Greece: 20-minute storm kills six tourists in Halkidiki

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Published on Jul 11, 2019
Six people have been killed and dozens more injured in fierce storms in northern Greece. Strong winds and hail hit the popular Halkidiki region near the city of Thessaloniki late on Wednesday. Television footage showed overturned cars, fallen trees, torn roofs and mudslides.The freak storm lasted about 20 minutes, according to witnesses interviewed by the state broadcaster ERT


Djordje Rankovic
Djordje Rankovic:
Reči podrške u teškom momentu, saučešće porodicama nastradalih. Srpski narod je uz vas.
Infinit Space
Infinit Space:
Before summer, we had every day storms like that in romania, Sadly is just the beginning of what is about to come.
Ark Gaming
Ark Gaming:
I was there our stuff flew away
Aleksandra Vukmanov Šimokov
Aleksandra Vukmanov Šimokov:
The correct date is wednesday July 10th, last night, not June 10th as showed in the video abowe......thank you.
Victor Matei
Victor Matei:
rip for my romanian cityzens😣
Did the weather people not see this coming ?
Бака прасе пичка!
Бака прасе пичка!:
Serem ti se u grcku svake godine nesto
is July not June
Будалина Тале
Будалина Тале:
Wrath Of God(s)?
Mega Rum Marek
Mega Rum Marek:
Hurricanes in America
Tornadoes in Poland
Storm in Greece

many people paid their lives for the Nature's wrath
We damaged and killed this planet for a long long time
Now, it's time for us, to pay for all we have done to our homeland, to the Earth

Stop killing the Earth
or the Earth will kill us
welcome to climate change ... and this is only the tip of the iceberg ... no pun intended
Christopher C
Christopher C:
Climate change = PAIN
theo ookami
theo ookami:
People: Climate change still doesn't exist
Climate change summer 2019: (Slams door open) *BOOM SHAKALAKA*
Diva Senzationala
Diva Senzationala:
Electros Staff
Electros Staff:
3-4 years now Greece's climate has changed dramatically.... I just wanted to point that out.
I was there when the storm hit Chalkidiki. I am there 21 years and never seen anything like that.
Vladimir Nedeljkovic
Vladimir Nedeljkovic:
I live in halkidiki Greece and my brother was outside when the storm began I was in my house and then I heard thunder and rain I closed all doors and the power turned off I got candles and I put it around the house
miroslav gardilcic
miroslav gardilcic:
Juk, bre, pa de će sad srbijanci da letuju? Mnogo loše, mnooogoooooo.....
Best tech And enjoy status
Best tech And enjoy status:
Indian hit like
Janet Baker
Janet Baker:
Does anyone actually believe that this is Mother Nature doing this? This is all the climate weather changes that they've been screwing with across the world! I think this was caused intentionally!