Frank Lampard addresses filling Eden Hazard gap & N'Golo Kante's injury | UEFA Super Cup

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard talks ahead of the UEFA Super Cup vs. Liverpool. He reflects on the Blues' humbling 4-0 defeat vs. Manchester United in their 2019-20 Premier League season opener and addresses how he intends to fill the hole Eden Hazard left behind when he joined Real Madrid. Plus, he explains how Mason Mount reminds him of himself as a player and provides the latest on N'Golo Kante's injury. #ESPNFC ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:


Timmy Filipiuk
Timmy Filipiuk:
Frank is such a class act.
Fizzy pop
Fizzy pop:
Reece James will definitely be a massive player for us this season
Harshit Tiwari
Harshit Tiwari:
As a neutral I am with Chelsea it something but chelsea always find a way to win trophies
Pee Pee Balls
Pee Pee Balls:
Hope Chelsea win the super cup because I really respect lampard as a player and want him to succeed as a manager
Andres S
Andres S:
I want him to succeed. The board needs to be patient with him even if Chelsea finish outside of the top 4. They can then get a top center back and a striker.
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
Frank can put on a Blues' jersey and hit the pitch and still be Chelsea's best midfielder today.
Lukman Salam
Lukman Salam:
I want you to be successful super franky. From a city fan 🙏👑
I love azpi but he’s finished
Ibrahim Singhateh
Ibrahim Singhateh:
You will make it frank if even when you are young as a football some people underrated you but that is a good sign and you make it in your cocheing careri you will do the same
Super super frank super super frank super auper frank Super Frankie Lampard
Chalmers Gyamfi
Chalmers Gyamfi:
Nuru Deen GoodLuck
Nuru Deen GoodLuck:
Our all problems Is the Defence...So Put Ur eye's there?
A Random Guy
A Random Guy:
Mount and Lampard or
Sarri and Jorginho
Trying to be optimistic but with all the injuries and young players lacking confidence, we’re going to struggle sooo much this season 😞
It's going to hard to replace a player like Eden at Chelsea. The man was a model of consistency.
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
If franks starts with azpilcueta then they will go under like titanic. I don’t understand why this guy always has to play week and week out? He was good in his early years in London but he is getting older. The 2 goals from united was his fault. I know that he is one the teamsheet just becuaze he is the captain. I know Chelsea fans loves him but if they watch closely sporting wise on the field what he does he offers absolutely nothing. I think Chelsea will get smashed again. There is no one in the team that will go to the 20-30 goals per season mark.
Boden Smith
Boden Smith:
I hope lampard tells the team to go out and play the same, we looked fresh and its obvious to see that azpi and pedro are our achilles heal, but just think when reece and callum are back, we are gonna be scary! So excited for this chelsea new gen, these guys are ballers!!
I love Lamps but digging ur heels in to spite Jose may not work out
Uche Onuekwusi
Uche Onuekwusi:
frank lampard already looking old in the job
Christopher  Fermin
Christopher Fermin:
I generally hate Chelsea being a City fan but Frank is simply a class act and is one of the greatest players of all time. I want to seem him do well. Chelsea must be patient with him especially with this transfer ban in place.
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai:
Pundits cant be managers , and if you realise nowaday manager are pundits ! Lol dayum !
Dean Mills
Dean Mills:
he said good so much times in the beginning
Pojo O Pojo
Pojo O Pojo:
Just a man who knows where he’s going. Chelsea will come good under Lampard if given a chance
Lokesh Khatri
Lokesh Khatri:
Frank is a eloquent speaker
I kinda hope that Alonso gets a chance in holding midfield this season because, i think he would make a great duo with kante thanks to his height and his eye for a goal.
John Moraites
John Moraites:
The man isn’t going to be able to do a lot without having a really good striker. I’d go after Former Liverpool hitman Phillippe Coutinho
Good luck Liverpool and lets go bluesss #KTBFFH
lunga lunga
lunga lunga:
I have nothing against frank i just hope chelsea dont make top 4
fred jones
fred jones:
Jose 3????????????????????????????????????/
One loss to manutd doesnt mean shit. Its a lonnnnnnggg season im sure he’ll do well. Arsenal fan.
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
Hazard gap?? No Lampard it's' a big big hole you have to fill...!!!
Chris Ross
Chris Ross:
Cant help thinking that this is all the boards idea not franks
Seran Coscer
Seran Coscer:
He is going to struggle this season.
Steven Soar
Steven Soar:
Learn fast bro or your a gonna
lunga lunga
lunga lunga:
When is abramovich dropping chelsea
Hesham Aldhahiry
Hesham Aldhahiry:
Before anyone jumps the gun on this, he just started. Everyone isnt as special as mourinho(even he made mistakes) when it comes to managing. Aside from him being arguably one of the highest IQ players in the game, his decision making skills havent failed him for the most part. Humbling game, but now hes under the spotlight so they have to step it up next game.
fred jones
fred jones:
im no chelsea fan..but,,why risk kante or anyone else on a meaningless game?? let them heal < kante should never have played sunday...
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez:
If you really look at it, Chelsea has a good team. Once fully fit, they have a team of:
Reece James/Azpi

Frank has a squad that's spread thin right now which is unfortunate but if he can get through the first couple months by securing wins at home and dropping less points as possible away from home, Chelsea should be fine. 1 down, 37 more to go.
I miss hazard so badly. 😔
tree hopes 2
tree hopes 2:
John Chierichella
John Chierichella:
Kinda creepy this mount scrub being protected by frank lil creepy
tree hopes 2
tree hopes 2:
I am first
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke:
Good man
John Chierichella
John Chierichella:
Wow frank u creepy
P Jordan
P Jordan:
Lets go Pulisic!! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
David Isaac
David Isaac:
Jose Mourinho play Kante play Kante, now, he's got another injury.
Bright Adjehi
Bright Adjehi:
He always talks about Mason moult
reza jamil
reza jamil:
where can you buy the t shirt Lampard is wearing?
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
I know that Experts and fans say give Frankie time and the youngsters. But I want to know where they will be on the table after 5 or 10 games. They could’ve won the game against United if they had a world class striker who takes the responsibility.
Lampard if he lost 15-1: If you take out the mistakes we made leading up to their goals, we won 1-0 so i'm pleased with the lads!