HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Round 2 Crusaders v Hurricanes

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Published on Feb 23, 2019
HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Round 2 Crusaders v Hurricanes The Crusaders record a club record 17th straight win with a dominant 38-22 victory over the Hurricanes in Christchurch. #SuperRugby #CRUvHUR


That offload was one of the best I've ever seen by the fijian.
Marawan Adam
Marawan Adam:
Offloads from the Crusaders were spectacular, especially Mataele's, it was mesmerising.
Zaharuddin Yusli
Zaharuddin Yusli:
just look like ben lams face at that offload
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson:
Wtf is the offload for the 2nd try...
Pat Clements
Pat Clements:
that was insane. Mataele is a FREAK
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson:
It took until 3:35 for them to show a clip where the canes had the ball 😂😂😂
Neil Spence
Neil Spence:
That offload at 1:14 is one of the best ever
0:50 Is one of the best offloads in the history of the sport and THAT'S all the commentators had to say?
High Rolla
High Rolla:
Would love to see Mataele in a Fiji jersey
that body controlling...
Travis McCaig
Travis McCaig:
"wtf" -Ben Lam 2019
Giles B
Giles B:
What's up with the goalposts lighting up for conversions? Never seen that before.
d dog
d dog:
Surely it's only a matter of time before a French club goes in for Ben Lam
Why are the crowds so small??
Tu Sela
Tu Sela:
Ben Lam should be included in the All Blacks this RWC.
impressive Crusaders!
But did anyone notice they lost the BP in the end of the game?
Geordie Barrett - the only downy on the planet that's useful.
Marcus Flynt
Marcus Flynt:
I was so sad to see mataele get injured after and left the field
mauke mauke
mauke mauke:
Talents for the RWC
Off load of the century!
Allan Alberts
Allan Alberts:
Great win by saders but dont think they'd be happy with the last couple minutes with all those leaked tries.
Tuks Tuinona
Tuks Tuinona:
Manasa you freakshow 🤩
zombicide horde
zombicide horde:
38 vs 22 good match
Clark Oakey
Clark Oakey:
Is Scott becoming the best Barrett? Lol
Now go and try that against Ireland or England then?.
the Greatjon
the Greatjon:
Lot of *_empty seats_* for an all NZ match
Timothy Smee
Timothy Smee:
Crusaders dominated hurricanes that was one sided as you can get
might as well just give crusaders the trophy now
I Am Mr Berserker
I Am Mr Berserker:
this display by both of these teams is exactly why there is only one team gonna win the world cup in japan this year, the standard of local rugby is on a different planet to the rest...
Timothy Smee
Timothy Smee:
That's was really big hiding hurricanes receive from the crusaders
dai lewis
dai lewis:
I'm from wales but gutted we don't have a league like this it's awesome and much better than the shit we have in Europe.
Jean Delfortrie
Jean Delfortrie:
Escocivo 30
Escocivo 30:
Crusaders mange to blow a bonus point in the last few minutes.
Joaquín Fritzler
Joaquín Fritzler:
Por qué perenara comenzó en el banco?
g davies
g davies:
Someone please explain the bonus point system
mike dee
mike dee:
Defensive levels of Super rugby this year, so far, are poor. Not good for national sides.
First here.....or and poor 2nd 40 by the crusaders!!!
Chad Chad
Chad Chad:
Who is kicking for the hurricanes?? He must be dog shit
Jason Starkey
Jason Starkey:
Unbelievable offload! That’s what I call an ass whoopin
Mr Higgins
Mr Higgins:
That is the shittest starting Hurricanes lineup seen in decades. Oh well as long as the All Blacks are well rested and performing for the World cup then it's all worth it. Not one single fuck will be given about the Super Rugby winner in a few months time.