'If KSI wins it's a month-long party' - Sidemen Vikkstar123 & Zerkaa | BBC Sport

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Published on Nov 8, 2019
SUBSCRIBE - KSI v Logan Paul 2 on BBC Sounds, including exclusive interviews and free live streamed commentary ➡️https://bbc.in/2p2pgw5 ========================================== Vik and Josh of the Sidemen look ahead to the fight between KSI and Logan Paul. If KSI win it's a month-long party. ============= SUBSCRIBE so you never miss out on our best videos ➡️➡️http://bit.ly/1sFodyu Uploads every Monday - Wednesday - Friday. ============= Find us here: BBC Sport: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBCSport/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCSport Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bbcsport/ #bbcsport #KSILoganPaul2 #KSI #sidemen #Vikkstar123 #Zerkaa 'If KSI wins it's a month-long party' - Sidemen Vikkstar123 & Zerkaa | BBC Sport


Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
So weird seeing Vik on a sports channel
O Davidson
O Davidson:
Harry will be doing big lines of ket to celebrate.
Comp Account
Comp Account:
Vikk waiting for that straight-party for a month with them EDM DJ's after JJ wins.
Fardin Rabbi
Fardin Rabbi:
Believe in JJ he got this
never did I think I would see Hey guys its me Vikkstar123 on BBC Sport talking about boxing
ngl, my Indian brother Vik would DESTROY Logan in Maths
A'n'B Gaming
A'n'B Gaming:
Vikk's there to find suitable competitor for him in maths trivia....
Vegana Marley
Vegana Marley:
Vikk and josh smiling after he said what happens after the win
H.D.S Tv
H.D.S Tv:
The guy responsible for Josh and Vik's cut out for the thumbnail had literally one job.
M1tch M4c
M1tch M4c:
I bet harry wants JJ to win for the party 😂❄️
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous:
Go easy on the drink lad 😂
John Davidson
John Davidson:
Can’t wait for Harry to pure abuse Justin beiber 🤣
Talha Hussain
Talha Hussain:
Imagine Deji just pops outta nowhere and says *November 9th*
Caleb O
Caleb O:
Shannon Briggs: he has legs and he is white
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer:
Vikk looking confident and comfortable on tele, loving to see that man mature
PandasAreLove PandasAreLife
PandasAreLove PandasAreLife:
*When JJ wins
Yoyo1 Fj
Yoyo1 Fj:
Vikk looking like he wants to answer all the questions
Adamib12 O
Adamib12 O:
anyone else notice that none of these interviews feature Harry?
Ryan Sheehan
Ryan Sheehan:
Not gonna lie, as a massive MMA and Sidemen fan it’s so fucking weird seeing the Schmo just cruising through in the background of a video with Vik and Josh lmao
“Watch what he’s eating” *flashbacks to viks tantrum when jj ate all the salmon in the sidemen video*
Imagine its a draw again
No one:
Eddie Hearn: 10oz headguard no gloves
Szander V
Szander V:
2019 KSI VS Logan Paul

2020 Vikstar123 VS Logan Paul
sasa ha
sasa ha:
I like how all the sidemen really back JJ up, no matter what.
Seeing the sidemen being featured on BBC and SkySports etc. is so sick lol.
They have come so far!
salim niazi
salim niazi:
If Logan loses yeah he'll be done if JJ loses it wouldn't change as much as we're thinking like the support the sidemen have globally is just incredible!
aqwd awd
aqwd awd:
Someone buy vik his first pint
I love the sidemen's interviews
I love how both Vikk and Josh handled that interview with ease. 😂😂 Interesting to see their point of view in this as opposed to people in JJs camp like Vidal or Leon.
Night King
Night King:
Interviewer: what did you do to support jj
Vik: We filmed 25 videos in advance with him
What this now, yeah? The BBC with a good interview? Big ups
Y'all know Vik's gonna blast that Indian music for 1 month straight, if jj wins
Its surprising to me as well how KSI is getting way more support than Logan in America. In the first US Press Conference, Logan was getting booed and in the recent public workout as well there were way more KSI fans than Logan fans.
YourAverage - Player
YourAverage - Player:
Interviewer: Asks question
Zerka: answering question
Vikk: take a sip from his drink every 30 seconds
Abdelrahim Khalil
Abdelrahim Khalil:
Simon chatting up that girl in the back :0
The thumbnail is so badly cropped its kinda hilarious
MiaCanny YT
MiaCanny YT:
Every like is every wish for Logan to be knocked out and JJ to win. Come on JJ!
1:50 SCHMO
I much prefer MMA over boxing but this fight is very interesting, not because of entertainment, but because jj has nothing to lose he’s a lot more liked than Logan, they both have the same amount of fans but more people hate him, I hope jj wins but I don’t think he would get memed as much as Logan would, as the uk fans we do not give a f.
Dan Ellis
Dan Ellis:
This is how many times vikk took a sip of his drink

Aoife Mulligan
Aoife Mulligan:
They did Josh dirty in the thumbnail😂
Armoured Phoenix
Armoured Phoenix:
BBC please work on your thumbnails. The cropping on this one is 😂
Alfie Malins
Alfie Malins:
KSI more consistent with fighting than McGregor 😂
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang:
I guess there’s gonna be a month-long party
MrSpikeyFear YT
MrSpikeyFear YT:
Harry hasn’t gotten interviewed yet... I wonder why
Aerial Arjex
Aerial Arjex:
Harrys lining up the ket n coke as we speak 😂😂😂
Well, looks like its gonna be a month long party
Day Ko
Day Ko:
I think JJ needs to remind people of that point. He is the one that called Logan out. He is the one that didn’t NEED this to happen.
Rayaan Saad
Rayaan Saad:
well, i guess its a month long party
Safet Huskic
Safet Huskic:
"World champion of the world" - Josh,2019
Init Init
Init Init:
“If” oof