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Published on Jul 11, 2018
I can't believe we got over 12+ free slurpees today at 711 for free slurpee day!! I had so much fun today!! Like the video if you love slurpees!THANKS FOR WATCHING :) DON'T FORGET TO BREAK 1500 LIKES. NATHAN'S SOCIAL MEDIA BELOW!!! INSTAGRAM!!! TWITTER! Snapchat! "nathan_narra" + MANNYS SOCIAL MEDIA!!! INSTAGRAM! TWITTER! Subscribe! Love you guys!


Andres Perez
Andres Perez:
Who else remembers the original free sluripes video by nate??
Done been watching since the brawadis and scarce video
ToXic Gamerz
ToXic Gamerz:
Done maybe a PS4 if u would like bro peace dude luv your vids
Kathryn Kattoula
Kathryn Kattoula:
Done!! Give away a go-pro, Starbucks giftcard, and your merch!!!! Love u Nate😊
Ybc Tay
Ybc Tay:
Keep Grinding!! Cant Wait Till You Hit A Mill☝💉💯💪🔥🤘
Brian Reyes
Brian Reyes:
Done and plz do xbox consoles
Syed Mahdi
Syed Mahdi:
Bro idk why whenever I watch Nate’s video I always gotta eat sum
Layken Bacon
Layken Bacon:
Done ✅ giveaway whatever u fill comfortable of givingaway
ᴀʟʟᴀᴅɪɴ ɢᴇɴɪᴇ
ᴀʟʟᴀᴅɪɴ ɢᴇɴɪᴇ:
Done!! give away visa gift cards for stuff like Vbucks for pc players
༺im pregnant and BTS are my baby's daddy༻
༺im pregnant and BTS are my baby's daddy༻:
Been here since 223k
Damn I'm so loyal 😭😂😂🙏
Nova Carlos
Nova Carlos:
V-bucks i was a loyal since 20k
Tomas the tank engine
Tomas the tank engine:
DONE I love your videos you are one of my favorite YouTubers keep it up
I been watching for years and he grown up so fast
Done psn 10 card
Nycomigr Girls
Nycomigr Girls:
Keep up the AMAZING work
Liga MX En Vivo
Liga MX En Vivo:
711 is better than quick trip and race track
Alfas MX
Alfas MX:
V-bucks and been watching you since 75k subs funniest video when you threw manny in the pond😂😂
Salt is mad Spicy
Salt is mad Spicy:
Bootleg Brawadis lookin’ ass😂🤣🤣
Damien Salazer
Damien Salazer:
love all your videos bro and you can give away a iPhone X 😉
Ivan Gonzales
Ivan Gonzales:
im probably your only cali fan but thats been done give away and xbox or ps4 i still only got a 360
Merary Cornejo
Merary Cornejo:
im prob like the only female teenager watching your videos lmfao, but done, ps4! love the videos ❤️
ItsYeBoiCruz ‘
ItsYeBoiCruz ‘:
Wow he deserves more views and likes in his vlogs his vids are Lit🔥🔥🔥
Ismael Jacquez
Ismael Jacquez:
Xbox card I was loyal since 15k
Done ur my fav YouTubed been sub since you streaked at the baseball game
Ivan Ruiz
Ivan Ruiz:
V-bucks i was a loyal fan since 10k subs
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez:
Done I’ve been subscribed since along time ago I loved the spicy noodles challenge keep up the good work I want you to give away a Xbox because that is my favorite concil but I can’t afford one
PSN Card Already subscribed and had post notifications on
jack Browne
jack Browne:
Yo I'm done your my favourite YouTuber I watched you when you vlogged on your phone... and giveaway a PC
sara soto
sara soto:
Keep up the banger videos man hope u hit 1mil
Cowboys 4Life
Cowboys 4Life:
Done ✅ Been here since you streamed the baseball game
Freddie SlumpeD
Freddie SlumpeD:
Bruh my lil bro never listens to me
Itz Cesar
Itz Cesar:
Done Xbox Gift Card 25$
Jonathon Cruz-sanchez
Jonathon Cruz-sanchez:
Xbox cards for vbucks🤪
Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez:
Get 1m sub
Done a long time ago good vids🔥🔥
DriftKing Films
DriftKing Films:
Season 5 battlepass DONE love your videos
Boogieabel_Fortnite barzz
Boogieabel_Fortnite barzz:
Done bro ps4 gift card
Logic- Agario
Logic- Agario:
Done anything will be fine real one right here 💯💯✔✔✔
Andres Perez
Andres Perez:
Remember when nate said his hair was gonna grow back in 2 weeks lol smh nate.
sus victor
sus victor:
You should do a give away for ps4 or xbox
Ziffy -YT
Ziffy -YT:
Btw I want vbucks for ps4 and username on ps4: yeng_yang98
Done!! 🤘🏽🔥
Done!!! 100$ Amazon gift card
Brandy Garibay
Brandy Garibay:
Done you are the real og nate the best youtuber.hit the like butts if you agree
Lizeth Avalos
Lizeth Avalos:
Done you so give a away Nintendo switch plz I love your videos
Divine Divergence
Divine Divergence:
Keep it up bro like your content
Mr.fortnite god
Mr.fortnite god:
Done bro thanks great vids
ThepubgGod 1
ThepubgGod 1:
Done buy PlayStation gift card I have subscribed since 100 subs
Armando J
Armando J:
*Give Away 10 Card Codes For The Winners Choice 1 Code For Each Choice*
Luner Boy
Luner Boy:
Done gift card