EXCLUSIVE! '#Emergency' - New Musical Theatre Song about Climate Change Protests | Spirit YPC

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
BRAND NEW MUSICAL SONG: #Emergency is based on recent protests led by teenagers demanding government action towards the climate emergency. Subtitles available! SHEET MUSIC & BACKING AVAILABLE HERE: https://bit.ly/2BmHiLz SUBSCRIBE for more original content and weekly Musical Theatre showcases from the Spirit YPC performers. This song is a LIVE performance that's part of our brand new musical, #OurStory. The musical was conceptualised, written and rehearsed over a six day period and depicts the lives of teenagers in the modern day. Based entirely on true stories told by our cast, look out for more songs and updates about the show here and on our social media channels. More information: https://www.spiritypc.co.uk/new-musical-workshop #EMERGENCY CREATIVE TEAM: Composed by Sophie Boyce and Fred Feeney Choreographed by Sezen Djouma and Amber Rose Morgan Additional Choreography by Chloé James Musicians: Dan Giles, Jack Lineham, Fred Feeney Filmed by Charlotte Ginsborg Production: Case Entertainment Group From the workshop performance of #OurStory Produced by Spirit Young Performers Company This musical is based off true stories told by our cast. #EMERGENCY CAST: SINGERS: Harry Tunningley, Anastasia Holland, Billy Vale, Layla Kennedy and Amari Webb-Martin. DANCERS: Abaigh Punton, Amber Rose Morgan, Cat Morris, Katie Walting, Layla-Rose Boyce and Maia West. #EMERGENCY LYRICS: Ladies and gentleman, I’ve got disturbing news Concerning those in charge, the power they misuse They speak with silence, thinking problems disappear Sat on their lazy arses, fingers in their ears. And they’re repeating empty promises of ‘hope’ The future’s in a noose and they provide the rope It’s not a drill, so ring the sirens, make them see The state they’ve left us in has reached emergency! Emergency! Emergency! We don’t need your hope We need your - Urgency. Before we’re choking on the smoke Tell us… is this some crazy joke where the punch-line is a flaming world?! Where you’ve left us in the ashes? Laughing while it crashes And burns. And they might say that we should be at school instead. Studying what’s in store, and our careers ahead But education’s just a way to waste the days If we are simply waiting for the world to set ablaze. And so we stand and march outside of parliament Together for this cause, we set a precedent We are the chorus of the people first in line To face the suffering when nature calls it time. Emergency! Emergency! We don’t need your hope We need your - Urgency. Before we’re choking on the smoke Tell us… is this some messed up joke where the punch-line is a flaming world?! Where you’ve left us in the ashes? Laughing while it crashes And burns. Whose planet?! Our planet! Whose planet?! Our planet! Whose planet?! Our planet! Whose planet?! Our plan to... Show you our intelligence Shock you out of negligence Priorities that don’t make sense If soon there’ll be no future tense. So while we still have time to act While the world is still in tact We call to you to face the facts We’re nature and we’re fighting back! Emergency! Emergency! We don’t need your hope We need your - Urgency. Before we’re choking on the smoke Tell us… is this some **** up joke where the punch-line is a flaming world?! Where you’ve left us in the ashes. Laughing while it crashes And burns. _________________ SHEET MUSIC AND BACKING TRACKS AVAILABLE: https://bit.ly/2BmHiLz Non-commercial use only. _____________ © Copyright Spirit YPC Ltd. ____________ Audition to join #TeamSpirit: https://bit.ly/2A2FwAt KEEP UP WITH SPIRIT YOUNG PERFORMERS COMPANY: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1ZaTHWd Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1PTjKk4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1IULkMr Website: http://www.spiritypc.co.uk KEEP UP WITH SPIRIT YOUNG DANCE COMPANY: YouTube: http://bit.ly/2zzQtHl Instagram: http://bit.ly/2fNuP7J SPIRIT YPC/YDC MERCHANDISE: http://bit.ly/2hZIHif AUDITION FOR SPIRIT YPC/SPIRIT YDC http://bit.ly/2A6cvRT SIGN UP FOR OUR HOLIDAY INTENSIVES: http://bit.ly/2jhSNif


Something Original And Funny
Something Original And Funny:
Can't get over the fact one of them has a thing(idk what it's caled) saying 'look after our planet it's not Uranus'
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith:
Can we have the rest of #ourstory PLEASE
Daniel Weir
Daniel Weir:
This is incredible! Well done to everyone for creating this. It's not something many people realise, that we as the heirs of this planet care so much about it. So well done on creating an brilliant song showing this off.

Also you all are making me feel old 😂 I'm not too much older than you all, but have watched over the years as you have grown up and matured as people and it's scary 😂😂

Edit: spelling
Mal Pasta jones
Mal Pasta jones:
It’s good that they are gaining a voice and letting it be heard. Adults need to realize the youth voice matters because we are the next leaders of our world and the generation that could either fix or destroy everything. The fact they are doing this and telling people what they think is good, especially on the topic of climate change and pollution. It gives me hope that our genre won’t mess up everything. GREAT VIDEO GUYS!!!
a person
a person:
Evie the Spirit Fan
Evie the Spirit Fan:
This is crazy good and so important!! People need to tweet this to famous people who believe in climate change - it needs to go viral!!!
Rachel Worrall
Rachel Worrall:
Omw how did they get so good? This is perfect! Like nothing is wrong! Wow!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya:
6th like here!
This thing is great!

