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Published on Jul 11, 2019
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LAURENT KOSCIELNY IS AN UTTER DISGRACE! for trying to leave, but arsenal fans want zaha to force a move so they can buy him.
Isn't this what everyone wanted zaha to do?
Battalion lead
Battalion lead:
Arsenal Logic : give away Ramsey for free
Hold on to dead legs like Kos
L 1
L 1:
“Take the captaincy off him..
and then get him gone”

Like he was going to leave an still be the captain, DT you actual clown.
Rayon Clarke
Rayon Clarke:
He is really helping us cause now we will get a defender so I’m happy he did this
that facial hair is horrendous
Joash Naidoo
Joash Naidoo:
"You are an employee of Crystal Palace. You have a contract with Crystal Palace. You are paid by Crystal Palace" - Crystal Palace board to Zaha

"Zaha needs to kick up a fuss to get Palace to let him join Arsenal" - Arsenal fans

Andrei Cossack
Andrei Cossack:
Are we not thesame fans that wants Zaha to force a move ?
You have no idea what went on behind the scenes, I expect he’s probably justified in his actions.
Jack Warburton
Jack Warburton:
Calling a player a disgrace when you want Zaha to do it 😂😂
andrew aj Jones
andrew aj Jones:
I don't agree with his actions....however we are now officially a joke club...and I don't blame anyone with ambition trying to leave. Furthermore...we want Zaha to do the same.. FFS..
Dezmond Jacobs-Kamara
Dezmond Jacobs-Kamara:
This Kos situation just told the in depth of Arsenal
Fern Gully
Fern Gully:
When you are digging a pit dig two. DT your friend Robbie was basically trying to tell Zaha to throw his club in the pit to force a move out, now Robbie got thrown into his own pit by LAURENT KOSCIELNY life is what you make it. Time for Robbie to Repent!!!
Abishek Ganendran
Abishek Ganendran:
Banter fc just keeps on getting better 😂
Dillon Whitton
Dillon Whitton:
Koscielny: “we play for the badge”
Mr Manunited
Mr Manunited:
Not like he’ll be starting anyway, what’s the whining about?
CK Muan
CK Muan:
He making sure we sign a new defender... Proud my captain
Why not get Saliba and loan Koscielny back to St Ettiene.
Sam O'Donnell
Sam O'Donnell:
You’d be fine with Zaha doing it but when your own player does it he’s a disgrace
namallan namallan
namallan namallan:
I think DT is a disgrace not koscielny...koscielny might be making a mistake(because nobody apart from koscielny and those inside the club can tell u the complete story)...despite all that koscielny has given his best for the club...there was a time he was at his peak and was wanted by top clubs but he stayed with us and i think we should give him a little break here..i dnt knw why fans look at this players as some machines just because they re paid(they re still human beings)..nd u DT makes mistake in your life nd your workplace doe that makes you a disgarce???
Theo Cena
Theo Cena:
The world
The world:
current arsenal team situation even old and dead legs of koc are hesitant to commit their future
Sell him over his valuation and get another centre back this is perfect
I'm done criticising players who want to leave. RVP wrote a letter to Arsenal fans saying he left because the club has no ambition. Looks like he had the last laugh and the club is a joke now. The same can be said for the Pogba situation. I don't blame him for wanting to abandon that sinking ship to play for a serious club like Real Madrid. I blame Arsenal for not selling Kos and many others before it got to this point. They need to get rid of the bloody deadwood. Sell them for cheap and get them off the wage bill ffs. Arsenal will always have issues like this until they start acting like a serious club.
Muzammil Parkar
Muzammil Parkar:
Oh so Zaha can force a move but Koscienly can't?
Mike John
Mike John:
It's only a club like arsenal would make Koscielny feel like Ronaldo
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith:
I don’t blame Koscielny and I’m actually quite happy this is the situation. This could force Arsenal’s hand in getting a quality new CB, especially since saliba ain’t coming til next year.

And DT, you’re an ass for ripping in Koscielny. He has been an exemplary player for this club and we should honor his wishes and move him on before we lose even more on his valuation, no matter how small it may be. Every penny counts.
so the fans can be pissed off with the club but not the players?
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz:
Make him give his wages to charity for the whole season. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. (I'm a Liverpool fan)
peter konto
peter konto:
Look at the diffrence between big clubs and banter clubs ...Real madrid and barcelona want to sign the great brazilian neymar and arsenal have just signed a brazilian farmer from the lower divisions..😎😎😎
Aiden johnson
Aiden johnson:
Beard game is strong 💪GANG GANG LOL💪
Who cares honestly, get him out of here man he's rubbish 😂
Dominic Colasanto
Dominic Colasanto:
Sell him , he's finished anyway
Tabs T
Tabs T:
Do you blame him? Arsenal are a joke and will finish in 10th
kiefer sutherland
kiefer sutherland:
Mustafi - most undesirable CB at Arsenal. Laurent - "hold my drink"
True cockney i detest the bbc
True cockney i detest the bbc:
Have a shave ffs it really aint a good look ☹and while ya doing that bin the hat its atrocious
Ghufran Uddin
Ghufran Uddin:
I rate Koscielny. We are trying to do the same for Zaha. So I'm not gonna be a hypocrite about it.
Wtf has happened to his skin?
L Omar
L Omar:
Why though I wanted arsenal to sell kosienly he wants to leave
He was finished 2 years ago ffs
Jake Gibbs
Jake Gibbs:
I don’t blame him wanted to leave Arsenal all you lot do is talk rubbish about him
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly:
We should take even 5 mill for Kosielny&Mustafi!!!
Stephane Gowrea
Stephane Gowrea:
DT is telling us things that we already know 🤣😂🤣 his basically watched an hour of sky sports news and just repeated everything
A Con
A Con:
Remember when you mugs thought he was the best defender in the Premier......😂😂😂
Kojo Amra
Kojo Amra:
It's the best news we've had all summer...all we need now is for
Xakha, Ozil,Mustafi, to do the same and we could be looking at a good transfer window.
Billy Schmit
Billy Schmit:
Stop his pay simples fkin cnt he is, L.K shouldn't be acting like that D.T
mon philes
mon philes:
Says he man who feed his son to the wolf 🐾
Derek Joshua
Derek Joshua:
you believe koscielny thinks the club would release him on a free when he's a starter and arsenal have no depth at center back? nuts! he just doesn't want to get cazorla-ed or welbeck-ed, i.e. released when injured. it's a different arsenal and he knows the club won't take care of him. he wants to secure his future. extend his contract or sell him.
Marco Fürst
Marco Fürst:
This is the Story of our so called Leaders at this Club. Problems everywhere and No end in sight.
Ibrahim Ansari
Ibrahim Ansari:
He could of been a club legend but this has killed all of that.