Does Jose Mourinho believe Liverpool deserved a draw against Manchester United?

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Published on Oct 20, 2019
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Anyone else hear that high pitched noise??
Christopher Gregory Hill
Christopher Gregory Hill:
Why is Roberto Firminos dentist drill going off in the sky sports studio?
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811:
Always nice to hear what Jose sinks.
Who else was pausing to see where that noise was coming from?
Akbar D.
Akbar D.:
Mourinho to sky sports was the best transfer of the season
Quote of the week has to be Jose
"Jurgen has never won at Old Trafford, he doesn't like the menu here, he asked for meat and got fish"

Edit: Beware, very sensitive lot below
Okeefe Dunkley
Okeefe Dunkley:
This man utd reminds me of Liverpool when they played the big teams well but lost against bottom teams
Whenever Manchester United are doing poorly you can tell Souness is secretly loving it lol.
Who else forgot about Lallana till today
Sub 2 me for No reason
Sub 2 me for No reason:
Klopp: "boom"
Emery: "good ebening"
Mourinho: "i sink"
Zepher Gaming
Zepher Gaming:
Roy Keane “Just go and get Kane”
“What are you all staring at? Just go get him”
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke:
All I’m saying is if Jose hanged on like man utd did today the world would have him for it
Ameya Bhujbal 77
Ameya Bhujbal 77:
Upload the whole jose episode
Hayden Bailey
Hayden Bailey:
You know when Jordan Henderson gets moved to RW to help spam crosses into the box it's not your day LMAO
I feel like Man U should’ve kept Rashford in and Put Martial alongside him. It also seemed like Man U let go of the gas the last 10 minutes of the game
Anyone else hear that beep ?
Liverpool won’t win the league if they continue to drop points against relegation candidates
Utd will go on to lose to Norwich next, just watch
Cape United
Cape United:
Whoever reads this I hope u had a good day✊
Zav Dogar
Zav Dogar:
If I had one question for mourinho it would be what would happen if you were in a swimming pool and he would reply : I sink, I sink
Bhargav L Sawanth
Bhargav L Sawanth:
Others:"Jurgen Klopp"
sylvester mutisya
sylvester mutisya:
I'm actually ok with Man United today's game.
The Human Lion
The Human Lion:
They could’ve won but didn’t finish their chances.
Christopher Engish Eubank
Christopher Engish Eubank:
Everytime Jose speaks on these shows. They all remain quiet till he finishes what he says. The General 👌
tanto hermanus
tanto hermanus:
My favourite line from Jose is when he said “I sink a.........”
Parijat Saha
Parijat Saha:
Jose likes to SINK. 😅
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi:
Good result of Liverpool imo on an off-day in an away match. These kinds of matches happen sometimes throughout the season against teams like United that park the bus and are close to relagation
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris:
Why is Graeme Souness wearing a Hollister badge?
Mr Aj
Mr Aj:
Every time it states jose won " 2 major trophies with united" I feel like he's wasting time as a pundit
reece bailie
reece bailie:
Honestly thought my ears were just ringing
Can barely watch this😂😂
rohees lawal
rohees lawal:
who else loves jose
Jk Hb
Jk Hb:
Thai is how many times Jose is gonna say ‘it’s hard to say ‘ this season

Edward Yum
Edward Yum:
Phillip Woody Shepherd
Phillip Woody Shepherd:
Ref had his Man Utd Thong on again.
I’m only here because of José. The rest are just sheep 🐑
Abijit Ganguly
Abijit Ganguly:
I feel like I just teleported and am watching 90s antenna TV.
Moaaz Ravat
Moaaz Ravat:
32% possession at HOME, sooo deserves the win 😂
Mylo B
Mylo B:
2 point off Relegation zone is the new Manchester United
Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua:
Man Utd really put the game up to Liverpool. They were intense and pressuring for 60mins. Liverpool goal could’ve easily been defended. Unlucky Man Utd.
Vivek Vicky
Vivek Vicky:
I sink 😂👌
Certain United fans are gonna go mental at Ole for "parking the bus" despite being proper adventurous in the first half. Yes he could've changed tactics a bit quicker in the second half, but he did incredibly well to get this result with this team. Rojo and Young starting ffs. You can't attack for 90 minutes with this squad. James and Rashford were shattered by 60.
Emmanuel Popoola
Emmanuel Popoola:
If Jose was still managing they will say he packed the bus. Old on the wheel
I was really surprised by the result, I was expecting Liverpool to win 5-0

I guess there won't be a relegation party this year.
komoriblues asdfgda
komoriblues asdfgda:
Mou is a class act, he gave credit where it was due
Bravo Mc
Bravo Mc:
That noise had me thinking I was having a brain aneurysm.. thanks SKY 😆
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
Real question should be "Does José Mourinho really believe Gary Neville can stop talking up his own ass"
Omar maroc
Omar maroc:
Like I said, 1-1 draw, and people where laughing at me.
Pavlos Petri
Pavlos Petri:
" I sink I'm Special "
Papers tomorrow - 'United win 1-1 in glorious style'
igho clubiste
igho clubiste:
if that score sheet will keep ole at the wheel.. i'll take it , all day long 😂😂👌