CNN's Chris Cuomo Has A Mental Breakdown [FREDO]

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
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Patrick ESQ
Patrick ESQ:
I’m Italian, and Cuomo is a disgrace to our heritage - Cuomo is Fredo!
dc osta
dc osta:
Well boys, it looks like we just witnessed the birth of a meme.

You know what to do....
"An actor" that's least he knows hes an actor and what he says is all staged propaganda.
Eagle Arrow
Eagle Arrow:
"I'm an ACTOR on CNN." 😂 He said it...he is an actor not a journalist! No one picked up on it? That is a big BOOM!
Lysander Spoon
Lysander Spoon:
Fredo is fragile and unhinged. Not to mention very low class.
Hey Fredo!! Take a chill pill. I'm Italian and never been called Fredo! That's what happens when you spew fake news on CNN.
Stacy Couch
Stacy Couch:
Lol did he say, I’m an “ACTOR” on CNN or anchor??? Im going with actor. After all, they are only news “STORIES”
Terry Lee
Terry Lee:
Everytime you use the f... word your IQ goes down 5 points. Fredo is now at a deficit, no more IQ, too bad you lose.
theresa gargett-lyons
theresa gargett-lyons:
Hey, did I just hear Freddo say "I'm an ACTOR on CNN"?????
He is the weak brother😁 He needs armed guards surrounding him all the times, to give him some play Even to wipe his nose. Fredo is a tuff guy hajaha!!!
J F:
They insult people every day but when they get insulted they can't take it. Snowflakes!!!
LaRee Weatherman
LaRee Weatherman:
Did anyone else catch that "I'm an ACTOR on CNN" ?? JUST ADMITTED HE'S AN ACTOR!!
nan popp
nan popp:
Spoiled rich entitled boy living the special life due to daddy
Johnny Half
Johnny Half:
Wolf $hitzer and his Rainbow/ Clown News Network ! All Propaganda !
Now he's got a New name !Chris/
Fredo " the $poiled Bit** !
Jack Tripper
Jack Tripper:
*Everybody go to his Twitter and Instagram page and call him Fredo!*
Maureen Humbarger
Maureen Humbarger:
I can’t believe CNN don’t understand that people really can see right through them, MSNBC isn’t any better, even FOX has their days
The Fredo brothers are corrupt..their days are numbered
Linda-Jean Boyer
Linda-Jean Boyer:
What a lowlife arrogant POS. Thanks for sharing
QAnon General
QAnon General:
ohhh my gawd!! i want to meet fredo... ohhh my gawd. PLEASE LORD, LET ME COME FACE TO FACE WITH FREDO..
Jeff W
Jeff W:
I'm calling Don Lemon "Urkel" Let the controversy begin!
Thad Nipper
Thad Nipper:
I'll never get the chance to but I want to encourage any patriots that do get the chance to chant FREDO FREDO FREDO whenever they see Fredo Cuomo in public...
Gangster King
Gangster King:
Yes he sucks and his father sucks too👎Total Fredo crime family 💩
Heraldo Riviera
Heraldo Riviera:
He will be forever known as Fredo Cuomo...
Ronald Duhon
Ronald Duhon:
If it walks,talks and quacks like a FREDO,by goosh it's a FREDO!!
Franny Leyden
Franny Leyden:
Ha! Watched Fredo on Breitbart then it was GONE ON YOU TUBE! Censorship much?? Thanks for posting, they will pull this post I am sure!
Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker:
Hahahah we need more Chris Cuomo trolling🤣😭
You can see that he is obviously full of pride... Lucifer was full of pride when he fell from heaven
Azer Draco
Azer Draco:
This classic behavior of someone who is insecure and has a very low self-image and self-esteem.
Also classic behavior of someone with LOTS of dirty secrets to keep hidden.
Kevin Ware
Kevin Ware:
He should have kept calling him FREDO to his face...FUGGG you Fredo Cuomo......Fredo is a Punk Biatch just like his sweet coworker Don Suck on Lemon 😂🤣👍
A Lindsay
A Lindsay:
I live in Australia..... I want a Fredo Cuomo TShirt Ploise!🇦🇺🇺🇸
Charles Price
Charles Price:
The first honest thing spoken. "I'm and actor on CNN"
Kathleen Rogan
Kathleen Rogan:
Cuomo/Fredo appears to be mentally unstable. We need to make sure he owns no firearms.
perry white
perry white:
Cuomo is begging for a permanent record of FREDO!
Gene Johnson
Gene Johnson:
That video is fake news. And, by the way, here's a Hooked On Phonics moment for you. It's pronounced "FRAY-DO"
María Garcia
María Garcia:
Oh your name is not Fredo? Well guess what your name is Fredo now.
MSM especially cnn and msnbc truly are embarrassing and enemies to the ppl! Trump is speaking truthful❗️100%
I'm Sicilian & I approve calling him [FREDO] or the actual N word hes a shame to our people!
JR Baca
JR Baca:
I would of called him “FREDO” and bounced his head off his mic and through him down the stairs!! Lmao 😆
john bianchi
john bianchi:
Rock-On Truth-On Another great video, it’s the TRUTH that sets us free. That song needs to blast out at the next rally.
Well done...j
Sharon Newman
Sharon Newman:
Always the race card the left always pull the race card its all about colour of skin with those demons
MSM are going to pay big time!
Amy Dye
Amy Dye:
Worst of all? He doesn't stand up for KIDS in the Epstein case either.
The Woodman
The Woodman:
i just keep sharing this with the patriots all over and everybody loves it AIRBORNE
Music Sponge
Music Sponge:
Let's all send a "Get Well" card each, addressed to Fredo at CNN.
Then keep doing it for weeks on end.
Further meltdown incoming!
Dixie Olly
Dixie Olly:
everyone gives what they can, Fredo' only give what he has ... a lot of shit!
JoPa GeRi
JoPa GeRi:
Don’t forget Nicole Wallace from MSNBC LITERALLY said that Trump wanted to exterminate Latinos. 🤦‍♂️
Tammy Atkinson
Tammy Atkinson:
What a loser!! Yes, CNN is exactly where he belongs!! Punk!!
Tara Elizabeth White
Tara Elizabeth White:
Omg he's wacked out of his mind. He should've kept his mouth shut and been professional, but I doubt he's a reasonable Fredo.
As usual Sir "Nice" very nice. Thanks Patriot.
Kevin Houser
Kevin Houser:
Shit Mike let me go at him First!!! SIMPI FI Bother! He will have ah Problem! !! One Throat Punch. As Always GOD BLESS AND GOD'S SPEED PATRIOTS. .. .. .
Ken Hillen
Ken Hillen:
That was absolutely amazing and pure genius Mike and you always deliver, Belfast boy in Cornwall WWG1WGA