Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Published on Jun 21, 2019
Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.


Emiliano G
Emiliano G:
Can we please get: Bob Lazer , Alex Jones , Eddie Bravo , and Neil Degrasse Tyson in one room?

-Everyone on Youtube
John Willson
John Willson:
Bob: I Worked on advance alien spaceship that can bend space and time.

Joe: Have you ever seen an orangutan that is fishing with a Spear?
bandit ofthesky
bandit ofthesky:
"I got enough hugs when I was a kid!"
Bob is genuinely telling the truth, anybody that thinks otherwise is the one wearing the tinfoil hat.
Thanks, Bob, Joe, and Jeremy. Great Podcast.
Prince Stephen
Prince Stephen:
Ditch the documentary. This podcast has much more information
Anthony Salvati
Anthony Salvati:
Oh my God...Stephen King has been cloned 😱😱😱
999 missed calls
Caller ID: Eddie Bravo
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
I’m not sure why, but I believe Bob Lazar.
James Pilkington
James Pilkington:
Everybody hating on Jeremy. Just remember if it wasnt.for Jeremy. This podcast wudnt exist. Joe got him to convince bob to speak.
Gwendal Granry
Gwendal Granry:
This guy is either the greatest actor in humankind history or he's just telling the truth
mike azevedo
mike azevedo:
I think one of the trippiest things about this is that this is only Americas UFO secrets
This podcast is 100% better than the documentary.
jesse rice
jesse rice:
The zeta-reticuli(sp) is the same star system Betty and Barney hill said their abductors were from...
Bob Lazar is the real life Gordon Freeman at Black Mesa
A moment of silence to whoever disliked this video and their miserable life.
matt s
matt s:
aliens taught bob how to speak without moving your lips
Ali May
Ali May:
He had me at “I put a jet engine in my Honda”
Maido Melker
Maido Melker:
That's why everyone is in Antarctica ... looking at Zeta 🧐
Chris Sons
Chris Sons:
Please!!! Get Bob Lazar and Elon Musk together on a podcast.🙏🙏🙏🙏
erick ramones
erick ramones:
This is like the fifth time, I watched this. I like to hear Bob tell his story.
Duane Schwingle
Duane Schwingle:
"These guys burn stuff and squirt it out the back to go forward" 😂😂
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas:
US government: We need someone to reverse engineer this technology.
US Agent: I saw a guy who fitted a rocket to his Honda
US Government: Bring him in.
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek:
I find it crazy that Bob Lazar claimed that element 115 existed 30 years before it was “discovered”.. To me that adds to his credibility.
Christopher Thomson
Christopher Thomson:
It's so obvious that Joe hates Jeremy with a passion lol
Reaper & Sylum
Reaper & Sylum:
When he said "why would doing this show do any good?" I was convinced - Whether the story is true or not, he believes it with his whole heart, and he doesn't look crazy, he actually denounces crazy UFO people.
jaq presbery
jaq presbery:
This podcast shits on the documentary. Good job Joey
D. W. V.
D. W. V.:
When aliens take DMT, they see Alex Jones
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
Frisbee Lost On Holiday:
If you pin your eyes open with matchsticks and fart you can impersonate Jeremy.
Gerardo Morales
Gerardo Morales:
Bob just describes things without the need for a grandiose point to keep you interested....Boastful n liars always have that need in order to keep you riveted....I hope Joe brings him in again soon.
Rational Ape
Rational Ape:
Bill Rhoasts
Bill Rhoasts:
I wish this podcast had lasted 3 hours.
This guy should be our leader in the Area 51 raid
Abducted By A Frisbee
Abducted By A Frisbee:
I'm guessing there must be a war on or a pestilence if we're getting all the immigrants from Rita Testiculi?
Bob: You can't penetrate the field around the reactor.

Joe: Have you tried using DMT to penetrate the field?
The best interview for awhile, by far.

Thanks 👍
Blockchain Rockerz
Blockchain Rockerz:
It would have been freaking hilarious if Eddie Bravo had shown up and told Lazar that the earth is flat and space is fake lmao ))))
Properly Duct
Properly Duct:
“This is top secret information, no one has evidence of this technology”

Joe: “Jamie, pull that up”
Edward Allen Walsh
Edward Allen Walsh:
Ancient tech vs alien tech....I dont even think Bob believes in aliens. Very honest man though.
Man Joe talks way too much near the end. Let Bob talk ffs. Do you realize the chance you have to talk with that man?
i hope joe brings back bob lazar without jeremy on the next podcast.
Sol Engbakken
Sol Engbakken:
Oh my god, I already feel like an outsider because i'm weird. The last thing I needed was to begin believing the us government hides ufo's 😂 bless bob ❤️
Nikolai Z
Nikolai Z:
Joe please if ever in your life if you read this please invite Bob Lazar back for another podcast without Jeremy
Jeremy: octopus!
Joe: (off mic) about a fist from your mouth bro
Toa Matau
Toa Matau:
Plot twist: he came out with this detailed story just to cover up the fact that he really was having an affair
Keifer Yurgaites
Keifer Yurgaites:
I wonder if Jeremy Corbell know how translucent he is on everything?
bring Lazar back Without the lumber jack.
Monica Blassingill
Monica Blassingill:
Joe putting olive oil on his head everytime the camera is cutting away
Andreas Tzimboukakis
Andreas Tzimboukakis:
Joe and Bob discussed how weird and crazy most ufo believers are and just after that (at 1 hour in) the bearded guy started going on a crazy rant
Zorasaphire 1701
Zorasaphire 1701:
I love watching these videos when you interview scientists and other people in various fields of study. Is there anyway that you can organize your YouTube page in a way to where I can see videos that fall under this category? I just scroll through the feed of your videos and see people's names. Most of the time, I don't know who they are and I wish I could tell what type of video It's going to be based on the title
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber:
Look up on YouTube "Jeremy Corbell Quantum Jiu Jitsu"... its crazy asf... I can't believe its the same guy. He's doing flips and mauling people wtf
Hassan Karimi
Hassan Karimi:
Made me chuckle when Bob mentioned the spacecraft had no bathroom.