Free Slurpee Day 2012 at 7-Eleven

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Published on Jul 12, 2012
A trip to 7-Eleven in Holland, PA with the family for Free Slurpee Day 2012. Footage is shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD80 camcorder and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11. Video is rendered as an MP4.


Jordan Crowley
Jordan Crowley:
nobody is wearing a seatbelt!!!!!
They dont have 7 Eleven stores in England :(
mike ibarra
mike ibarra:
how is it not crowded when i went there and got mine it very watery and my local 7 elven on that day the line was so long
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama:
Please put about two 7-11s in Columbia County, OR.
Juulia Saarinen
Juulia Saarinen:
That looks like ice cream not slurpee drink
Ingvar Már Gíslason
Ingvar Már Gíslason:
This was posted on my birthday
Crash bandicoot 18
Crash bandicoot 18:
7-11 day is real!
Crash bandicoot 18
Crash bandicoot 18:
Wait 7-
What about pina colada
Infinite Consciousness
Infinite Consciousness:
Are you aware of all the harmful chemicals that they put in those Slurpees?

The following article lists some of the ingredients that you may be consuming in your "free" Slurpee. You may be interested in having a look at it before you consume another Slurpee.

Google: "The Anatomy Of A Slurpee (And Why Free Slurpee Day Is Bad For You)".

You and your children deserve something much healthier than a Slurpee. :-)
Paul Robaia
Paul Robaia:
Nice guys!
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen:
why is nobody wearing seatbelts o.o
#Lakeysa Pearson
#Lakeysa Pearson:
7eleven slurpee is good i mix cokecola and cotton candy it was so good i couldnt stop drinking it 😀
yay.. you get a free 5oz shot glass with frozen juice! thats like so amazing -_- why not just get a xtra large for like 2$? its not that much -__-
Vincemn 1fmTumbaga
Vincemn 1fmTumbaga:
Vincemn 1fmTumbaga
Vincemn 1fmTumbaga:
zake peza
zake peza:
Its free sluurpe say and use got smalls are use health freaks or sumthing get the muthafukin mega cup
frozen sugar water.
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