Cricbuzz LIVE: Semi-final 2, Australia v England, Post-match show

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Published on Jul 11, 2019
England believe! All-round performance by Morgan's men ensures Australia are beaten in the semifinal. Our panel on My11Circle presents #CricbuzzLIVE reviews England's thumping victory. #AUSvENG #WeAreEngland #JasonRoy


Newzealand is the only cricket team in the world which consists of eleven gentleman cricketers on the field. Their sportsmanship is a pleasure to watch. Hope they will win the title.
Rambo Singh
Rambo Singh:
Jofra Archer carted for 80 runs by PAK and then cashed in by AUS  Morgan backs Archer
Trent Bolt taken to cleaners against SA and against ENG  Kane Williamson backs him
Shami under pressure: 3 match winning spells in 4 matches Kohli, The Captain leaves him out.
Haider Ali Khan
Haider Ali Khan:
So the final will be NZ vs ENG and I’m hoping for a cracker of the game, not a dull match like 105 all-out
Sachin Paul
Sachin Paul:
Well done Uthappa on shutting Gautam Bhimani up. “England and Nz deserve to be in the final because they won the semis”. Why is the concept of semi final now being questioned just because India lost ?
raaazzz cena
raaazzz cena:
With all due respect please send zahir khan in Hindi panel discussion..he cannot keep his point properly in English and he stammers a lot which disrupts the listening concentration of the viewer..he says words 2 or 3 times repeatedly like and and and ,like like like etc
For those of u getting butthurt..i am not criticizing his English speaking skills..even my writing has so many grammatical faults..i am just saying he is more suited to a Hindi debate where he can keep his points vividly..
From last 2 world cup trends and England expected to win this wc it has been observed that which country hosts the world cup they would win it like
2011 world cup was majorly held in India and Sri Lanka so they were finalists and India won
2015 world cup was held in Australia and New Zealand so they were finalists and Australia won
2019 world cup is held in England and they are favourites for winning world cup
So my point is next world cup is going to be held in India so whatever may it be we are going to win it and that's why I didn't get disappointed after semi finals loss. JAI HIND
Harish Yogi
Harish Yogi:
Zaheer keeps on talking non stop
Ibrahim Zulfiquar
Ibrahim Zulfiquar:
Supporting Eng
Want a cracker
Shivprasad hiremath
Shivprasad hiremath:
there is no question about two best teams england and nawzealand are best
Sidharth Byju
Sidharth Byju:
Good job by the crickbuzz team to have a post match coverage.
Uthappa, Zak, Harsha bhogle and the host have done a good job
Engineer Ahmed
Engineer Ahmed:
ROY & BARTSHAW SHOWED TO THE WORLD that overs 10-30 deserve SR of 10rpo not 5 rpo proudly achieved by Smith Root Kohli Williamson...bcz overs 10-30 r perfect conditions of batting
1. Ball still hard but lost swing& not yet started reverse swing 2. 4 fielder restriction
Smith Dhoni's Root's slow batting can only reduce margin of defeat & it doesn't matter u lose by 10 rums or 200 runs
kashif khan
kashif khan:
I guess the nation that fathered cricket and cricket world cup Wil have their first crown world cup ....
Gaurav Shukla
Gaurav Shukla:
Uthappa , this is knockout. This is charm of world cup and thats happen in every makes game exciting !!!don't be biased or sad not getting india to final
Haider Ali Khan
Haider Ali Khan:
The run chase by England today was quicker than 105 all-out
Beyond Eyes
Beyond Eyes:
Nz should win...a respected players and nation.....👍❤❤
Nayyar Rashid
Nayyar Rashid:
NZ will win it...
Ashvinder singh Rana
Ashvinder singh Rana:
Rubbish utthapa england surely win
Kshitij Bhambri
Kshitij Bhambri:
Earlier: England haven't beaten IND,AUS,NZ in last 27 years.
England : Hold my Beer 🍺.
ranvijay singh
ranvijay singh:
India the new chokers
Akshat Kumar
Akshat Kumar:
If New Zealand lose the final without a fight, they should be banned forever. Both England and New Zealand have quality players, but I bet NZ is the more unpredictable one, which can work both for and against them.
Kunal Pathak
Kunal Pathak:
Replace Uthappa
Dnyandev Mande
Dnyandev Mande:
Robin has lost his mind
This is how you chase by attacking. India has no brave batsman anymore. We had a Sehwag that would take the match away from the opposition in the the first five overs release the pressure for the rest of the team.

Our Indian batsman including rohit Sharma kholi are a bunch of cowards. The let the bowlers bowl whatever they want. Success comes to the brave not to the timid.

It was deserving for the Indian team to get back to home.

It’s time for is to find openers like England does.

Sharma needs to play attacking shots and they need to replace Dhawan with new attacking opening batsman

Kl Rahul deserves a place as a puppy in kholi and Anushka Sharma’s house. He can’t be in the playing eleven. Just a 🐱 is what he is ..
sham sunder
sham sunder:
ICC should change the semifinals to Qualifiers to make Justice for teams finishing top
Shukdeb Saha
Shukdeb Saha:
*ICC* *already* *decided* *England* *will* *be* *WC* *Champion* *for* *this* *WC.* *CORRUPTED* *ICC*
Chinmay Naik
Chinmay Naik:
Dada loses everday 😂😂😂😂. Any Tom Dick and Harry can beat him in this fantasy game 😂😂😂
fayaz farooqui
fayaz farooqui:
Y is that ass Zaheer khan stammering so much in quest of using more words?? He makes it so painful t the viewers
Bm S
Bm S:
Hopeless & boring world cup ! Third class umpiring & rain cladded matches. Poor management ! NZ will go & do shit on the pitch in the finals like 2015 finals !
Rubai Mahbub
Rubai Mahbub:
Are you guys high on weed or something? The best two teams will be contesting the final! FFS stop your biased journalism!
The VIRAT - SHAMI Axis 18 -11
The VIRAT - SHAMI Axis 18 -11:
For A new World Champion
ENGLAND = Comment
Sucesss Mantra KANE and MORGAN = Never leave out the Match Winners like from your Team in big matches