HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Week 1 Blues v Crusaders

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Published on Feb 16, 2019
HIGHLIGHTS: 2019 Super Rugby Week 1 Blues v Crusaders With Ma’a Nonu’s return to Super Rugby, the Blues brought the fight, but the Crusaders showed their championship pedigree to claim the win, 24-22. #SuperRugby #BLUvCRU


No missed conversion, no yellow card. Another season of highlights not shown. Plenty of time for the panoramic introductions, though.
Paulie G
Paulie G:
Good signs for the Blues.
Santos Vega
Santos Vega:
Why would you include pointless conversions in the video and leave the score deciding conversion out of it??? Come on, dude. The video editing should improve
monk fan
monk fan:
I've come here looking for highlights of the final play and you don't show it? Wtf how can you miss out the game defining play on a highlights package. Muppets
Groundhog Guns
Groundhog Guns:
shocking ref
alot of coaches on here. 🤦🏽‍♂️ pls fall back .. its only the start.
Surely Akira is taking the AB No.8 shirt when Read retires.
Bennie Beat's
Bennie Beat's:
Blues seems to improve.
Dennis Waithaka
Dennis Waithaka:
if akira misses the worldcup squad that will be disappointing
Shit reff did his best to make sure the blues dont win,
James Pattle
James Pattle:
Why not show that final conversion.... ?
A lot of improvements seen and if they would have taken their chances then yes...first five needs to practice more kicking in order to win tight matches, btw good to see Nonu back 😊😊😊
Michael Flood
Michael Flood:
Who's the idiot that missed the final conversion to draw the game?
Kiel Harvey
Kiel Harvey:
Jesus did anyone see how fast Reiko was when he turned and chased down bridges.. he said he had done some speed work 😳
Levi-samson tago
Levi-samson tago:
cant say the ref was bias, seen as he was willing to give the blues a game winning penalty, so its worse than that, he's incompetent along with his assistants.
horrible officiating
Jose Luis Capdevila
Jose Luis Capdevila:
why don't show the missed conversion!!???
I hope the blues have an awesome season this year.... unfortunate about tonight’s result but the future looks good
Nicolas Williams
Nicolas Williams:
To be fair...mo'unga also missed a lot
La Rugs
La Rugs:
Blues did good
ray aye
ray aye:
the blues as always lack solid forward pack to suit a fast game full stop!!! skills mobilty ticker fitness and unity the blue print for the modern day forward.
Adrien Vagana
Adrien Vagana:
Shocking by the ref
Barry Brown
Barry Brown:
If it wasn't for the missed conversion,the blues wud of won,ne mind otere next time OK.
Crusaders 12 penalties Blues 5 penalties. The ref somehow managed to find 2 penalty tries in favour Crusaders and ignore 2 obvious penalty tries for Blues
Patrick Jacobsen
Patrick Jacobsen:
Should had broke the bank to buy Quade.
This has been one hell of a first week
Talalelei Asiata
Talalelei Asiata:
Blues making there way up
FK that stupid number 10 that missed the conversion
Shake N Bake
Shake N Bake:
You telling me the blues missed a conversion close to the post at the end
Why the hell wasn't it in the highlights ffs
Auckland on the up, good sign for the RWC
Habits are hard to break - including losing!
Levi-samson tago
Levi-samson tago:
does any one know if there's a law about tackling the tackler.
you see it alot, and there is no law im aware off that allows that
Martin Coetzee
Martin Coetzee:
So someone missed a near sitter of a conversion to draw the game and it was not included. I think you should remove the word "HIGHLIGHTS" from the title.
Bridge is all class! Good effort from the Blues.
How to play rugby like a boss
S Bat86
S Bat86:
what happened in that scrum. The ball was put in before the ref even said bind
These stadiums are empty bro!! Do people not want to go or can't afford to go? Empty...
Brendon Olivier
Brendon Olivier:
Well-done blues just lost out to the best team in super rugby hope the blues can pick up this year and its great to see ma a nonu back
Niuean Laho
Niuean Laho:
Hard luck Blues......but showing some good signs of a team on the rise......
why are the crowds so small??? There cant have even been 10k at that game.
They did really good up against the top team
Jaime RC
Jaime RC:
Blues deserved better luck...maybe if the conversion and the penalties had been made they could've gotten the W.
Jeoffry Moeakiola
Jeoffry Moeakiola:
Can u please play highlights not snippets
Crusaders only won 'cos they were allowed to get away with all sorts o' BS at crucial times.
Harry Michaelson
Harry Michaelson:
He missed the conversion?
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser:
Close but too many errors on both sides
Mathew Mataira
Mathew Mataira:
that was a mean game go crusaders
Robert Waqairatu
Robert Waqairatu:
Lets go Bluess✊✊✊
Kruze N
Kruze N:
Crusaders 2019 Super rugby Champion
Richard Aspinall
Richard Aspinall:
An old rugby saying the first player picked for any team is a good goal kicker, the second player picked is the back up goal kicker .Always thought it made sense ,given that local derby games are nearly always close .What could this loss mean to the blues in a few months, maybe nothing maybe everything time will tell i guess .GO BLUES BEST OF LUCK. cheers
Daniel Wulf
Daniel Wulf:
Robbed by Ref!!