Game of Thrones: Season 8 Premiere - Review

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Shaun Abril
Shaun Abril:
Saw someone say that now Jaime's gonna push Bran out of the wheelchair haha. It's terrible but kinda forces you to laugh
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson:
"Which big character is gonna die?"

Writers: "Yes."
Darren Turner
Darren Turner:
Sam may of hated his father but he loved his brother.
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Federico Jimbo Smithson:
Jon didn't realize yet, that he is a bonafide Aunt-Banger.
Im sure most of you already know but quite interesting to see the episode run times for the last 5 episodes:
Ep 2 - 58 mins
Ep 3 - 82 mins
Ep 4 - 78 mins
Ep 5 - 80 mins
Ep 6 - 80 mins
Nel sinki
Nel sinki:
*Daenerys enters winterfell...
Arya: Ohh, that's bad!
*Enters Jon.
Arya: That's good!
*Enters the Hound.
Arya: Thats bad!
*Enters Tyrion.
Arya: Can I go now?
Dynamic Dallas
Dynamic Dallas:
That eye contact between jon and dragon while he was kissing his mama was intense!
Ace Coordinator Mary
Ace Coordinator Mary:
God seeing that hole in the wall in the opening intro is haunting AF....
guilherme castro
guilherme castro:
Cercei: How many elephants?
Golden company guy: no elephants
Me turning to my brother: no budget
Dom L
Dom L:
Sam was more upset about his brother not his dad
purple lemonade
purple lemonade:
Great beginning for the final season, I loved this episode
Paulo Lopez
Paulo Lopez:
I would give my right hand... gaaaaahhh
During the dragon riding scene I was thinking "This is going too long, I want to go back to the drama!"
Andres ACOSTA:
Ma boi jon banged his aunt!! What a madlad!!! 😏
Trustworthy McLegitimate
Trustworthy McLegitimate:
Chaos is a ladder.
Madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push...
There just isn't enough episodes this season for them to pull off a worthy conclusion. I'm genuinely hoping i'm wrong but for there to only be 5 episodes
Still love GOT but it's been obvious since they exhausted the book material that the writers for the show are no where near GRRM level. Not just the dialogue but setting up events. Theon saved Yara in like a minute and made it look embarrassingly easy.
Artemus Over Easy
Artemus Over Easy:
Exactly my first thought about Jon when Sam told him! Like bro- shouldn’t u be puking or something over in the corner of the crypts??
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels:
“I would give my right hand for you to walk agai..ohh” 😂😂😂😂 perfect!!!
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset:
Don't like the Dany/Sansa feud....wasting story tbh
Dany should have a better storyline by now 😯
F.B.I Agent
F.B.I Agent:
I love how they told John his true name right off the jump, no bullshitting, no waiting until he has to make a huge choice to find out.

He knows. Awesome.
Matt Kayser
Matt Kayser:
I watched an hour-long recap video first and I'm glad I did because I thought I remembered everything, but I was wrong, LOL

"You're related, it's hot! Shut up!" 😂
For the love of God, please do a recap review for the entire Season 8 once the last episode is out - would love your thoughts for the show when it's all wrapped up as a whole. Just because this is only 1/6 of the whole season's story, so apart from talking about how we went from event-a to event-b, then c, etc., you can't really do a review justice. This is just the setup, we don't know the payoff yet. It's like reviewing the first half of a joke before the punchline.
MyMy Navi
MyMy Navi:
I really wanted those Elephants
.hehe great review as always ❤️
I think Samwell was more upset about his brother than his dad. They still had an amicable relationship prior to his death.
Gareth Keenan
Gareth Keenan:
I'm the same with Jeremy. Dragon battles are great but I fell in love with this show because of the "game "in Game of Thrones; the politics, maneuvering, and backstabbing.
Next time Jon sees Danny:

“Hey Auntie”
Aaron Burdon
Aaron Burdon:
What about Bron hired to hunt Tyrion and Jamie?!?!?!
Toru Koroshi
Toru Koroshi:
Everytime you talk about Jon banging his aunt Danny I was in fits of laughter. I love you so much Jeremy! (I had to repeat that part multiple times)
To be fair, I'm sure Jon had a LOT going through his mind at that point lol
Jonathan Dean
Jonathan Dean:
lol, in ASOIAF cousins and aunts/nephews nieces/uncles marry all the time.
People that think they were wasting time or that there wasn’t enough happening should just stop watching Thrones because they clearly aren’t paying attention to the details.
This show has always been about the dialogue and interactions between characters and every reunion had subtle details to further set up plots for the season.
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow:
Dragon flying part you said is the best you ever seen. It actually reminded me of Avatar, the flying part
I think jhon swon will pull an Arthas of warcraft 3 and become a white walker for the greater good.
McNulty's Sober Companion
McNulty's Sober Companion:
The Hound is my favorite character. Jamie's a close second, so I found the final scene brilliant.
Another great vid, Jahns.
Nathan Schell
Nathan Schell:
I agree! Its not the action/battles/CGI that makes the show!

Its the clever writing, the political scheming, the amazing plot!
Kyle Rudman
Kyle Rudman:
Jeremy got a sponsorship!? Nice dude chase that bread! :)
Kentz Hodiono
Kentz Hodiono:
Not sure if spoilers, but just in case SPOILERS

Cersei: Did you bring elephants?
Golden Company: But we don't have enough budget.
jmz macasinag
jmz macasinag:
finally we get to see how Jeremy watches GOT in April Vlog 😁
Honore Leandre
Honore Leandre:
I'm the one running out of breath watching this even though he is doing all the talking hhh
Michael O Connor
Michael O Connor:
I think Bronn will finally get his castle, wouldn't that be a surprise ending. 😎
I thought the dragon riding scene was badass
Boy he’s fast
Jamie Lannister is the "old friend" Bran Stark is waiting for.
Eddie LM
Eddie LM:
Forgetting to mention that Dany also roasted Sam's brother? That's what really crushed him.
Awesome recap bro. Can't wait for the next episode!
Diego González
Diego González:
Jeremy you should have watched some YouTube recaps ma boy!! You can still watch some though
The BigBalvin
The BigBalvin:
I loved that the Series premier ended with Jamie and Bran. Now the Premier of the final season ends with Jamie And Bran