Liverpool's pre-Super Cup training session | Goals galore as the Reds train in Istanbul

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
Watch as Jürgen Klopp's side train in Istanbul ahead of the UEFA Super Cup Final clash with Chelsea in Turkey. Get closer to the action, and the first look of highlights with LFCTV GO: Subscribe now to Liverpool FC on YouTube now and get notified when new videos land:


sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari:
Watching this while being on Everest Base Camp in Nepal. I got Liverpool kit along with my national flag to put them on the summit !!
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Liverpool are at Besiktas... Maybe Karius can come say "Hi, long time no see" with his teammates 😂
I think karius is gonna be watching somewhere out there in the crowd
Marko Ćorić
Marko Ćorić:
Come on boyzz!
We need that trophy! YNWA
Hope alisson is good
Adrian is beast
Team Shaik
Team Shaik:
Come on boys... PLAY like champions... BRING cup to home.
ano pepe
ano pepe:
I miss alisson becker already.i hope he gets well soon
Mo Shady
Mo Shady:
*Jurgen Klopp is a special man so privelliged and happy to witness his Anfield reign the GOAT already*
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me:
Adrian working very hard i see,got to wish him the best of luck,his dreams have come true and we will stand by him,but hopefully he can help our dreams come true and become a new legend for us,,YNWA
Kul Kamal
Kul Kamal:
Liverpool 4 Chelsea 0.
Eda12 S
Eda12 S:
Welcome to Istanbul 🦅🦅🦅🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🔥
LiveMessi25 6
LiveMessi25 6:
Mo must really miss Dejan so he asked Bobby to wear his shirt 🤣🤣🤣
Bl Lemos
Bl Lemos:
Let's go Liverpool!!!!!!
SKY hope
SKY hope:
Started at 11:30 min.
Eda12 S
Eda12 S:
Welcome to Istanbul 🦅🦅🦅🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🔥
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็:
นี่เป็นหลักในการณ์วางแผนตีกอล์ฟ ถ้าใช้กำลังเกิน60%ลูกกอล์ฟ จะเฟดและดอร์ และต้องวางแผนทั้งเกม จินตนาการสำคัญสุด...
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็:
พลังรุก60-80% พลังสมอง20-30%ผ่อนคลาย10% (ทั้งฤดูกาล)
uA muenchen
uA muenchen:
Maybe Liverpool think's they play against Besiktas and make a 8:0 again 🐴👍
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็:
ตั้งรับ60-80%ป้องกัน20%พลังสมอง20-30%ผ่อนคลาย10%(ทั้งฤดูกาล)จะมาแนะนำใหม่ คริสมาสต์
Jony Deep
Jony Deep:
Starts at 11:02 , thank me later !
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
Big Man Van Dijk👍🏻Our Defence 👑 Our Defence is on good hands..Matip Gomez is a very good Defender. I hope Adrian will get his first clean sheet 🧤 Robbo and Trent Best LB and RB in the 🌎 YNWA Lads
Samira Saeed
Samira Saeed:
mosalah ❤
Jama Mohamed
Jama Mohamed:
Memory another again trophy 🏆 stanbul beautiful stadium style
lemon tree
lemon tree:
3 nil.
Salah Firmino Mane
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็:
สู้ด้วยสามัญ ชนะด้วยพิสดาร
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็:
Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea tbf
Lucy Turley
Lucy Turley:
MimoňiK 111_TV
MimoňiK 111_TV:
We're cheering on Liverpool today
Jesus serve my life bro
Jesus serve my life bro:
Naiby keita is injured again when I say kieta is an injury prone player my fellow fans do not believe me ever seen he came to Liverpool one injury to another and getting frustrated with is problems this season we need him because we did not sign players now he is injured
Ian TB
Ian TB:
Fabinho has been to Bobby's (edit:😂 ) dentist I see
Abdallah Draz EG
Abdallah Draz EG:
Mohamad Fais
Mohamad Fais:
Istanbul again..hope one more of Miracle
Andy Readman
Andy Readman:
It starts at 11:01
Ahmetcan Bayrakdar
Ahmetcan Bayrakdar:
The Han's
The Han's:
It's sad to see you go back to the city without us ( AC Milan Fan). 😭😭😭
Lee walford
Lee walford:
Fab,s had his teeth done 😁
Clayton Burcher
Clayton Burcher:
35:36 was peacefully watching the lads train and absolutely shat myself when I unexpectedly heard that damn😂😂😂😂
William Anthony
William Anthony:
Are they gonna water that pitch we need a slick surface so Mo can slide easily after all his goals 💪🏼
LET'S SMASH 'EM Tonight!!! LIV 5- CHE 0
Spikys Let’s play
Spikys Let’s play:
If man utd can beat Chelsea 4-0 I think we will win about 40-0
51:46 Naby Keïta limps out. Looks like thigh muscle again.
Centurio Numerouno
Centurio Numerouno:
I am watching all LFC Videos, my Smartphone Wallpaper is LFC and i am watching even the training of LFC i a LFC Fan now?
Franck Kouame
Franck Kouame:
Beautiful kits let me go and get one
John Redmond
John Redmond:
Can't believe you end it at the best part. Should have kept it going.ynwa
Darius XD
Darius XD:
I love you Salah 😍😍😍
Kaven Hearts
Kaven Hearts:
Klopp with his beautiful smile man we love you ..
Go Liverpool we got it you will never walk alone we born for you iget ready Chelsea your big game is hear..

Face your fears and stay positive you will take over as one team.
kevin tinegate
kevin tinegate:
Looking relaxed boys .YNWA
chris mutanga
chris mutanga:
Good to see naby keita training