I Tried EVERY SLURPEE From 7-11!!!!

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Published on Jul 7, 2019
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Amber Clark
Amber Clark:
Cherry Slurpee for Alexei🍒😭.

If you know I love you
C&D Vlogs
C&D Vlogs:
Am I the only one who calls them slushies?
*doesn’t want to use straws to save the planet** PUTS PLASTIC LIDS ON ANYWAYS 😂
The “low calorie” slurpee is actually a good option for people with diabetes. Not “skinny queens” but us diabetic queens.
My local 7/11 barely has any working machines
what?!? you have that many flavors at your 7/11?!?! The ones around me never have more than like 4 flavors! I need me some cream soda!!!
Paul Normandin
Paul Normandin:
Lectures on not using a plastic straw...throws out 12 plastic lids...WTF
Georgia ._xo
Georgia ._xo:
Cherry slurpee😂(- you will only understand if you have watched stranger things)
Anas Tungo
Anas Tungo:
No plastic straws save the turtles and uother animals
Gets every PLASTIC cap for each onE
Simply Sabiee
Simply Sabiee:
Her cat at 6:06 scared the crap out of me. 😂😅
Maya Angeline
Maya Angeline:
Gets no plastic straw...but gets the pointless plastic lid 😣
Christiana Hewitt
Christiana Hewitt:
And she throws it away... Wasting food. Save the turtles but yet who gives a eff about starving people okay got you sis haha
Mariam Mimo
Mariam Mimo:
This reminded me of Alexei from Stranger things that just wanted a cherry slurpee
yeet to the corner
yeet to the corner:
The flavors at your 7-11 is way better than the flavors here in La loll
Giiiiirl!!!! You have to try the new slushies from Tim's! The blue one tastes exactly like white freezies (yum) and they also have a Jolly Rancher one with bits of candy in it! Ps. Loved the video as always 🥰
Vanessa Junkin
Vanessa Junkin:
is anyone else annoyed by the sound she makes with her lips after she sips it?
Lisa Edgeman aka Awesome Auntie
Lisa Edgeman aka Awesome Auntie:
Where I"m from We call them "Icee's " lol. But, My favorite is the dr. pepper 1. and the wild cherry.
Amira Mccullough
Amira Mccullough:
Samantha: doesn’t use straws to save the turtles

Also Samantha: uses plastic lids anyways 😂😂
Monica B
Monica B:
I wish my 711 had some of those flavors. I’m so bored of berry and cherry limeade lol
xxBeauty IsMyHappinessxx
xxBeauty IsMyHappinessxx:
I love the blueberry one c: and the sour patch
Jada Jackson
Jada Jackson:
My favorite slurpee is half pina colada and half cherry(I live in the U S) and I really love your Channel Sam and I want to literally be your best friend ily
Brittany Weatherford
Brittany Weatherford:
Blue raspberry is my favvvv💙
Love the video, but the background music is soo annoying!!
I'm actually considering going to Canada just for the slurpee flavors 😂
Lilli Browning
Lilli Browning:
6.07 look at her reaction and her cat lmao
Emma J
Emma J:
I'm in love with that shirt!!
It looks so good on you!😍❤️
Love you Sam!!
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee:
Woohoo! New video! Love ya
lena _
lena _:
Coke has more carbonation and compared to Pepsi, pepsi tastes way too sugary and Dr.Pepper is like coke but with a cherry flavour.

But my favourite slurpee is blue raspberry lemonade or lime.
Gorgeous! Love your shirt baby girl! ❤️🔥

Small YouTuber here
I'm surprised that you didn't mix them .
Grace Evans
Grace Evans:
0.39 looks like your cat’s tail walked through the video the background lol 😂🥰
And yes save the turtles!🐢
My favorite 7-Eleven Slurpee is the blue raspberry!
Mikledeepikle -
Mikledeepikle -:
Correct title:
*i got diabetes*
ashley rae
ashley rae:
2:19 anyone else confused why she dumped all it in the sink, it looks like lol
BabyElla Rose
BabyElla Rose:
Cap’n Crunch cereal slurpeeeee that one was amazing I wish they’d bring it back 😭
Holly Pop
Holly Pop:
I’ve had a birthday cake flavored 7/11 slush and it was SO BOMB so I agree we need more desert flavors lol
Alicia Dow
Alicia Dow:
Mmmm I want a slurpee nowww
Brittney Anglemyer
Brittney Anglemyer:
Love you sm!! PLEASE COME TO WISCONSIN, been a long time subscriber and I am needing to meet you😭😭😘😘
Michelle xo
Michelle xo:
I just got the cream soda and orange sour patch kids one
Heather Ehle
Heather Ehle:
I live you sooooooooo much. I thinl you are so gorgeous. I think you are such a better you since your breakup. BTW did you get a new tattoo on your arm.
Rachel McGill
Rachel McGill:
Your literally an inspiration,the best you tuber!!❤️love from dublin💜
*looks at the side of Pepsi can*

*coca - cola flavoured soft drink*
Hailey Munro
Hailey Munro:
blue raspberry crushhh
Tasha Clang
Tasha Clang:
I have been loving your videos so much recently! You seem so much happier and yourself! Love it!❤
Noemi Bernal
Noemi Bernal:
You didn’t include it but I love the banana slurpee!
Chelsea Mariee
Chelsea Mariee:
You should of mixed a small amount of each in a cup and tested it!!!! That would of been great 😂😂.... 💕
Fav slurpie: Jones soda blue bubblegum
Alex McCormick
Alex McCormick:
We don't have slurpies in northern ireland we have slushies but the only flavours are cola, red and blue 😂 mix of red and blue is amazing😂
Coke is way better than Pepsi! I definitely agree with you babe

Small YouTuber here
Julia Rose
Julia Rose:
Blue raspberry is my favorite! And I call them icees or slushy
Adina Amato
Adina Amato:
Coca-Cola mixed with cherry slurpee 🤤