Little Women: Atlanta - The Tiny Twinz and Abira Set It Off (Season 5) | Lifetime

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Published on Jul 19, 2019
Sparks fly when Juicy and Minnie's attempt at reconciliation between Abira and the Tiny Twinz goes south in this clip from Season 5, Episode 16, "Burying the Hatchet with Ms. Ratchet". #LittleWomenATL #TinyTwinz #MsJuicy Subscribe for more from Little Women: Atlanta and other great Lifetime shows: Learn more about the ladies and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive Lifetime content: Website - Facebook - Twitter - In "Little Women: Atlanta," a clique of little ladies tackle the daily challenges that come with being a little person while proving they are the true queens of Atlanta. Lifetime® is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to providing viewers with a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning original movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming. A favorite and trusted network for women, we are continually building on our heritage by attracting top Hollywood talent and producing shows that are modern, sexy, exciting, daring, and provocative. Visit us at for more info.


Shara Harry
Shara Harry:
Abira is taking her frustration for her lack of success out on the twins. It’s frustrating seeing someone with no talent making it over you but she needs to chill
Popular Post
Popular Post:
Juicy actually looks like a fresh mango 🥭
Kelly Perez
Kelly Perez:
Why Andrea always the one arguing like Amanda is so chill.
Blue is Juicy's color 😩😍😍😍 I actually loved the season finale
Kelly Waters
Kelly Waters:
Dang Miss Juicy looks fantastic in BLUE, how pretty
Chay A.
Chay A.:
Minnie just be cracking me up lookin like somebodies Auntie
They need to get Abira a new wig and a stylist and check her attitude. Shes a hater fa real.
Angelica Ford
Angelica Ford:
i can’t get over the fact someone said abira look like Jamie foxx 😭😭😭🤣
Abria, atleast push your wig back to your natural hairline. Atleast that.
Lil_ Baby
Lil_ Baby:
@2:14 Andrea trying to say “Lil vicious” but instead her lisps makes it sound like “Lil fishes”😭😭😂😂
Justin Williams
Justin Williams:
Abira and these party city wigs 😐🙄
Phat Barbie
Phat Barbie:
At this point abira is annoying and very immature
Sis get it together
Every time she come around the twins her attitude is stank
This whole thing about music is lame... All of sudden everybody trying to do music 🤦🏾‍♀️
Kim Hicks
Kim Hicks:
So over Andrea and her attitude she shoulda had that same energy with Chris...
I’m sorry but abria does owe the twinz an apology, because the way she was yelling during their performance, that’s why AL told her to get out the way 😂😂
Chloë Howell
Chloë Howell:
The twins getting places minnie and juicy really love one another
L Ol
L Ol:
This show really becoming little love & hip hop
vanessa Royal
vanessa Royal:
Abira needs to let that "starter wig" go
Kimberly M.N.
Kimberly M.N.:
Oh please who are they kidding. That tour won't make it past Decatur!!
The. ERIN.
The. ERIN.:
If only she had the same courage to leave Chris
Jazzy J
Jazzy J:
I need abira to let someone install a human hair weave in her head instead of these beauty supply store synthetic wigs with the barely there parts. U in ATL boo that’s hair/weave capital of the world. Gotta do better especially with this tour
Shara Harry
Shara Harry:
No. It wasn’t the alcohol. Alcohol makes you who you really are. You just ratchet.
Amanda Caribbean baby
Amanda Caribbean baby:
The twinz are really trying to grow as individuals. They have come so far, but Abira needs to stop telling lies. The Twinz NEVER had an issue with Abira. It was abira who started the drama and picking on the twinz constantly. She needs to apologize to them.
Karen Winston
Karen Winston:
I love Bump man and The Tiny Twinz!! He’s so chill!! 😎
She Is Power
She Is Power:
Ms Juicy baby!!!😍😍😍 She looks absolutely GORGEOUS in this clip❤🔥👑🙌
light shadow
light shadow:
That tour is going to be mess and it probably will go up in flames. It's sad really
Ms Moni
Ms Moni:
Bump Man (Lil 50 Cent) 🎶
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy:
Miss Juicy don’t put yourself in harms way. They always worried about people talking about lil people but, they are doing it to themselves. The disrespect is horrible ......
Don't touch my curls
Don't touch my curls:
Since they call you lil fishes 😂😂😂....trying to say vicious
its kc_quenn
its kc_quenn:
Abiras just jealous meihnn
Alexandra Osuna
Alexandra Osuna:
Miss Juicy is looking cute now that she’s loosing weight, keep it up!
Elaine Anderson
Elaine Anderson:
I like how Minnie and Juicy is bringing peace when there is money on the table. Boss Up fr!
Cream Barber
Cream Barber:
twins are so adorable, hair is on fleet!!!
Mollie Poppen
Mollie Poppen:
When the camera is on Abira I cannot unsee Jamie Fox 😭😭
Shug Says
Shug Says:
- queeeeen of atlanta 💗
Kat Grootboom
Kat Grootboom:
Andrea is annoying sometimes...I just want her to grow up and Abira is lame🙄and doesn't she have children as well??
Miss E
Miss E:
"Me and Minnie really and honestly can't stand each other!" 😂😂 Poor Bumpman in the middle of all these females. He right to stay TF out of it.
Brenda Laprince
Brenda Laprince:
Bump man is pretty cool. Abira is a little to ghetto. I think she's jealous of the twins. She has to understand if the crowd likes her as an individual, they will buy her music. If they like the twins they will support them. Stop hating on the twins, and focus on you Abira.
Henry Ga
Henry Ga:
Am I the only one liking the new Minnie? 😂She’s getting things done as well as juicy.
Retha Lennon
Retha Lennon:
Twins, I know you don't want none of Abira, Fact ,
Tanisha Mangope
Tanisha Mangope:
They're gonna embarrass that woman and they gonna embarrass themselves. There is no point in going on this tour..
Ria Green
Ria Green:
Andrea is super mouthy, I wonder can she really fight 🤔
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez:
I love the tiny twins❤❤
Toi's World
Toi's World:
*The twins are so adorable & Feisty.* 💕
Kairo M
Kairo M:
Mmmh twins calling abira ugly, what do they think they look like?
Melissa Molina
Melissa Molina:
Minnie looking like someone’s auntie with that hair 😅
Anisti B
Anisti B:
Love ABIRA & TWINS. Like please let’s not degrade Abira. All beautiful females
Jordan Saragosa
Jordan Saragosa:
Juicy looks really nice right here.
Erica Sudduth
Erica Sudduth:
Lil Jamie foxx roll your eyes one more time
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel:
I honestly understand where Abira is coming from when it comes to Minnie doing more for the twins. They did have everything handed to them, they’re not real artist. But the way abira acts sometimes is ANNOYING. I think abira should look for her own manager or get it on her own. Minnie will forever favor the twins. Juicy is a better manager and lost weight 😍. Andrea needs to chill on her attitude, have that same energy when it comes to Chris 🤷🏽‍♀️