LUCAS MOURA'S DOUBLE AT OLD TRAFFORD | Manchester United 0-3 Spurs

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Published on Aug 31, 2018
Watch all of the goals from Tottenham Hotspur's 3-0 win against Manchester United, where a Harry Kane header and a double from Lucas Moura secured a famous win at Old Trafford. Subscribe to Spurs TV on YouTube: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Twitter:


Harsh Shrotriya
Harsh Shrotriya:
Lucas Moura... WHAT A GOAL!!!
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies:
I will never get tired of watching that third goal. So satisfying seeing a Spurs player run at players like that and finish with such confidence #COYS
Lucas is doing a great job patching up my absence!
Hope that I can return to Spurs after winning in the finals of the Asian Games
People saying son is bad last season son played half the games eden hazard played and son still scored the same amount but assisted more
jerry dandrige
jerry dandrige:
Got a good feeling that spurs will win something this year. The players are performing brilliantly, and tbh signing no players in the transfer market was the biggest pay off they could of asked for. Coys
Aziz Pambayun
Aziz Pambayun:
Now brazil have to keep on eye on lucas moura and make sure that his confidence is back to destroy premier league
Liniker Sarandi
Liniker Sarandi:
Qm é Brasileiro e se inscreveu no canal do Tottenham pelo Lucas Moura?
Matthew Segaya
Matthew Segaya:
Whos this suraj guy? Hes prob secretly japanese. Look at his hate for Son
Makisla Halalepv
Makisla Halalepv:
Lucas ❤and Harry 💪😎
No Name
No Name:
Lucas needs to keep playing striker up with Kane
Lucas Mora is the new Gareth Bale
yesssssssssssss Son escapes Military FC!!!
Am i the only person who loves watching the players react and celebrate when a goal is scored?
Janiah Yid Kyotaite
Janiah Yid Kyotaite:
1 dislike? Probably a united fan 😂
Tottenham Fanclub
Tottenham Fanclub:
Harry Kane is the best striker on earth. 😄he's so happy after scoring two in august.
Aziz Pambayun
Aziz Pambayun:
Who needs player in this summer transfer when you find this kind of talent?
Ante Roglic
Ante Roglic:
Lucas Moura , what a man ! #COYS
Sam Phu
Sam Phu:
Lucas Mourapid 🔥🔥🔥
sonny on the left, lucas on the right, eriksen in the hole, kane up front. no delle
Harry Thomas
Harry Thomas:
Where's Lucas Mouras chant ?
Paulo Henrique Rocha
Paulo Henrique Rocha:
Lucas Moura the best player
LT Star
LT Star:
Man out winger depth looking good especially when sonaldo comes back.
1:22 look at how many players Kane drawn towards him
Hope Sonny returns a winner.
Let's go top that group boys!
Aryaman Rawat
Aryaman Rawat:
Winners will be spurs or city
Lucas moura is going destroy messi COYS
Sadio Lewis
Sadio Lewis:
Mour-a problems for amount🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Time for nkoudou to learn
mikias sium
mikias sium:
Goal number 3 was just disrespectful. Smalling is getting outclassed while the other two just watch. 🤦‍♂️
Adrian Dedekam
Adrian Dedekam:
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i love totten ham
that which
that which:
Wow Lucas
Darren Weatherall
Darren Weatherall:
Lucas better than Salah.
دراغون بول زد أوف كاكاروت
دراغون بول زد أوف كاكاروت:
Media Pisang
Media Pisang:
Lucas Moara will be legend
Thiago Oliveira
Thiago Oliveira:
Lucas ⚡⚡⚡
Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah:
Ooh spurs vs Liverpool is gonna be a great match with lfc coming out on top just barely
Love 💙
Tipu sultan
Tipu sultan:
I'm here for harry and spurs😍😍
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Replying is futile
Replying is futile:
ÖMàr Chänùv DjàXon
ÖMàr Chänùv DjàXon:
Joseph M'sakni you're the best ❤️👍💪💪
grace malone
grace malone:
So amazing to watch! Coys!!
Guy Guy
Guy Guy:
Oh Lucas Moura Oh Lucas Moura (x100)
Mágico Batres
Mágico Batres:
Why isn't he a starter? Lucas Moura
Anderson Barbosa
Anderson Barbosa:
Lucas Moura é um mutante, joga muito! 👏👏
Ferdinand, vidic, pls come back :(
Jadson Nascimento
Jadson Nascimento:
Se continuar nesse ritmo merece seleção Tite!
Andrew Burrows
Andrew Burrows:
I’m a Liverpool fan and have to say that Lucas Moura is an absolute beast!!
Reinaldo Henriquez
Reinaldo Henriquez:
Ummmm who is the announcer? He’s brilliant
Ivan Lubis
Ivan Lubis:
please post a highlight for liverpool home game xD