Crusaders v Rebels | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 17 Highlights

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Published on Jun 8, 2019
The Crusaders celebrate Ryan Crotty’s 150th match in style with a stunning 66-0 win over the Rebels in Christchurch. #SuperRugby #CRUvREB


Dre Day
Dre Day:
Quick question did the rebels touch the ball in this game?lol
Enzo Escobar
Enzo Escobar:
Is this hentai or brazzers?
Eye Sack
Eye Sack:
Crusaders made the Rebels look like the Sunwolves
Der pate
Der pate:
Rebels defence:*exists*
Crusaders: i'm going to ruin this whole man's career
Callum Thomson
Callum Thomson:
The Crusadists just executed Order 66 on the Rebel Alliance
Lwazi M
Lwazi M:
The crusaders absolutely molesting the Rebels
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson:
Great effort from the Crusaders but personally I think it’s sad that scores that big are possible in professional rugby
Henno Liebenberg
Henno Liebenberg:
Its astounding

If this was the all blacks team no one would be complaining. The backline destroyed them... Well done crusaders... You deserve another super rugby title!
Moanga man of the match. I know these are just highlights and miss out the other 76mins, but what a performance.
Gerry Harvey
Gerry Harvey:
Australian rugby absolut disarray....2 times world champions and look....
Wooz Wooz
Wooz Wooz:
What is going on with these crowds for the past couple of seasons? I would be at every home game if I was a crusaders fan.
Well done Crotty and congrats 😎
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters:
Blame the Chiefs for this hiding. Saders mad as hatters that they lost last week. Absolute pasting!
Jonas Chifflet
Jonas Chifflet:
Lol. So who was the team who needed to split because was a national side again? XD
it appears rebels has no defense coach and why the hell there is no qaude cooper and will genia?
Danie Müller
Danie Müller:
What a dominating display of skills, unmatched so far this season! What a joy to watch sport being played like this...there's not a single player in that team, that just wants to score for their own stats. These guys play EVERY game, like a team, for the team...GG!
Darryl Roberts
Darryl Roberts:
Besides the unbelievable skill of the players - the Crusaders are also one of the least selfish teams if not the least selfish team in Super Rugby. This is one of the factors that makes them the best rugby team in the world.
Nicolas Jorge Abritta
Nicolas Jorge Abritta:
Upload this video to xvideos lol
Onisi Raciri
Onisi Raciri:
To be honest the rebels gave their all in that game but the saders defense was just brutally too good
Joe Pizey
Joe Pizey:
We want to see Crusaders Vs Saracens!
The defense from the rebels was shocking even for Super Touch Rugby's standards.
Der pate
Der pate:
2016: crusaders 85-26 rebels
2017: rebels 19-41 crusaders
2018: rebels 10-55 crusaders
2019: crusaders 66-0 rebels
Okay this is just sad
Claude Machiha
Claude Machiha:
ouch, i feel the pain from just watching the rebels
Haydon Card
Haydon Card:
Crusaders are so lethal. Its unreal pure pure class
Owen Muta
Owen Muta:
but how good was Mounga?
Villafarrell Sci-fi
Villafarrell Sci-fi:
3:25 u know it's something special if u can make Reece Hodge look ordinary!
Leandro Paredes Portugal
Leandro Paredes Portugal:
Nadie me aviso que era un video porno
Red Star
Red Star:
Any worries about the Crusaders loosing form has now been dispelled
Dardoscar Meza
Dardoscar Meza:
Cruzados vs jaguares
Denise Poo
Denise Poo:
There was a rumour floating around that some teams were starting to "find out" the Saders, safe to say those rumours have been dispelled in a heartbeat...This ranks up amongst one of the biggest SR victories ever by margin. They'll go up and down the gears as they wish depending on the opposition.
leading 26-0 at HT, then going on to punish that Rebels even more in 2nd half, instead of coming down....
incredible how good they are!
And dont forget, these poor, poor Rebels still can make their way to the playoffs. IThis just shows how far the Crusaders are out of reach for their opponents.

Quarterfinal Crusaders vs Rebels maybe? Another rape for sure. xD
Andrew Busuttil
Andrew Busuttil:
Mo'unga is in top form... hopefully he gets some starting time during the WRC... Well done Crotty as well... Another title for the crusaders
satiricon expulsado
satiricon expulsado:
que paliza!!!
Ian Ondieki
Ian Ondieki:
Cant you just rebel some tries 😂
Sitama Jam
Sitama Jam:
Crusader practice? I don't get it🤣😭
satiricon expulsado
satiricon expulsado:
There is a lot of talk about forwards passes ... maybe ... let's say they were half ... finished 33-0, or that 3/4 of the passes were advanced ended 17-0 .. the forwards passes are critical only in even matches!
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser:
What a team🎉🎉🎉
Congratulations to Crotty
Skip Alexander
Skip Alexander:
Crusaders with the "Kill them all, let God sort them out." approach.
Monty Brewster
Monty Brewster:
Struth, that Rebels defence was a complete shambles!
Gcina Madonsela
Gcina Madonsela:
These men were fighting for a playoff space,and against the best team in the comp, so they bench or completely withdraw their star players from the team and for what?This embarrassment.
Desmond Parker
Desmond Parker:
They may as well throw away the whole team. You'd think that the Rebels just stunk, which they did, nothing went right for them this entire match, but the Crusaders just ran some devastating lines. If Mo'unga could just translate these club performances into test match ones, he'd be the best player in the world.
Awesome, Rebels are never weak, but there had no choice to win.
Alexandra De Castro
Alexandra De Castro:
Sevu ♥️💙
Stan Marr
Stan Marr:
Matt O
Matt O:
From a South African, Ryan Crotty is a boss!
Brandon Slater
Brandon Slater:
This is what losing means to the crusaders....
James Rosemary
James Rosemary:
How'd the match end up?, this video is about the practice with a sparing team...
Neil Kilbride
Neil Kilbride:
R.I.P Melbourne Rebels
vernon moolman
vernon moolman:
In a game where all the trained set pieces were executed to perfection
The Beast workout
The Beast workout:
0123 45678
0123 45678:
Pffffff que paliza, increíbles los Crusaders