Gemini Man - Movie Review

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Chris Stuckmann reviews Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong. Directed by Ang Lee.


Francisco Alves
Francisco Alves:
"Stuff like that is in every movie."

"Oh hi Mark."
TheShop with Marcus
TheShop with Marcus:
That part where young Will Smith says, “let me get this straight” and explains the plot of the movie, sounds like something he would say in the Fresh Prince though lol
Aram Meraz
Aram Meraz:
“So that it? We’re some kinda... Gemini Man?”
- Will Smith
Justin Cole
Justin Cole:
"I think it's really awful, maybe the worst script of the year."

Hilarious silence follows 😂😂
J H:
I’ve never been impressed with most of Will Smith’s movies.
Ángel Berrios
Ángel Berrios:
I call it “The CGI Man”
true story : will Smith was just asking mary what the plot of the movie is but the cameras were still rolling and the director decided to keep it in the movie
Shaun Nash
Shaun Nash:
“I’d rather watch the fanatic”

~ me (2019)
Another Will Smith movie that is like a fart in the wind..
Da real krishpy Kream
Da real krishpy Kream:
David benioff also worked on this movie 🤮🤮🤮😩😩😩😩
Younger version of himself is sent to kill protagonist - years in development hell - meanwhile 'Looper' happened...
Maxwell Powell
Maxwell Powell:
Me: Let’s hope we get an A+ this time.

Chris: I think it’s really awful

Me: ...Crap
Dr. Polaris
Dr. Polaris:
Apparently, this movie was in development he’ll since the 90’s. It should have stayed that way!
Will Smith dialogue in his movies is turning into a meme
Eric D.
Eric D.:
One of the greatest t-shirts I have ever seen.
Alexander Plechov
Alexander Plechov:
Will Smith Career: "I am perfect"
Will Smith: I am about to end my career.
Beef Bronson
Beef Bronson:
“The worst script of the year”

Blinded By The Light, Stuber, Yesterday, The Goldfinch, The Kitchen, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Replicas...
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith:
"Yeah... it's really awful."

He didn't even say that in his review of Nostalgia Critic's "The Wall."
Louiecbf 88
Louiecbf 88:
Last Time I was this early Chris had posters of movies behind him only OG’s would know 😤✊
The trailer looked silly, and the movie overall sounds iffy.
candy girlll
candy girlll:
"I think it's pretty awful", YIKES!😅
-Chris Stuckman 2019

the kiss💋 of death
I was impressed by the CGI EXCEPT they still do that quick movement thing that doesn't look natural.
"You made a person...Out if another person?"... Isn't that how you usually make new persons???...
17 Absolut
17 Absolut:
Damn, no punches were pulled on this one.
Mike Newman
Mike Newman:
Holding Jaden: "You made a PERSON, out of another PERSON, Jada"
"I think it's really awful."

Colour me surprised. Also, another ace shirt selection for this review, Chris.
Bertie Brown
Bertie Brown:
I have a sneaking suspicion that Will Smith’s weird cultiness is responsible for his wild run of less -than-great movies since 2013.
[GD] UnableToWin
[GD] UnableToWin:
that "I think its really awful" came out of NOWHERE LOL
Kevin Scarpitti
Kevin Scarpitti:
David Beniof... bet he's 95% of the reason the script is trash...
Zulfiqar Ahmed
Zulfiqar Ahmed:
“You made a person out of another person.” Lmao
Soon Forgot
Soon Forgot:
"I don't wanna shoot you." Will smith
"Do you mind if i shoot you?" Will smith
I already knew the dialogue was a joke. Was hoping it would be an ok action/thriller but nah
Poor ol' Will Smith. I can't remember the last movie he was in that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Nicolaj Vangsgaard
Nicolaj Vangsgaard:
Chris: "I think its really awful"

Me: *Mom walks in with tickets*
BMV The Movie Fanatic
BMV The Movie Fanatic:
5:16 Ryan George Presents The First Person To Clone Someone.
Iftii Alam
Iftii Alam:
"I think it's really awful" - Chris Stuckkman.

Well that escalated quickly. 😂😂
Hey I saw this movie already, it's Jet Li's The One.
M W:
I didnt like the Joker. So I am gonna see this with an open mind.
Iftii Alam
Iftii Alam:
"D" for "D"e-aging. I see what you did there😉😉
Thank you Chris for confirming what I smelt from the first trailer. You know who would of knocked this out of the park Tom Cruise. Like in Minority Report style. What a missed opportunity.
Beau b
Beau b:
Isn’t this just “Looper” with will smith?
Will Smith just can't seem to avoid the stinkers these days can he.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee:
Chris Stuckman: Hypes up Ang Lee as a visual genius and amazing Director.

Me: hmm... this movie might not be bad

Chris Stuckman: I think this movie is really aweful...
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez:
I love when Chris gives me his big ol D
Nolan Olivier
Nolan Olivier:
David Benioff was attached?

And the script was bad...


Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols:
Ang Lee, John Woo: either make a good movie, or a REALLY BAD one.
Ando Cando
Ando Cando:
Haha he skipped over Brokeback Mountain when he was talking about Ang Lee’s better movies. The Ice Storm was another good one by Lee.
Nathanael Reyes
Nathanael Reyes:
This sounds like it’d make a great hilariousity.
M 310
M 310:
“Stuff I liked about this movie”

Chris: Ha Ha Ha
Epic Listening
Epic Listening:
I think the last good film of his was " I am legend"