Crusaders v Blues | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 15 Highlights

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Published on May 25, 2019
Crusaders v Blues | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 15 Highlights A gritty encounter in Christchurch has seen the Crusaders edge out the Blues 19-11 and strengthen their standing at the top of the New Zealand conference. #SuperRugby #CRUvBLU


Blair Fraser
Blair Fraser:
Blues have the ability to win, but lack maturity in key positions. Plummer, despite kicking a couple of good penalties, was absolute shit in putting pressure on the Crusaders, likewise relieving pressure. It seemed like between Ruru and Plummer, they were more comfortable giving the ball to Nonu to kick them out of Wet weather rugby in Christchurch, and you have no one who can hoof the ball down the other deserve to lose! Once again, I like Plummer (as the best 10 they have), but wet weather rugby kicking should be a 10's bread and butter; not something you are actively avoiding. What was he doing at practice during the week?!!!
Mounga should be in pole position for All Black no.10 based on form.
Jason Cunniffe
Jason Cunniffe:
Good game ref, hope you won that pick 6 bet
Ongama Mafenuka
Ongama Mafenuka:
Blues have a Stellar team but I dont understand wth they cant win. These guys are sad.
kherouaa amine
kherouaa amine:
Blues are still the crusaders best opponents. Round 1 and 15 have been both close games
tuks king
tuks king:
was that an early jump @ 4:00??
A Ali
A Ali:
15 years they haven't won in Christchurch, INCREDIBLE
Bloods vs crips
Gabi 85
Gabi 85:
Crusaders is amazing
Neil Allen
Neil Allen:
Biggest population in the country they also have the top 6 rugby playing schools in the country and they have the largest in catchment in the country. Always promise so much and never deliver.
Wade Sharp
Wade Sharp:
Win this comp crusaders or go by scribe
Karl Maillochaud
Karl Maillochaud:
Not try for the blues
Just look Kieran Read's face in the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂
Captain Depression
Captain Depression:
I fell asleep during a highlights reel
Ameer Booley
Ameer Booley:
Couple of individuals in that Blues team that needs to be sacked
Saverio Fontana
Saverio Fontana:
Crusaders in only one word: Essential.
Peter Hornberger
Peter Hornberger:
Tony Dague
Tony Dague:
3:52 Ioane sloppy. Shouldn't have been a try. No control
Cricket Fanatic
Cricket Fanatic:
Fffffat ssssssweaty cccccrusaderzzzz assssss allllllllwayyyyyyzzzzzzz
Neelie Playes
Neelie Playes:
At this point it is a challange to join the CRU in the finals
George Laupane Tausi
George Laupane Tausi:
bloody referee...saves Crusaders ass
Gramsy Garcia
Gramsy Garcia:
Number 1 from blues is just a shitty player