CNN Violence-Adjacent as Chris "Fredo" Cuomo Makes Threats to "Heckler"

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
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Remember this guy criticized Sandmann for not walking away?
Frank the NOOB
Frank the NOOB:
The first rule of nicknames/callsigns: if it bothers you, do NOT let people know it bothers you otherwise you will be called that for the rest of your life
Nathan Stark
Nathan Stark:
“Fredo” is not the equivalent of a racial slur. It’s the equivalent of calling him a RUNT.
Joe Boyko
Joe Boyko:
When I heard _"Fredo"_ I didn't immediately think _"Italian"._ I associated it with someone who's weak of character and lacking a spine...
Fredo was inept. He was too weak to head things in the family. I guess it's not the first time Cuomo's heard that.
I, Vercingetorix
I, Vercingetorix:
What kind of weenie threatens physical violence for being called a name.
That's why he's Fredo.
I can’t wait for the video of hundreds of people yelling “Freeeeedo, Freeeeedo” at Cuomo. Hahahah
Fredo was the useless brother in the Godfather. I am pretty sure those exist within all races of people
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma:
Fredo threatens a guy and then the guy who he threatened has his YouTube video blocked do to “bullying” HONK! HONK! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Wait, didn’t he display what would be considered “toxic masculinity?
Corey Sawyers
Corey Sawyers:
It's simple. Cuomo knows he IS Fredo. He knows he's a traitor and betrays his country every night on national Tv. If the heckle weren't true, it wouldn't have bothered him so much.
A.G. Marshall
A.G. Marshall:
To Hannity's point about Fredo being out with his wife and daughter...I can't recall Fredo ever criticizing Maxine Waters for her incendiary rhetoric about confronting Republicans who are out in public. What's good for the goose, and all that...
" I'm An Actor On CNN. " - Fredo Cuomo

He just let that little bit of truth slip, huh?
Fredo Cuomo is his name forever. Do you think Michael Corleone would have such an verbal exchange? No, but Fredo and some of Moe Greene's guys would have. Fredo Cuomo is too good
Fat Albert
Fat Albert:
I seem to recall that Fredo opined during the Covington Catholic fiasco that the smirking teenager should have just walked away form the drum banging Indian. Medice, cura te ipsum.
Somewhere, a man named Fredo is getting violent and emotionally upset, because someone called him a "raging Cuomo."
Michel Boryoku
Michel Boryoku:
Next time Chris does something live everybody in the background will yell: _"Fake news Fredo!"_ 😂
Also.. You can't be racist towards pwhite people, lol.
John Moore
John Moore:
CNN comes in and says "We stand by Fredo". Hilarious, we live in great times!!!!
Lizard Power
Lizard Power:
"Hannity has joined the neocons."
I mean, did he ever really leave?
NorCal OntheRight
NorCal OntheRight:
Sounds like Cuomo has Daddy issues and is envious of big brother!🤷‍♀️🤫
dc osta
dc osta:
Well boys, it looks like we just witnessed the birth of a meme.

You know what to do....
Fredo-"Who toucha my spaghet!?"
Beachie Boys
Beachie Boys:
fun fact... John Cazale... the man who played Fredo in the Godfather.. was born on Monday Aug 12. What day was yesterday? No coincidences. We live in the Matrix
charles xavier
charles xavier:
Fredo Coumo when he wakes up and checks his twitter, look how they massacred me!
I'm Sicilian, and I always thought Fredo was a name, not a slur. Glad CNN is enlightening us on this...they came through for me during that OK symbol hababaloo.
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump:
Fredo showed his true colors....and he acts so sanctimonious and holier than thou on CNN. Hilarious!
Fredo was weak and stupid!
Oh, Streisand Effect....My Streisand Effect....
Inge Justa van der Helm
Inge Justa van der Helm:
CNN anger man Cuomo: "Remember, it's illegal to possess WikiLeaks Clinton emails, but 'it's different for the media".
Hey Chris, it's illegal to physically threaten someone... but I guess it's probably different for the media.
Computer Guy
Computer Guy:
Chris FREDO just made one hilarious life-long mistake! Thank you...FREDO!!
Butcha Pete
Butcha Pete:
How to Permanently Acquire an Unwanted Nickname 101
But Cuomo has _no problem whatsoever_ advocating that conservatives get confronted everywhere.
Fredo was the stupid slightly mentally impaired brother in the God Father. Honestly I would have called him a MARY!
Fredo FULLY exposed for the sensitive priss he is. Those roids ain't helping ya buddy! Good luck trying to shake off your new nickname, Chris Fredo Cuomo!!
Keith L
Keith L:
Ironically Cuomo had no problem when Devin Nunes was called FREDO in his OWN show. Unreal!!!
The Left can't take 1/100th of what they dish out.
Barbara Streisand effect... He will forever be known as Fredo Cuomo.
Chris really is the Fredo of his family tho.. His dad was a governor, his brother is a governor and what is Chris? Some talking head opinion shitter on laughingstock legacy media.
K. A. Parker
K. A. Parker:
Fredo will soon have Hannity's spot on Fox. Lame stream brothers in arms know no shame. Long live the Alt-media.
H K:
New Red Flag laws..
Fredo looses his guns. No due process. 👍
CNN can hire Epsteins security guards..they need work.
Fredo is not a racial slur. It means dumb brother. Which he went on to prove. What a [email protected] Fredo.
Queens GTO/Viper
Queens GTO/Viper:
I don't get what Fredo Cuomo's problem is? He's smaaat. He can handle tings unlike everybody sez
NEshroomin_____ ____
NEshroomin_____ ____:
More people should call him Fredo.
Everywhere he goes. 😂😂😂😂😂
Big White
Big White:
Abilio Acosta.
Don "worst journalist of the year" Lemon. Worst journalist of the year.
Fredo Cuomo.
Mr. & Mrs. MGTow
Mr. & Mrs. MGTow:
He is a weakling that betrays his family. I would love to see Fredo beat up in a bar for running his mouth. Only in NYC,,, HAHAHAHAHAHA
Expendable4 H00
Expendable4 H00:
Fredo was a traitor and weak feminine man. It’s an insult since Chris’s brother Andrew is the governor of New York.
Johnny Quest
Johnny Quest:
CNN and MSNBC said that Covington kid, a CHILD, who just smiled at that harassing Indian should have “walked away”. But Fredo threatened that guy’s life instead of walking away and gets defended.
I think “racial slur” and “ethnic slur” have become interchangeable in the way they’re used.
Italian may not be a race but it is an ethnicity.
Always give communist news network your 2 cents They are trying to divide USA
Calling him Fredo is hilarious! The lesser brother. It's perfect.
C&C Vee
C&C Vee:
Interesting how Cuomo called himself an actor, not a journalist or newscaster. Its accurate. He is a paid actor on entertainment tv.