Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps It

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Published on Oct 19, 2019
Last one to remove their hand kept the boat! New Merch - SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG In this video MrBeast will do a funny challenge with his friends for $10,000 where everyone try to be the last to leave. This video challenge is for entertainment but it is not a prank. A real boat worth over $10,000 is being given away all for the fun of it. I also started a new tiktok which is similar to vine which you should check out. If you like my videos you might also want to check you PewDiePie’s Try not to laugh series. ---------------------------------------------------------------- follow all of these or i will kick you • Facebook - • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------


Subscribe or Chandler will cry
This is how many attempts Chandler needs
Aaliyah Hapa
Aaliyah Hapa:
“Tell that to Jacob, I bit him earlier”

Chandler 2019
Arinze Okoli
Arinze Okoli:
Who else is starting to think that being one for MrBeast’s friends friend is one of the most high paying job in the world
Filip Gaier
Filip Gaier:
next challange: the person to be named Chandler wins

somehow he still loses
Cookie x milk Studios
Cookie x milk Studios:
Chris: chandler, you know your going to lose. So whats the point in staying here?

Chandler: well i wanna throw a dart

Can I get 10,000 subscribers without no videos
Can I get 10,000 subscribers without no videos:
*_If Chandler likes to eat so much why don't you do a challenge about eating_*
ryan tucker
ryan tucker:
"Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier."--Chandler-2019
Razor Phantom
Razor Phantom:
Chris:*rocks the boat back and fourth*

Also chris next scene: “seawater makes me very sick🤢
Commit Toster Bath
Commit Toster Bath:
If chis really wanted to scare everyone else he should have told them about the oarfish
"I wished I sucked so bad ,I could get a secondchance"

-Chris 2019

Mojoslam Boss
Mojoslam Boss:
This is how many people are disappointed in Chandler

lilyann mcclain
lilyann mcclain:
"There is no possible way you could lose with a 2nd life"

Chandler - "hold my binoculars"
Kaitlyn :3
Kaitlyn :3:
Beast: "First one to lose this challenge gets my YouTube channel."
Chandler: Wins
Maliope Skull
Maliope Skull:
Jimmy: I’m 6’3

Everyone: *Pikachu Face Meme*
can we rename chris' last name to weighted vest now?

chris weighted vest
Petition to make a mr beast island

[CGM] Sleo
[CGM] Sleo:
Mr beast:binoculars for 5 mins
2 mins later
Chandler: *Looks directly at the sun* THE SUN
I swear everybody loses these things when their brains are on autopilot.
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan
Poni Koji Jede Kroasan:
Teacher: What is your goal in life?

Me: I wanna be friends with Mr. Beast
“well tell that to jacob. i bit him earlier” the way i cackled-
Troll & co
Troll & co:
Dress up as a homeless man and give $10,000 to anyone who donates to you
Worreiyo Alungnao
Worreiyo Alungnao:
Chandlier: I'm Good in Food

MR. Beast: Lets do a Food challenge then.

Chandlier: Get choke on food.
FredGamer5126 M.A
FredGamer5126 M.A:
It is funny to see chirs talk smack about chandler losing but then losses at the end
I can’t even😂 Chandler- “ArE tHeY oN?”

Kallie c;
Kallie c;:
"Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier"

Drew Rohner
Drew Rohner:
there’s no way you could possibly lose after having a second life

chandler: observe
Olivia Kastrup
Olivia Kastrup:
“Oh no the government is onto us” I laughed so hard XD
Ashlynn Brendlinger
Ashlynn Brendlinger:
“Tell that to jacob i bite him earlier!”
Azu Musa
Azu Musa:
Chris: makes a dart trickshot
sign me up for dude perfect
Jianna Vega
Jianna Vega:
Next challenge: The person who eats the most gushers wins

Chandler: my time has come
prostě maty
prostě maty:
MrBeast I have another challange for your friends: Last guy who leave cage of birds wins 20 000$
Cate the Great !!!!
Cate the Great !!!!:
This is how many times chandler has lost a challenge
Groovy Gravy
Groovy Gravy:
Mr. Beast: "Everyone on Earth gets $30,000"

Chandler: **Flies away on a rocket ship**
Hydraguy 333
Hydraguy 333:
This is the amount of challenges Chandler has lost
Chandler: "dies"

God in the afterlife: let's give Chandler another chance because it's chandler

Edit: OMG thank you for 1.7k likes everyone it has made my day!
KpopEdits _Only
KpopEdits _Only:
"Yeah a lot of gas!" Thats what I wish for
This is how many chances Chandler should get on each challenge

Gacha _Storyz
Gacha _Storyz:
2019: Save the trees!
2019: 5:30 *throws plastic in water* 💀
Jaxon Daly
Jaxon Daly:
MrBeast gives away things but the people competing lose their sanity.
Emily Bergevin
Emily Bergevin:
jim 2019: gives yachts to friends
jim 2029: gives cities to friends
jim 2039: gives continents to friends
Chandler: loses
Also Chandler: I'll do it again
BTS is my life!! BTSXARMY
BTS is my life!! BTSXARMY:
“Tell that to Jacob I bit him earlier” hahah
Chris: "I'm sure Jake will let me ride on the boat every now and again, so that's better than nothing"
Mr. beast: "You are gonna sell it right?"
Jake: "Yes"
Rose Gore
Rose Gore:
Did anyone else realize that chanler is no on the cover
clumsy duck
clumsy duck:
Chandler: dies
God: returns him to life

Chandler: *dies again in 30 mins*
Isabella Chloe
Isabella Chloe:
PLOT TWIST-Jake sells the boat and Chris buys it
Chase Clemons
Chase Clemons:
Being Mr Beasts friend is officially the highest paying job of 2019
Mari Alfaro
Mari Alfaro:
Could you just make a challenge that is easy for Chandler
LowFood Z
LowFood Z:
The second time Chris messed up chandler