Fire breaks out at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris | ABC News

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
A fire has broken out at the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. #News #Paris #NotreDame #ABCNews SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER:


The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow:
Very sad....such a beautiful historic place.. just the beauty & architecture & does a fire get allowed to this magnitude....
Parastošije Đukić
Parastošije Đukić:
This a 2econd church on fire in last couple of months, coincidence?
Tasty Churro
Tasty Churro:
Watching a building with alot of history under its belt on fire hurts me.
Navajo Person 4Head lol
Navajo Person 4Head lol:
May Paris recover from this loss. It is very saddening. Love from the Navajo Nation.
Alan Knotts
Alan Knotts:
If it was arson. It won't be disclosed. Lot of churches being burnt down. Closed. LATELY?
Probably the most iconic structure in France next to Eiffel Tower what a shame
What a horrible tragedy to an architectural marvel.

I'm going to be crucified in the chat but um I don't hear the dramatic music from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
That is a devastating size of a fire...
Alexander Padilla
Alexander Padilla:
This is something Judge Claude Frollo would do;

Please firefighters save the cathedral
james madrid
james madrid:
This is a very dark video
Angel of Sarcasm
Angel of Sarcasm:
Did Frollo get rejected by another Gypsy woman?

In all seriousness, I've visited this place and it's devastating to see this happen.
Visited Paris, la notre-dame 4 days ago. Terrifying to watch this. Such a beautiful building.
God's Armor
God's Armor:
So very sad. Such a beautiful piece of history!
Jacob Woods
Jacob Woods:
Scenes of Windsor Castle during the renovation work, all over again. How tragic, and especially during this time of year.
Very saddening. I don’t see how this is not intentional given the timing and size of the fire.
Polski Heart
Polski Heart:
I'm sure is just an "accident"... right before Easter...
Randy Stalcup
Randy Stalcup:
Wow... How the hell did this happen... that building is priceless...
WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.:
And never will the real reason for the fire be known . RIP Franch .
This is bloody horrifying. All that history :-(
The ABC News livestream had an Encyclopedia Britannica article about September 11th attached.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark:
the news spends years demonizing western culture and history and they suddenly care when a symbol of western culture is on fire.
Holly Gonnella
Holly Gonnella:
This is heart breaking
Man this is so hard to watch and believe its burning down 😭😭
Prof. Chaos1195
Prof. Chaos1195:
hopefully there are no injured people
DJ Sapien
DJ Sapien:
I hope Quasimodo is OK😏
Jawzantic Films
Jawzantic Films:
This was one of my favorite places in France and it’s so sad to see this happen, I hope everyone got out okay
This better not be related to a certain intolerant group currently living in France. Or there will be hell to pay.
Yandere Sama
Yandere Sama:
A piece of history just gone, this is heartbreaking.
Carlo Russo
Carlo Russo:
Love and support to all french people from Italy. This video breaks my heart. ♥️
Fuckkkk is nothre Dame beautiful builid on the Europe😥😥😭😭
Sad that this marvelous piece of history is getting burned :(
Crickit Torres
Crickit Torres:
Feel so badly tears rolling down my face. Im so sorry for Paris Thier hearts are broken
Luqman mehmood
Luqman mehmood:
I m a muslim. but I m shocked to see this great place of worship on fire in this way. God bless all.
Joe _
Joe _:
Once you have enough rats make their way in, you’re well on your way to infestation.
This is globalism people.
Darrell Brock
Darrell Brock:
Poor Quasimodo I knew him well.
Second church on fire in a few months, a coincidence? I think not...
Ellen McClees
Ellen McClees:
Paris, American hearts are breaking!
I hope it doesn’t get any worse... such a historical building..
Orifolata Kryshtmor
Orifolata Kryshtmor:
Good dammit, please, save the hunchback. Hurry...
Tripper Harrison
Tripper Harrison:
Beyond Tragic.... Should have never intensified to that magnitude. And yes, I’m a firefighter.
bruh really
bruh really:
This is a 900 year old building filled with historic artworks. For some reason this feels like the burning of the library of Alexander. A millinum of European history gone right before our eyes! Really really devastating.
Rosemary Daniel
Rosemary Daniel:
They're saying this was renovations, sorry not buying it, it just too many churches being vandalized in France, this is Holy Week for us Catholics , they're certainly not going to tell you the truth, this is so so sad, very heartbreaking!!!
Jimmy Conway
Jimmy Conway:
The person who posted directly above me set the fire.
They will turn it into a mosque now, Emanuel Macron plan!
Zachary DuBose
Zachary DuBose:
I wonder what happened I hope they can get it under control
Quasimodo left the chip pan on?
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe:
Please get that fire out before it spreads to "Paris is burning."
Moroccan Guy
Moroccan Guy:
Is that caused by a dragon from game of thrones?
Braxton Pettyjohn
Braxton Pettyjohn:
First that racist clown in Louisiana burned those churches, now this 🤦🏾‍♂️
hello hello
hello hello:
shocking, unbelievable.. from Ireland.