Live: Pictures of Paris's iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral on fire | ITV News

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
France's famous Notre-Dame Cathedral is burning, with video showing the building flaming and billowing smoke. More here:


Robert Leather
Robert Leather:
If only they had built the roof out of scaffolding, because that sucker is still up there!
A terrible thing to happen. Although it's only a building, and buildings can be rebuilt.
A hope the injured fireman recovers.
Matthew McPhillips
Matthew McPhillips:
What a beautiful building, what a sad day.
Did you try turning off the switch?
daniel childofgod
daniel childofgod:
It was the hunchback fault he was ringing the bell so hard while smoking a cigarette and eating cheese and bread at the same time
While flicking the ash from his cigarette a small Amber fell into his raggedy clothes and as his clothes was burning he started running everywhere in the building and that's how he spread the fire I saw the whole thing I will testify in court we we Messier
Arsenio Tungcab
Arsenio Tungcab:
it's a heartbreak to see this church which stood for more than 900 years was destroyed by a fire.
Stuart Macleod
Stuart Macleod:
It 800 years old and live through two world wars and now it gets damaged
Paul Marsh
Paul Marsh:
Inspector clouseau and doo doo. Want to talk to the workman wearing yellow vets and hats ?
Angel White
Angel White:
The picture we see is one of a cross all shiny in all the ruin in black .one Q why has the candle s on each side not melted. ..
Diogo O Ibérico
Diogo O Ibérico:
This is Notre-Dame burning. This is how France will end.
John Smith
John Smith:
And then this morning one of the news feeds was dominated by a loudmouthed pair of american twats giving their expert opinions about why the roof burned as it did, how ladders are so much bigger in the usa and how much better all american firemen are trained. All done no doubt to convince the american masses that Paris is really just another city in the good ol' usa.
Get Woke
Get Woke:
'gematria effect news ch' on you tube has actual story.
Robert Peter Case
Robert Peter Case:
A world mourns the loss of such exquisite elegance. Gone for ever it's archival history and presence. R I P.
Maries Tiervideos
Maries Tiervideos:
I was there last year and i didnt went in im such an dumb Idiot i hope that they can save it
Joel Underwood
Joel Underwood:
So saddened from here in America for beauty and culture, a gem of Western/church history lost, and I am a Reformed Baptist.
Adam&Qi ZR
Adam&Qi ZR:
So throughly heartbreaking.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told:
Thank you for decent pictures
Peter Hellfeuer
Peter Hellfeuer:
800 years of civilization gone!!
Karrie Dreammind
Karrie Dreammind:
So sad but also ironic that this building has survived 850 years, including a revolution and an occupation, yet an accident managed to burn down most of it. The fact that the renovation was long overdue shows how important regular maintenance is. A significant piece of history&culture, not only for Paris and the French, but for Europe and the world, it was heartbreaking to see it get destroyed in mere hours... but with joint efforts from people all around the world, it will rise again one day.
Arsenio Tungcab
Arsenio Tungcab:
Notre Dame Cathedral is a part of France and world history. It so sad to see this cathedral in a fire.
Tom Rundle
Tom Rundle:
What no water bombers!! Sad day Paris must had the church to let it burn.
patrick robinson
patrick robinson:
Amjad Soza
Amjad Soza:
Very good. Makes me feel good to see it burn down. More of france needs to burn for their colonial crimes. Burn all of europe its a good thing 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Susan Donahue
Susan Donahue:
My ❤️ is broken.
Maybe France should bring in more of those so-called "refugees" into their country...
hanged man
hanged man:
"writ you all"
Léon Duroy
Léon Duroy:
C'est terrible. Pas de mots.
peter mcbride
peter mcbride:
why is our worlds greatest gifts to man kind been taken away from our people such beauty and pride can never be replaced so sad
Lisa Glauner
Lisa Glauner:
Prayers for France.
Antony Wagner
Antony Wagner:
bon fire, it will be rebuilt. you can put money on that and they already have over £10 million down and going up.
Karen Naismith Robertson
Karen Naismith Robertson:
SERIOUSLY? No helicopters helping to extinguish the fire ... there is hope, I spotted one fireman aiming one hose in one of the turrets ... wasn't sure if he was relieving himself.
Angel Romero
Angel Romero:
I cannot understand why they didn't act faster! It's next to water!!!! Helicopter drops smtg anything!!
Sheeva ••••••
Sheeva ••••••:
Christian building burned down in Easter week. Hmmm.
David Mancini
David Mancini:
Sad day for the people of France,so sorry to see this happening to such a beautiful building and i hope they are able to save some of the arts from inside.
Steve McGill
Steve McGill:
It’s sad, but people are more important than buildings...just glad there was no deaths.
Trinity De La Rosa 2023
Trinity De La Rosa 2023:
This is just sad who would do this to a church in Paris whoever did this needs to turn themselves in for it and they probably would get in less trouble than they would not turning themselves in.
Angel White
Angel White:
It looks like the usual job .Another big insurance job and a push for the good people to give more ..What next the house's of Parliament
James Forbes
James Forbes:
Tragic. And some of these comments are tragic too.
lloyd evans
lloyd evans:
Next they blame it on brexits...
Derek Bradbury
Derek Bradbury:
So sad for to see a tragedy for all French citizens. My thoughts are with you. From Britain. A terrible loss to the world. I have weeped tears.
Cybertron Warrior
Cybertron Warrior:
Cool but really sad
Rosa Ruiz
Rosa Ruiz:
Oh no
R A:
Arson ?
Holy 💩!
Ellie D Dressage
Ellie D Dressage:
So sad, but why didn’t they get helicopters to drop water on it (if that’s a thing)? Also, a school trip were they at 1 aclock yesterday afternoon, before it burst up in flames. They have those memories and perfect pictures
Bella Drew
Bella Drew:
face the bass 2
face the bass 2:
Rip quasimodo
Rangers Ready
Rangers Ready:
Leon A.
Leon A.:
Imagine this monument is older then America it took 200 years to be built so some of it is 1000 years old