Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon | Lineup | Cut

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
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I wanna see what the surgeons’ significant others look like lol
Baklavas Siropiastos
Baklavas Siropiastos:
The third guy was in another video in which we knew he was a plastic surgeon and he was guessing who had plastic surgery
aye the guy who slept with 1500+ people my boy
That one surgeon is back. I love him. He’s so chill
Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan:
Honestly at this point you can never really assume who does what anymore
Mr. Friendship
Mr. Friendship:

*Barbie:* Hold my shopping bags
Kerry Gordon
Kerry Gordon:
Ilah came out here looking like a full course meal...damn
Mia Nguyen
Mia Nguyen:
Ilah definitely doesn’t need a boob job. Also sis, what bra you wearing, asking for a friend.
Kiera Bee
Kiera Bee:
Damn girl, boob job is not necessary. You already bangin
Vivian V
Vivian V:
He used to be 300 lbs?? Wow that's freaking amazing
Ilah is a 10/10 stunner, she doesn't need any surgery done <3
Shame we live in the 21st century
Shame we live in the 21st century:
I think I speak for everyone here when I say Ilah looks mighty fine
Caye Sorensen
Caye Sorensen:
I LOVe the new girls outfits. someone link the shoes ?
Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan:
Who else is here for Ilah, killing it like always
Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow:
"I just said short fingernails COULD BE a potential indication"
Danny Is A Mess
Danny Is A Mess:
Could be Surgeon or Lesbian I'M SCREAMING

Edit: Mum I'm famous!! And all I did was quote a line from the video. Be proud of me. Thanks.
Tida M
Tida M:
"What are you tryna say she's the vet!" 😂😂😂😂. That blue button up shirt plastic surgeon guy is hilarious!
Arti Sood
Arti Sood:
Only 16% of women in the US know that medical professionals don't have to be board certified in plastic surgery to perform surgical procedures. WOW that makes so much sense now
Azucena R.
Azucena R.:
90% of the comments are about Ilah and how stunning she looks, 10% of the comments are actually about the video
Bianca Redhead
Bianca Redhead:
I love Tom. He’s always so chilled out and approachable
The last woman has carpentry as a hobbie and nobody who has their whole career relying on how steady and perfect their hands are will ever have such a risky hobbie. Surgeons will literally ensure their hands just in case.
Hänschen Klein
Hänschen Klein:
Man, is that former 300lbs guy a stunner or what?
elon musk
elon musk:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Her: 9:16
Next video: Guess who will be raiding area 51
Niko K
Niko K:
Hey back with the same suggestion as always: Match musician to his instrument
All the plastic surgeons had their hands in their pockets? lol
fray z
fray z:
"Maybe a salesman"
"I am a plastic surgeon"
My early crew :)
Crescent moon
Crescent moon:
Am I the only one who thinks that ilah looks better with short hair and signature red lips
Leoni Hanna
Leoni Hanna:
YOU don't need to do a surgery because you look beautiful exactly the way you are!😘
Morgan Steward
Morgan Steward:
The girl in the blue top is freakin gorgeous! 💕

Also the second surgeon is cute lol
Elizabeth Jean-Julien
Elizabeth Jean-Julien:
All the surgeons come in with their hands in their pockets or end up putting their hands in their pocket or close to their body 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Oliver Adam
Oliver Adam:
Can't remember if that tall girl has been in a video before, but she is gorgeous and seems to have a super nice personality too. Stay awesome!
Jazper Dawkins
Jazper Dawkins:
Lowkey was expecting a reference to Jackson Avery but hey it’s okay. My Greys Anatomy fans know what’s up 😌
Muhammad Fridho Damora Harahap
Muhammad Fridho Damora Harahap:
Ilah looked so stunning here!!
Milky Snacks
Milky Snacks:
The asian chick looks so different here
Everlasting 09
Everlasting 09:
Short fingernails could mean surgeon or lesbian

Me: or anxiety
Ilah is fine.... that is all
Joshua Leonardy
Joshua Leonardy:
Ilah: Anyone willing to give me a free consultation?
The one surgeon: "pushing the lesbian to the front"

Couldn't stop laughing!
Sweater Buddy
Sweater Buddy:
The guy with blue stripes has a really pretty face☺️
“Guess who’s a teen mom”
Saspa Gacha_stories
Saspa Gacha_stories:
Abé A
Abé A:
Ilah: Anyone willing to give me free consultation? Hehehehe
Guy in blue longsleeves: *taps the vet* Go ahead.
Ilah: what are you trying to say, she's the Vet!!

Still here watching this before I sleep
hot damn Ilah...girl, no plastic surgery needed. You look amazing already
Ney Paula
Ney Paula:
0:25 her body 🌈❤️
Ellis James
Ellis James:
Let’s face it, you’re here for ilah amiright?
Oh my, Ilah looking amazing.
Paeturi Hapuku
Paeturi Hapuku:
I love how people aren’t afraid to say what they wanna say and know one gets affended,
low key wish my life was like this 😢