Journalism's Corporate Sponsors | May 22, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Published on May 23, 2019
Corporations are snatching up news outlets and cleaning house, but now you can buy toilet brushes from the same place you get your headlines! Subscribe: Follow Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Medium: #SamanthaBee #FullFrontalSamB


Diogo L.
Diogo L.:
remember, you are watching this on a capitalist platform 😂..
john smitty
john smitty:
this anti capitalist piece had advertisements before it
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez:
How are we making paper mache now??
Warning. Comment section almost completely filled with people who totally missed the sarcasm and took the "Anti-Capitalist" byline WAY too seriously.
Jabez Sintayehu
Jabez Sintayehu:
Smells like broke in here
2:34 What they lied? They are only supposed to lie to their members, not to their advertisers. Honor amongst thieves.
Christian 78
Christian 78:
Why is this trending with ways less views in 24 hours than many other videos? Oh.....yeah....
Brandon Frazier
Brandon Frazier:
Literally watching this on my phone....
Tbs is a dying network
Troy T
Troy T:
Not gonna lie,

I’m only here because the thumbnail made her look like Marge Simpson.
Nicholas Page
Nicholas Page:
We have Bill Clinton to thank for the state of journalism in the US. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 paved the way for media cross-ownership, which allowed large corporations to purchase and condense media outlets. The US went from hundreds of privately owned media companies to 6 companies owning all mainstream media. As a result, those very corporations began controlling the content delivered on their respective outlets to be corporate friendly and to push propaganda for capitalism and the military industrial complex. You want to save journalism? Get rid of the Telecommunications Act and support independent journalism until mainstream news is no longer owned and controlled by corporations.
prod. simplejack
prod. simplejack:
This is why independent media is important!
Ice 487
Ice 487:
Oh, you thought that was bad?

**cough cough copyright abuse**
James Barrowman
James Barrowman:
5:00 is why I love Samantha Bea
Steve P
Steve P:
Would learn to code be a helpful suggestion?
I support and I'm subscribed to Milwaukee journal sentinel.
SS Robs
SS Robs:
How's this still make it to Trending?
Dylan Gordon
Dylan Gordon:
trending with 100k views?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
YouTube definitely didn't have anything to do with this being on trending. I'm sure this is well deserved.
Ehh, I don't agree that the appetite for news is "insatiable". After about an hour a day, I'm done. I think it's the 24/7 news cycle that's killing journalism. There's simply not that much that's actually newsworthy in a 24 hour period, so 90% of what you see on news sites is either irrelevant news or opinion pieces - news sites just trying to fill space on their home pages.
Pip R. Lagenta
Pip R. Lagenta:
Wait! Did Samantha Bee just hint that she used to date Neil Gaiman?
Alex S
Alex S:
Tim pool has been pointing this out weekly for months and is independent
New Message
New Message:
"Hey! We're trending!!


- The Fuddruckers Social Media Team.
Joe Petri
Joe Petri:
YouTube’s trending tab is useless.

How much did TBS pay to get this nonsense on there??? #IRONIC
Zach Blakeslee
Zach Blakeslee:
So whats the solution? State run media? Cause that sounds reeeeeaaaal independent.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
3:02 we’re watching you 👀
Isabela Sabbatini
Isabela Sabbatini:
Rose McIver. On Christmas Prince. She's also awesome on iZombie.
AC130 Inbound
AC130 Inbound:
Can someone timestamp when they laughed, I didn't laugh but my stomach hurt about halfway through
Susanne Yuk-ping Pong
Susanne Yuk-ping Pong:
Why are people so pro-corporations? They want to control your lives more than the government ever will.
Ethan Pierce
Ethan Pierce:
161k views and on trending. No bias here, nope, never.
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell:
I tapped on this video and will never watch it, just to make fun of the pose she is doing with her hands on her hips. Ha ha.
Michael Burry
Michael Burry:
#13...? REALLY...? With not even 180k views after a FULL DAY ON THE TRENDING PAGE. AND with a 20%+ dislike. WHY IS THIS HERE? Because THEY PAY for it. Stop callling it "Trending" and call it what it is- "Promoted".
Honky Lips
Honky Lips:
Google "white couple"
Then Google "black couple"
Review the images-

Good luck with the future kids...
Journalism is dying because people the corporate media will never challenge power centers in this country, namely other corporations and the ultra wealthy. Instead we get garbage "horse race" coverage of politics and culture. They're happy to cover the horse race, unwilling to investigate why in 2019 we still beat horses to death making them run in circles to feed the nation's gambling addiction. (It's a metaphor, people)
_We are forcing the lifeblood of democracy to rely on the whims of power-hungry zillionaires._

Um, that was a problem throughout the 19th century and continues to this very day. Or do you think Pulitzer and Hearst were dedicated to wealth equality?

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Eat the Rich
Eat the Rich:
my lord the dislikes did they actually watch the vid
Broke Mr Turtle
Broke Mr Turtle:
Is this ring around your neck where you practice fitting the rope?
big big boi
big big boi:
151k on trending, thats so embarrassing lol
Stephen Dedalus
Stephen Dedalus:
Suckerberg is trying to destroy democracy?! No way...
If I'd just read the summary for this episode I could've avoided that genital leeches ad.
Frankie Cal
Frankie Cal:
Gulag for her.
Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor:
the monopoly laws need to be acted upon more to stop this kind of thing
Russian Bot
Russian Bot:
I remember her from the fail compilation 😂
It feels like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are going to end democracy
Fuddruckers still exists?? I thought it was Thanos snapped along with RadioShack, Blockbuster and my personal favorite...Circuit City.
Tbs owned by Warner media. Revenue in 2018. 33 billion dollars.

Samantha bee net worth 7 million dollars
Joe Sheridan
Joe Sheridan:
Disabled Ad blocker on news site at its request. News site immediately becomes unusable looking like the popup ad viruses from the 90s.
SFC spectacular
SFC spectacular:
Why does her hand gestures imply she’s begging 🤔she keeps leaning forward and opening her palms lol
Test Account
Test Account:
Learn to code.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman:
#11 on trending street