Israeli Defense Firm Released Video Showing Destruction Of S-400 Radar

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
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South Front
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If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal: [email protected], or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ, BCH: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq, ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9
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Why make a promo video using only Russian equipment? Seems their looking to manufacture a provocation to me. Poking the bear with a sharp stick... Not a good idea.
Salmon RushDie
Salmon RushDie:
israel notorious for getting high on its own supply.
A L X Armed Liberation Xecutive
A L X Armed Liberation Xecutive:
Zionists aren't fly as much as they used to since S300 arrived in Syria.
Dank Memester
Dank Memester:
should have mentioned that the Pantsir system was disabled and had no munition loaded when it was attacked
John Smith
John Smith:
thinking about the consequences of your own actions is not weakness it's intelligence.Something that Israel is lacking lately.
roni sanjaya
roni sanjaya:
Fake propoganda news has being funded from zionist israel at this time videos..(crowded funded)
Komrade Kat
Komrade Kat:
A couple old flak88's would handle those harpy's.
Bill W
Bill W:
By deception they wage war, because war on equal terms is problematic for satan's minions.
The world will not have peace and progress till Zionism and capitalism cease to exist
Israel was a** kicked by hizbollah lmao
Am sure the Russians got some kind of Defense for S-400 Radar
more cartoons, from the sneaky jews,,
So much antisemitism in the comments. Smh. From an atheist
Binud basumatary
Binud basumatary:
Russia update new missile in syria .. 2019 version ..
Tom De sanctis
Tom De sanctis:
They'll never stop till one of us is dead
Ikhsan fahri pratama
Ikhsan fahri pratama:
Don't be upset. Israelis are responding russian military technology with animations?
You're right using the term" Israeli narrative"
Okay...I thought that there is a real footage of the S-400 being destroyed.

Instead I was showed Pantsir-s1s being destroyed.

Discerning Troll
Discerning Troll:
Clickbait! A Promotional video! I
When Israel dares to fly over Syria again will be the big test.
Something they have not done for a long time.
A few sneak shots with stand off weapons from Lebanon and Iraq.
Face saving exercises.
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez:
Wait, wait, the new ones s-12345679 are coming out soon..lmfao...
Dani Sanchez Ullan
Dani Sanchez Ullan:
Israel fake news!
Timothy Seeger
Timothy Seeger:
If they attacked a S-400 Battery we would be at war right now , Israeli PROPANGADA they don't want Turkey purchasing them is what this stunt is all about.
David Reynoso
David Reynoso:
Communist Nation beware Go Isreal 👍 God Bless.
Panzer Von Lowbrow
Panzer Von Lowbrow:
Awwwwww, quick come see, big brother and little brother are play fighting in the back yard...😉
Truthshock 5000
Truthshock 5000:
Putin still loves Netanyahu.
Sinisa Rudan
Sinisa Rudan:
please fix the title of the video!! you're misleading viewers that it really DID destroyed the S-400 radar and not that this is an animation
adib mouhanna
adib mouhanna:
Israel cold blooded murder
Liars beheaded many innocent Syrian children!!!
Tom John
Tom John:
Nice try
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano:
Beattle Bailey
Beattle Bailey:
we can't refute this information can we or else we go to prison or be beheaded!
SAA should get some camouflage lessons,theis positions and weapon systems are allways all too visible to the enemy
Michele Mo.
Michele Mo.:
practice goes above theory
Driver #ffgSUNSET #FF0033•ARMATA• #99FF33247TM
Driver #ffgSUNSET #FF0033•ARMATA• #99FF33247TM:
If it's true, I've saw missile of Russia hit the Netanyahu's office
thomas gellos
thomas gellos:
Wooo. I just got a nervous twitch thru my testicles lol
Thought Challenger
Thought Challenger:
I would like to see the ((( ))) government taken down a few notches.
Bit of click bait going on
Brian Deschanel
Brian Deschanel:
Im convinced South Front is a zio-shill.
Yeah. Russia can use Kraaguka or Avtobaza to capture that drone.
cordell Hughes
cordell Hughes:
Hypersonic Russian and Chinese nuke missiles. That's all they need.
Eki Rasche
Eki Rasche:
Dream on Bibi...
The s400 probably wasn't turned on.
Gristle McThornebody
Gristle McThornebody:
Glad to see my tax money is going to subsidize IAI
Saint Lucifer
Saint Lucifer:
If that would have been a Russian s400 manned by Russians the retaliation would have been the destruction of hafa
Kim Jakab
Kim Jakab:
Where is the video of confirmation?
AnalisiDifesaSistema 01001
AnalisiDifesaSistema 01001:
harun göç
harun göç:
Az Kaldı Türkiye Geliyor Hazırlanın ...
Philip Philos
Philip Philos:
dont provoke Israel power and divine intervention of the Father Almighty
Don Sonny
Don Sonny:
Of course it’s possible to hit and destroy the S400 , but this is the case with any weapons system no matter how advanced , only thing that’s needed is 100 or more missiles on the same target and you can’t intercept all atleast one will get through , to do it with a few even advanced missiles is very difficult but if done correctly of course it’s possible , question is what then ? There’s other such systems in area and now you will be targeted as a response perhaps sustaining much more damage and losses then the one system you destroyed , by the way Israel already used one of these kamikaze drones to hit a Syrian S1 Pantsir as the video they released shows a drone crashing itself into the Pantsir , of course they waited until it was being reloaded to approach otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance especially with a drone
those sneaky jews.... :)