Counties Across Northern California Prepare For PG&E Public Safety Power Outages

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
PG&E estimates around 800,000 customers will lose power starting overnight on Tuesday, including approximately 50,000 customers in both Placer and El Dorado Counties, and 43,000 in Nevada County.


Roberto Leeva
Roberto Leeva:
It's 2019 for God sakes. I can't believe this is happening. And guess what.. If you want to go solar. You cant be 100% solar PG&E won't let you to disconnect from their meter.
don't live in communist states. but don't move here if you're a commie.
Jerry Streeter
Jerry Streeter:
The end (the lies) is/are coming hard and fast. It's going to get rough.
Them criminals only have 48hr, be safe my 2nd amendment brothers and sisters
Chris Booboo
Chris Booboo:
Keep this up and even more people will leave California leaving behind the very rich because they can afford to live here and the very poor borderline homeless because they are to poor to move and have no csr.
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
She can't understand why PGE is doing it? What the heck?
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
"Now they're going to have to make up the day.".
Yuno ?
Yuno ?:
1:49 sksksksks is what I think about this
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
8:00 those are 5G towers, not regular cell towers.
Tommy songs Hawk
Tommy songs Hawk:
This is BS where do you see a high wind now? or high temperature?
They want to show how they want to protect from the fire, but they are starting these fires

Just look up who's the owner of [email protected] and you will understand it all
Greetings! Don't go into no FEMA CAMP @ all no matter what... Shalawam
dave curtis
dave curtis:
ever heard of a chalkboard?
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
Brown said it was the new abnormal. It's on vid, look it up.
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
So the winds just come up out of nowhere huh?
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
What time was this aired?
Harris Anne
Harris Anne:
Microwave highly "selective" manipulated INTENTIONAL FIRES! Shame!
Damin Mance
Damin Mance:
Keep laughing this isn't a joke!!!
angel blessing
angel blessing:
Rancho Cordova don't have it
misty rain
misty rain:
D.E.W will happen. People of California leave your houses now!!!
Esoteric Mystery
Esoteric Mystery:
Do these people ever ask WHY the fire is more of a danger now in the past couple years?
Will Thompson
Will Thompson:
Largest planned riot in Stockton , PG&E will be a thing of the past , word on street is towns are going to get ripped apart, and pg&e workers and property is going to get destroyed.!!!!