how the devil works👍. Good job😎
Beverly Balius
Beverly Balius:
Shouldn’t he lose his job over this? Roseanne did a lot less!!!
Yessssss. Good coverage. But its not tipping point with brandon. Its 'thats the point with brandon'

Check him out, great vids!!
Yisroel Katz
Yisroel Katz:
Fredo doesn't now how to play with play dough!
Christine Foy
Christine Foy:
Ok guys if anyone sees Fredo in public you have to call him Fredo.
Flor Fernandez
Flor Fernandez:
Quote : " That is the "N" word to us!" is he really insinuating "FREDO" is
an Italian RACIST
Anyone else catch that?
Confirming he IS in FACT worthless and stupid..
CNN's Fredo makes me nauseous, but it's that Don Lemon one that really needs a good, triggering and inescapable nickname's easy to wind these lying puppets up....they do it to others, but cannot take it themselves, double standards.
Jay Lopes
Jay Lopes:
Best way to hurt someone's feelings is saying a embarrassing truth 🖐🇵🇹
Steve Hangen
Steve Hangen:
Looked at his facebook page, they are calling him Fredo in the comment section on a bunch of his posts
Nathanael David
Nathanael David:
The ever tolerant left freaking out again lol.
Emmanuel King
Emmanuel King:
Fredo tried to go Don Corleone but failed because he's an emotional snowflake ❄

The guy who called him Fredo is a savage 👌 that fredo 👀
I wonder how long it will take Twitter to start banning people for Tweeting “Fredo.”
Sal Pacheco
Sal Pacheco:
They banned the video because they were “A-Fredo “ the repercussions!😂
CHRIS FREDO. CHRIS FREDO. CHRIS FREDO. CHRIS FREDO. He is truly the real Chris Fredo👍👍👍
Dale Peterson
Dale Peterson:
Liberals would be triggered by Roy Rodgers horse, named trigger...Trump 2020!
Everyone: "We're all calling you Fredo from now on."

Fredo: "Ohhhh no, that sucks."
Maybe Fredo can join forces with Spartacus and Pocahontas and destroy the Orange man.🤔

Probably not.🤣
Lulu Amos
Lulu Amos:
Instead of ignoring it, the twit has now painted a target on his back. He's Fredo forever.
Ah! T-shirt idea!
John Hall
John Hall:
Chris komo's a punk windbag who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag I would fight him anywhere Anytime Anyplace and if you can forward this to him that would be great thank you have a great day buddy God bless you and God bless America
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
"Harassment and bullying"

Seriously YouTube?
Miguel Tiempos
Miguel Tiempos:
Cuomo now Owns the Fredo nickname!!! Patented and confirmed!!
Joe Pasco
Joe Pasco:
I saw the video, Christy (fredo) Cuomo, Don lemons boyfriend, they are a couple ain't they? Anyway total meltdown.
Miguel Tiempos
Miguel Tiempos:
Hahahaha Chris "The Fredo" Cuomo... That has a diamond cling to it.... I can hear a crowd yelling Freeedooo at him at a superbowl!!!