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Published on Oct 20, 2019
Man Utd vs Liverpool LIVE from Old Trafford, covered on The Kick Off live stream. Ole Solskjaer is under pressure as United struggle while Jurgen Klopp could equal the consecutive Premier League win record with Liverpool. This stream is hosted by True Geordie, Laurence McKenna, Hugh Wizzy, Rory Jennings.


Mr Nathan mr
Mr Nathan mr:
Lawrence doesn’t know how to act when Liverpool play
Kevin Fagan
Kevin Fagan:
Liverpool was poor but that ref must have just watched The Joker
Super Dan
Super Dan:
"They've not actually nullified the the fullbacks they've just kept them from doing what they normally do."

- Laurence
Spankmesanta A
Spankmesanta A:
Rory been such a great addition to the show this season absolutely brilliant having him on every week
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor:
Is Lawrence even a Liverpool fan?😂😂 that reaction to a 84th min equalizer against your most bitter of rivals

*edit, I know that he is a was just surprising to see his lack of reaction
Jesse Gooch
Jesse Gooch:
Keep Rory on. He’s great 😂
Rory is my favourite kick off guest, and as a West Ham fan I’ll have to partially agree with him about Declan Rice, I do believe he is overrated by our fans and most media outlets, however I think he is underrated by other fans. His stats speak for themselves, but we all know rorys not a stat man 😂
Adam Holland
Adam Holland:
Also Lawrence, Shaqiri is injured literally every Liverpool fan knows that except you of course
D M:
I can’t deal with Lawrence on this show
Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda:
Why is Lawrence the only one not reacting to the equalizer 😂😂
James Barker
James Barker:
I thought Rory was a Chelsea fan? Seems to be a Liverpool fan judging from this 😅
Priyansh Ajania
Priyansh Ajania:
Martin Atkinson is Howard Webb 2.0 😂
scott bond
scott bond:
I expected Liverpool to hammer us, but no way did I cheer drawing like that United fan did. That’s embarrassing. As bad as we are, I’ll never celebrate a draw, it felt like a loss conceding so late.
blue moon 17
blue moon 17:
Lawrence was so salty until liverpool scored, it's one of those where you're trying not to appear that way but it was clearly obvious
Dissident Culture
Dissident Culture:
@23:21 Laurence looks like he's gonna cry.
What the hell is the Liverpool fan talking about at the end
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor:
Come on, "everyone else".
George Welland
George Welland:
Be cool to see a Liverpool fan on here once in a while who actually even mildly celebrates!
Will 57
Will 57:
Rory “no one loves a cruyff turn more” maybe cruyff rory🤣🤣
Andrew cohen
Andrew cohen:
25:24 "We've got a very kind donation here... from liquigodgaming"
40 Rupees = about 43p

Ambroseguy 101
Ambroseguy 101:
Ref was so biased
Stanley Reading
Stanley Reading:
where's the Eddie Hearn podcast?
I love these podcasts, I look forward to them every week
Seany Beany
Seany Beany:
Lawrence making excuses with no mo lol
Httt Hggg
Httt Hggg:
Ref was an absolute joke but var oh my 😳😳🙄🙄
Martin Atkinson FC 1 - 1 Liverpool
JOE Nat:
Anti united bias unreal on this show.
Gilli Róason
Gilli Róason:
Clear mistake by the ref, dont know why var dont change it than
Lawrence celebrates like he’s been punched every time something good happens to him
Mad Fooker
Mad Fooker:
Hugh wizzy talking About football is hilarious 😂😂
Rory literally the only person on planet earth that thought that Mané goal got wrongly disallowed lol
Bobby Boss
Bobby Boss:
You need to get the legend jimmy bullard on a podcast
Popcorn Films Inc.
Popcorn Films Inc.:
24:20 he did
Sayam Ghosh
Sayam Ghosh:
He has been reading interviews and when a player talks too much they want to leave. Wow some analysis
Brad Hughes
Brad Hughes:
Love their podcasts but Lawrence does my head in on the kick off.How do you do a football show but can't tell that Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Lallana changed the game when they came on.
So happy I didn't watch this while watching the match. Lawrence especially, and the the brown shirt bloke have very limited understanding of football.
ehren wood
ehren wood:
Lawrence is being so sour
I love this
Jack Beardsley
Jack Beardsley:
I always really enjoy the kick off
i was right i told evry1 that watch it willbe adraw
Garrett Meyer
Garrett Meyer:
Strange how an arsenal fan was happy when Man U scored...
Bailey Watling
Bailey Watling:
Laurence was so salty when Liverpool were losing
Ethan Grissom
Ethan Grissom:
What’s the song in the intro? I know it’s darude sandstorm
Sham Adams
Sham Adams:
please turn "the brazillian" a running gag on TKO.
Danni Louise
Danni Louise:
I can't stand this United fan 😂
I think 93 points will do it this season.
31 wins.
23 wins to go!
Come on Liverpool!
Andrew Harte
Andrew Harte:
The levels of shithousery was immense from these lot today
Martin Mc Taggart
Martin Mc Taggart:
Rory’s comments on Daniel James (“pathetic”) didn’t age well.
Spurs should’ve signed Zaha
1:07:07 You just pointed why it was a clear and obvious dive by Origi. He couldn't control the ball with his first touch and he saw that he would lose the ball, so he chose to dive. End of discussion.