HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Round 2 Highlanders v Reds

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Published on Feb 22, 2019
HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Round 2 Highlanders v Reds Despite a second-half comeback from a gutsy Reds team, a late Dillon Hunt try ensured Highlanders took their 13th straight win at home. #SuperRugby #HIGvRED


A B:
"Smith,.... flat ball"

Yeah, good one.
so i guess the forward pass rule doesn't apply anymore
Steven Marx
Steven Marx:
Apart from the two forward passes that resulted in tries, this was a great game to watch. Fast-paced rugby the whole eighty!
!!!!! Jules
!!!!! Jules:
1:52 seriously no video call un super rugby ?
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter:
For a second I thought I was watching American Football with all the foward passes
Ben O'Reilly
Ben O'Reilly:
Aussie teams more competitive this year!
Neil Spence
Neil Spence:
Two forward passes that led to trys at 1:50 and 2:34 - TMO AFK?
The defenses are really weak back home in comparison to Northern Hemisphere rugby.
Giles B
Giles B:
Based on these highlights, that looks like a very shaky refereeing performance: massive forward passes leading directly to tries; players tackled without the ball and high...
Jack Taurua
Jack Taurua:
1:48 "Flat ball" my ass, Tom Brady throws those kinda passes all the time. Also if Moses Sorovi keeps playing like he did today, Chieka must call this kid up.
Skip Alexander
Skip Alexander:
The questionable decisions were consistent at least for both teams.
Professional Procrastinator
Professional Procrastinator:
Reds number 9 is the real deal. He was fire all game long! Tevita Li's defense is atrocious X)
there hasn't been a boring game this season yet and these Aus teams are finally showing some promise
Allan Alberts
Allan Alberts:
Great to see new blood stepping up wanting to impress in a RWC year.
Wade Sharp
Wade Sharp:
Great game! That Reds half back is awesome too..Both teams threw forward passes to score tries haha..Reds threw an extra one. Great start to the season
Nicol Moodie
Nicol Moodie:
How was the landers third try not reviewed? Shockingly forward, Shockingly obvious
Wojciech Kapustka
Wojciech Kapustka:
wtf is going on? 2 tries after forward passes. super rugby is going to be rugby nba. show must go on
Luke Armitage
Luke Armitage:
How do you guys not get the funding this is so much more exciting then the top 14 I'd love to see the best European players playing here
Cuzzy Bro
Cuzzy Bro:
The pass by Smith to Faddis looked forward and so did the pass by Naivalu to his #9, why don't they introduce a drone to fly overhead to track forward passing
1:50 forward
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson:
Huge forward pass from the highlanders (from Aaron Smith) for their third try
eshel ahrak
eshel ahrak:
This is a very questionable game....
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters:
Great match! More like this please! If only one could order a la carte.....
g davies
g davies:
Those Rede tries were something else! From a saders fan 👍
Travis rich
Travis rich:
Flat passes all round ref was great 👌🏾😌
kevin ruiters
kevin ruiters:
Higlanders lucky for the second time in a week.
Ryan Donaghy
Ryan Donaghy:
Do you not have assistant refs down south? At least two tries were completely obvious forward passes.
bookies said Highlanders by 20 points
federico fleming
federico fleming:
What a Match! Awesome
Those overlaps wide though 😕
Chris Du Toit
Chris Du Toit:
Aaahhh G-WIZZZ!!!!
That was a good game!
the goose
the goose:
More forward passes and try's short of line then 2nd graders
James Postle
James Postle:
Once again, NZ immune to the forward pass rule.
Brendon Joseph
Brendon Joseph:
Some fantastic tries.
Martin Araujo
Martin Araujo:
Great game of 9 of reds
Brandon Randall
Brandon Randall:
High tackle in front of the ref and he only calls knock on, what about the guy lying knocked out on the floor from the high tackle
Troy Stevens
Troy Stevens:
Ref had a shocker 😕
Bruce Laister
Bruce Laister:
Forward passes!!!!!!
Richard Hadfield
Richard Hadfield:
there are some questionable passes in this game
questionable decisions by the ref....
Scarface 4573
Scarface 4573:
Well done Reds so close anyway...
matias monteicno
matias monteicno:
Jordan Maze
Jordan Maze:
How has no one mentioned the hit on the Highlanders number 12 at 3:41?! He didn't have the ball, it was late, with no arms and then the Reds scored from it!
Joaquín Fritzler
Joaquín Fritzler:
Neozelandeses y australianos llorando por los pases foward en 3 2 1....
Mosese Vakasiuola
Mosese Vakasiuola:
Is it me or that flat pass by the Highlanders was a forward pass?
every non new zealand team is a winner against new zealand teams until 60 minute mark. at the 80 they come out as losers. i don't understand why other teams cant figure this out.
Jak Daxter
Jak Daxter:
1:50 Forward much?
Brett Garrod
Brett Garrod:
Watching the highlights of the games so far this weekend, several forward passes led to tries. Poor refereeing this week. Officials need to look at that. Spoils the contest, will affect the standard of Southern Hemisphere rugby unless it's addressed. Referees should be held to a citing system, similar to that applied to the players. If they make poor decisions, they should be banned for a period dependent on the impact the decision had on the game.
Batwing Kanikak
Batwing Kanikak:
I think rugby 🏉 must have the flag rule like grid iron (American 🏈 ) where oposing team can challenge a play for a ref to look at but the flag must be thrown with in 10 to 20 sec or something cause imagine a whole season being decided by a forward pass...& this whole thing thay the ball went bavk from the hand is BS...it's where the ball went not where it left from...forward is forward i can throw it forward by throwing it with a backward motion....