Hearts Break Watching Notre Dame Cathedral Burn

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
Heavy clouds of smoke filled the skies above the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as a fire broke out in the historic landmark Monday. The spire on top of the 12th-century church collapsed as the fire raged. It was not immediately clear how the cathedral caught fire, but authorities believe it may have been related to ongoing renovations at the church. Tourists were reportedly still in the building as fire started. However, no deaths or injuries have been reported.


Breezy Breezy
Breezy Breezy:
The church is so old that water can’t be dropped on it by air because this church was built in the 1100s
Skipsotz Gaming
Skipsotz Gaming:
Let me guess someone dropped a cigarette.
Rob Koziorowski
Rob Koziorowski:
Everyone in my town: normal commute, no talk about the Notre Dame

Me and most likely France: Am I a joke to you?
j-Destroyer681 k
j-Destroyer681 k:
It is sad and it took about 200 years to make the church
creeper boy
creeper boy:
Inside edition: Norte Dame cathedral is burning down.
Me: HOW DID IT GO IN FLAMES , I am so angry right now because wth HAPPENED. Plus the cathedral
was in a Disney movie (so sad)
1like 1prayer to rebuild the Norte Dame. :(
Ava St. John
Ava St. John:
I hate when history gets destroyed, they did manage to save the bell though so that’s some of a comfort
I never got to see the building live :(
Cotton the Easter Cottontail Rabbit
Cotton the Easter Cottontail Rabbit:
I saw that when I was five, and now I see it in flames
Mad And Pigs
Mad And Pigs:
I really wanted to see this in person too (NOT THE FIRE! THE BUILDING!)
Oh Chicken
Oh Chicken:
My heart broke when I heard this 💔
Lane Smith
Lane Smith:
The wood that fueled the fire was used the the original construction back in the 1100’s, and the trees had to be around 300 or 400 years old to be strong enough to be used as rafters. Wood over 1000 years old was just burnt to a crisp.
Silver Treasures
Silver Treasures:
I watched it live on BBC news and we just became so shocked about what happened.
Alena Hernandez
Alena Hernandez:
I don't want to offend anyone but it was SATAN cause just watch how the cross fell my heart is broke all prayers got to Paris and the fact that is was so old it crazy
Its Jeffy
Its Jeffy:
Doctor sir you have been in a coma for 850. Years
Guy woah i cant wait too visit my favorait french catereal
Media doesn’t seem to be fans of people who think this was a hateful act.
Gemina Hammond
Gemina Hammond:
I had always wanted to go their and have been saving up to do so but I guess not know
Sundaramurthy Jayasingham
Sundaramurthy Jayasingham:
OMG. French Government will rebuild the church. God will rebuild it again. We will support french people in prayers.
Pronh Phin
Pronh Phin:
I didn’t learn My this

My teacher told me
Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile:
dang if it lasted 200 more years it would be 1000 years old. RIP to its historical past 😭
Hensor Brosen
Hensor Brosen:
Quasimodo is homeless now.
This is so heart breaking i'm so sad a really old build from a long time ago is gone.
Goal 100 subscribers please
Goal 100 subscribers please:
Me and my family were actually watching that on the news today
olanddd Z-
olanddd Z-:
Everybody gangsta til jah starts burning buildings down
Curtis Annance
Curtis Annance:
make a video talking about how dangerous jackasses
Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins:
It's ironic that I watched 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' about a month and a half ago, but this is just devistating. 😫😫
If this happened because someone dropped a cigarette, they should ban smoking
Xxin3finite xX
Xxin3finite xX:
I went on a school trip from England to Paris only acouple of months ago and we visited theNorte dame
yoongi’s fingers
yoongi’s fingers:
*im glad they finally put it out!*
that is not the number one tourist attraction in Europe the Coliseum is
Next Video: Paris breaks apart in fire
Mr Mann
Mr Mann:
People who were there should be blessed
boots fpv
boots fpv:
Its a shame to see a beautiful building burn . But sorry no love for catholic fanatic religion
I was gonna go there in summer
Australian Water
Australian Water:
Damn I really wanted to visit that church
The Rickest Rick
The Rickest Rick:
The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you
Not in a mansion of wood and stone
Split a piece of wood and I am there
Lift a stone and you will find me.
GOD JESUS LIVES IN HEAVEN AND IN OUR HEART. Not in churches built by men!! Don't worry,, worry about your soul to be saved by JESUS CHRIST (YESHUAH).. HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY!!
şaî :ļ
şaî :ļ:
When you fight fire with fire, the world goes up in smoke.
Stacey Victoria
Stacey Victoria:
Nooooo!! This is so sad! 😢 the church is so old and has so much history
Dragoon swezey
Dragoon swezey:
anyone find it weird this happened near Easter?
Jose Manuel Gill
Jose Manuel Gill:
Hey inside edition😁😁
Angel C.
Angel C.:
Do we care about trumps opinion 👏🏾
Do we care bout Malanic (or whatever) opinion 👏🏾
NE Patrul
NE Patrul:
Vive la Notre Dame!
Coral The Anime Girl
Coral The Anime Girl:
Just like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, maybe Frollo came back as a spirit
f u e l
f u e l:
They need to investigate the cause.
Sheina Tixier
Sheina Tixier:
Pauvre Cathédral:c i wasn’t there to see it
*omg cersei did it again*
Beautiful building sad to see it be destroyed like that. Cant wait to see what it looks like when its repaired
Remember hunch back of Notre Dame used to loved that as kid really dad to see it go down
Why is this on my recommendation list
Why is this on my recommendation list:
What ninja did in europe? *26 minutes ago*
Notre dame de paris cathedral gets burned *30 minutes ago*
I see what you did ninja i see..
Mad Dog
Mad Dog:
I never knew about the place but now wish I could’ve gone before it went down in flames