Jon Snow meets Bran Stark at Winterfell | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 | 8x01

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
A scene from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1, in which Jon Snow meets Bran Stark and Daenerys Targaryen meets Sansa Stark upon their arrival to Winterfell. --- Related videos: Army Size Comparison: White Walkers Army of the Dead vs Army of Allies of the North: Night's King - The Canonical Story: Winterfell - a Tour around the Castle: --- I don't own rights to this video --- Thanks for watching and reading!


Yes Bran, we clearly needed to break up the tension with...more tension!
"we don't have time for this, we only have one season left" - Bran
Alli C
Alli C:
Dany is probably thinking "Dang, the Northerners are tall"
HY Productions
HY Productions:
Bran was like: Quit playing house.
Lyanna Mormont with the legendary stank face
I loved how bran got straight to the point.
Praveen Hudson
Praveen Hudson:
Bran: the wall is down, the dead are marching, we have no time
Jon & Dany shocked: what else did you see????
Nichole Kleppen
Nichole Kleppen:
1:23 Sansa sized her up πŸ˜‚
The tension between the two, I'm loving it ngl
Jon: It's so nice to see you Bran
Bran: wE HaVE No TimE TO LOSe iDIoT
Anyone noticed that Arya still doesn't care for doing proper greeting line ups but this time, she isn't forced to do it anymore and it's accepted :) 0:56
Kind of sad when Jon notices that Bran's not quite Bran anymore (0:39).
Eric Gehrung
Eric Gehrung:
Bran: β€œWe don’t have time for this...”


*Damn Right! There’s only 5 episodes left!*
Cleverson Santos
Cleverson Santos:
DAMN this guy know how everybody will die...
Bran is that weird kid who ruins a playground joke
Maya Habbert
Maya Habbert:
The height difference πŸ˜‚ I always forget how tall Sophie is!
Treat 4 Eyes
Treat 4 Eyes:
Bran is like ....guys party over...cmon get in line we have to fight
Bran was creepy af, literally waiting for anyone that walks through a door lol
Bortami Lotarko
Bortami Lotarko:
Bran: its nice that we are all here now.. about everything that is hopeless in this world... 5 seconds later.. everybody else: :(
Bran was more emotional to see Jon than Sansa or Arya. He even smiled a little.
There is literally no scene where everyone acknowledges that the night king HAS A FREAKING DRAGON NOW.
Emmet Stone
Emmet Stone:
Daenerys' face was all, *please tell me that's all you saw*
Bran: *I see everything*
Daenerys: *FML*
Koujou Yamaguchi
Koujou Yamaguchi:
Jon: Look at you. You're a man!

Bran: Almost? (In case you've not watched the past episodes, I'm the Eyed Raven now. 😏)
Pilou Pilou
Pilou Pilou:
The best moment is when he meets JAIME!!!😱😱😱
PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200
PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200:
best bran line in years
Tonio Broly
Tonio Broly:
Bran save Jaime life on the next episode
terry waller
terry waller:
The north just got 20 degrees colder.
Bran: We dont have time for this!!!

also Bran waiting whole night to meet jaime
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart:
Bran is the only character who knows there's no time for this game crap
abdul dennaoui
abdul dennaoui:
When bran said I'm waiting for an old friend I thought he was referring to samuel not Jamie.
ming ninh
ming ninh:
Brans critical eye on Dany...;-)
no name
no name:
Bran smiling at Jon and everything.
books from Windblown
books from Windblown:
I wonder what will be the future of House Targaryen, will they take up residency in Dragonstone an already existing one. Or make a new home in Winterfell.
Anna 18
Anna 18:
Jon's relief when he saw Bran and how he rushed up to him tho 😍
Kristjan Kangro
Kristjan Kangro:
Those dead eyes... I mean, the old Three Eyed Raven at least had some kind of a personality and cared about the things happening around him.
Bran, on the other hand, looks and speaks like he had a lobotomy.
*jon:* look at you, a man :)
*bran:* haha :)
*jon:* ... :/?

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ bran was amazing this episode
Bran be like: BAM SPOILER
James R
James R:
0:39 Ooooookaaay...Sansa!!! Hey, longtime no see...
devesh goswami
devesh goswami:
Bran is best version of hemidal
What if all this is bran watching a dream... And at season 6 he wakes up and find a solution...
margareth michelina
margareth michelina:
Bran be like: Sorry ladies, White Walkers are important than your stupid game of manipulations
I was more emotional on this reunion of Jon N Bran. You can see in Jon's face and kiss on forehead... and finally a little smile on Bran's face. Now I remember, when Jon left, Bran was in coma and didn't have chance to say a proper goodbye.
The thumbnail screams thug life
"We don't have time for this, we only have 6 episodes this season..."
Stacy Metcalf
Stacy Metcalf:
bran sure makes buzzkill just hilarious 🀣🀣🀣
Vasilisa Leh
Vasilisa Leh:
In the trailer, Jamie screamed Bran!?
Jon takes 6 seconds for from hugging Bran to hugging Sansa. :) @0:45 - 0:51
Bran is the ultimate party killer
Apolo Creed
Apolo Creed:
Like mi ex when we saw after a month when we where a couple
Naeem Shaikh
Naeem Shaikh:
bran has no manners ...
K S:
Bran speaks sense...We don't have time for all these(aka Sansa glaring, Jon being all emotional and all
, Dany trying to be friendly and all)