They need to realize we need to act *now.* we’ve only got 11 years before climate change reaches high enough, that floods and wildfires become the new norm. This increasing heat is also making the oceans more acidic, not to mention warmer, and is impacting marine life as well. All the information I’m saying here is backed up by my own research I’ve been compiling from trusted sources. We *need* them to act. Now more than ever. And it needs to be now, before it’s too late. Spread word.
Anastasia Holland
Anastasia Holland:
I loved performing this live!! It was such an amazing experience thank you for the opportunity:))))
Trump: "Make America Venus Again!"...and the rest of the planet, too.
Starry Nights AG
Starry Nights AG:
Early!!!!! This was amazing! 🥰 The facials and the singing was so good!!!!
randomgal xxx
randomgal xxx:
Tomorrow there is a worldwide #fridaysforfuture demonastration. I think after having seen this great musical number about teens having the power to change something, we should start showing the politicians the same thing. Every voice matters.
Jess Leigh
Jess Leigh:
I really hope to see Billy Vale thrive in music theatre! Such a lovely singing tone coupled with a great dancing ability!
Olivia Eden
Olivia Eden:
Wowzzz this is so impressive!! I love the fact that the writers have managed to highlight so many issues and the chore fits perfectly. Genuinely one of the best original pieces musical theatre music that I've heard!!
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn:
This is so great it is such a great song that is so catchy and fun with important and meaningful lyrics
Spirit Fan 13
Spirit Fan 13:
This is so amazing ❤️❤️❤️ I really hope you realise more songs from Our Story!!!
abii ღ
abii ღ:
Kate B
Kate B:
Okay this is going to be stuck in my head now! Great song, great message can't wait to see more of the show
This is such a bop omg
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts:
This is a striking and poignant message coupled with an outstanding performance.
Thia Sings
Thia Sings:
Will you post the rest of the songs this was amazing
lina sophie
lina sophie:
Are there any lyrics to copie
Becaise we want to make a musical about that🌍🙌💕
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
Omg.. This. Is. How. I. Feel. About. GLOBAL. WARMING!
Unigirl 3000
Unigirl 3000:
How are you so talented?! #TeamSpirit #Emergency
Liz Fowler
Liz Fowler:
This is so amazing, very well done👍🏻
On repeat! So good, guys!
Nyah Bell
Nyah Bell:
"We're nature and we're fighting back" ❤❤
Sasha Cargoulo
Sasha Cargoulo:
Yes Lets go the youth!!!! We need to strike and be strong
M Weightman
M Weightman:
This is absolutely fantastic, incredible vocals and choreo and an incredibly important message! So fresh, love it!! Can’t wait until you (hopefully) release the whole musical ❤️
This is brilliant! Considering it was all made and rehearsed in less than a week!
Erin Brodrick
Erin Brodrick:
THIS IS AMAZING!! Who else is going to a climate strike today? :)
me myself
me myself:
Great performance! Thats such a creative way to adress problems.
I hope more people see this and this messsage gets send into the whole world because climate change affects us all.

I 'm excited to see more of this amazing group, because they are such an inspiration!
This is so awesome! I love the lyrics :)
I swear Anastasia is smashing every single performance
Wow this song is just... i watching it the 10th time or so right now. Great job. Great song, great lyrics, great voices and great Geographie... I just love it <3
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith:
This was so fun! And i never realised how cool it looks from the front, I had so much fun taking part in this 😁💕
Im literally going on a global warming march tomorrow this has got me hyped
Why does the tune remind me of stick to the status quo 😂😅
TheGamingTwinz YT
TheGamingTwinz YT:
This is great! :3 it’s amazing how this only took 4 days like all your other vids
Keith Gaspar
Keith Gaspar:
First and foremost, much respect to the performers for combining their art with such an urgent message that needs to constantly be repeated. They are correct that it falls upon them to push some of us older ones in the right direction.

Second, it's awesome to see a performance which was recorded live. To me, it gives a better measure of the true talent of these extraordinary kids as they perform without the comfort of lip syncing to a backing track. Wonderful job!
Poppy 123
Poppy 123:
My gosh this was amazing and so so so true I loved this Layla rose and billy really stood out to me
Ems 17
Ems 17:
Amazing! Great work guys!
Sophie Hazeu
Sophie Hazeu:
I adore this, they're all so amazing!!!
Lexi Baldwin-Money
Lexi Baldwin-Money:
Oh my gosh this is perfect❤
Alan Leone-Bridges
Alan Leone-Bridges:
Donald trump: The musical
Just Iris cos
Just Iris cos:
Yes this is amazing.
blue-food 1
blue-food 1:
Just love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Charl Acro
Charl Acro:
You are under rated you are amazing